10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About My Hero Academia

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a show that has recently earned a lot of attention from anime fans worldwide. Most are even claiming for it to be the next great big shounen as it continues to plow through its competition by offering a rich and diverse story, with elements inspired from past shounen, while also bringing in new ones.

Almost anyone in the anime world has at least heard of this show once, as it skyrocketed into mainstream media with its explosive first season, and then proceeded to rise up and up on a ladder of glory with its second and third season.

The fourth season is currently in the works and would adapt the Overhaul arc which is perhaps one of the best arcs in the manga. Suffice to say, the hype is understandable.

However, even with its popularity being sky high, there are a lot of fans who still don’t know much about My Hero Academia. The following are ten facts that you most likely didn’t know about My Hero Academia:

10. Shouto Todoroki “Half Hot, Half Cold”

Starting from number 10 we talk about Shouto Todoroki who is one of the most beloved characters in the show, stealing the spotlight especially in the Tournament arc of Season 2 where his battle with Midoriya stole the hearts of many. Most know that his quirk is called “Half Hot, Half Cold” which is a manifestation of his parent’s quirks and allows him to control both ice and fire (to a certain degree).

However, did you know that his name also plays a pun on that? The Japanese are known for being playful with naming their characters. The name “Shouto” represents his whole character and contains the Kanji for both “burning” (焦) and “freezing” (凍).

9. The Anime Is Better Than The Manga

My Hero Academia is viral; that’s no surprise. But I mean in both mediums: Manga and Anime. Of course, since both mediums are different, there are bound to be differences here and there that keep on popping up. Did you know that the anime expanded on a lot of scenes that the manga glossed over? Not to mention, add more detail and depth, which in turn made it feel more natural and worth it?

My Hero Academia Season 4: Confirmed Release Date For Fall 2019

For example, the anime is far grittier and bloody than the manga. This can be seen especially in the first season when the League of Villains invades suddenly. The whole tournament arc was fleshed out more making it one of the best arcs, despite being such a cliched set-up. The entire Teacher vs. Student setup arc was also fleshed out. In the manga, you were only shown the battle cards with minimal details on the lesser supporting cast. However, the anime went into full detail and delivered clash after clash of epic proportions. Which works better in my opinion, as in the manga, it could get confusing from time to time as all battles happened at the same time, and they would continuously change to show others.

And of course, perhaps the fan-favorite episode of Tsuyu Asui (Froppy) doing her internship, was just a SINGLE panel in the manga. The amount of dedication that the staff is pulling into this show is ridiculous, and it pays off by delivering one of the best anime in recent history.

8. The Author Had A Different Plan For Katsuki Bakugou

Another character that is well known and beloved is Katsuki Bakugou. Usually a bully and one with a foul mouth, Bakugou is an explosive fan favorite due to how complex his character is. And his relationship with Midoriya has a beautiful dynamic to it. Not to mention, he’s an excellent portrayal of the “tsundere” archetype not much prevalent in male characters anyway.

But did you know that, formerly, he wasn’t supposed to be a bully? Can you imagine My Hero Academia without Bakugou’s foul mouth? Yikes! It seems the author initially planned to make him a natural genius who would hurt others feelings by merely being blunt and honest. However, he was quickly noted to be quite dull and thus replaced with the hot-headed, explosion quirky Bakugou we know and love.

7. The Western Comics Inspiration

My Hero Academia, admittedly, takes a lot of inspiration from western comics and shows, most notably being the X-Men franchise. Many parallels can be drawn between the series and many western comics. The one that everyone notices is how ‘All Might; references the typical Western hero Superman. It helps that all of his significant attacks have American cities as their names.

My Hero Academia Season 4: Release Date Confirmed For October 2019

But a little lesser known comparison is between Tsuyu Asai and Toad, a character that almost no one cares about in the X-men series. You can see the similarities in the costume even, and especially in their powers, with both having long tongues and generally being more frog-like.

6. The “Aliens” Inspiration

Speaking of references, the author references the Alien series as well. The manga creator admits to taking inspiration from the series when creating the character Mina Ashido, as the films feature a character with acidic blood. This is a nice touch, and to top it off, formerly she was supposed to be called Acid Queen!

5. The Spin-off Manga

Since most of it’s fans exist in the anime medium, many of them don’t know that a spin-off manga exists titled: “Vigilante: My Hero Academia Illegals” It features characters both new and those from the original story, as they interact with each other in comedic ways and fight crime. The series has a slightly darker tone to it, featuring an all-new main character with a seemingly mediocre quirk fighting crime alongside Knuckleduster, a powerful fighter in the vein of Batman.

The spin-off started publication from Aug 20, 2016, and is still running strong. Since it’s a spin-off, it doesn’t interact with the main story much however sometimes it takes time to flesh out the other characters more, making this quite the interesting read to check out if you’re a fan of My Hero Academia.

4. Picking The Right Details

My Hero Academia first started publication in July 2014, and as of February 2019, 22 volumes have been collected. And the story is nowhere near as complete, despite having had a significant plot and character progression, which goes to show just how detailed the show is.

Its anime adaption is handled by Bones which is known for having good animation. The directors admitted to having auditioned over a hundred people for each character until they found the perfect one. This shows in how beautiful both Bakugou and Deku sound.

The anime first aired from April 3 to June 26, 2016. Since then, there have been numerous sequels and spin-offs. There are even some light novels and a game, as well as movies and OVAs.

My Hero Academia Season 4: Release Date Confirmed For October 2019

3. Success Is Around The Corner

The Author Kouhei Horikoshi has previously worked on works like “Oumagadoki Doubutsuen,” “Sensei no Bulge,” and “Uchuu Shounen Bulge.” While nowhere near as popular as his flagship title, you can see the authors love and dedication to his craft in these works. And his signature art style which is much coveted in the manga industry. But when these series failed, the author went into depression. This is from where he decided to focus on the lighter elements and created My Hero Academia.

Thus it was My Hero Academia that brought him onto the spotlight where only showers of praise awaited him and his seeming masterpiece of work. While it is yet to end, fans believe it can run for a lot more years before finally coming to an end. Though, who here wants to see My Hero Academia end?

2. Before Becoming Mainstream

Did you know that before My Hero Academia became mainstream, it was just a one-shot? The main character was still Deku; however, he was way shadier and a grown man, selling Hero items while wanting to be a hero himself. Amusingly, parallels between the finished work and the one-shot can be drawn. For example, Deku saving Bakugou from a slime monster is something that happened in the one-shot first. While not a good one-shot by itself, it offers a light into an earlier sketch of what My Hero Academia could’ve been. But let’s be honest; all of us are glad that Midoriya ended up being the adorable little boy he is now.

1. The Hero Contest

For those of you who might’ve seen the Season 4 trailer, you might’ve seen both Bubble Girl and Centipeder; sidekicks to a hero who’s pivotal to the next arc. Both of them have unique, beautiful designs and are creative. But did you know they aren’t the author’s work?

The author held a contest to let the fans create their heroes and let their creativity shine. These two ended up being Bubble Girl and Centipeder, respectively. However, the author went the extra mile and made them relevant to the plot rather than just keeping them there as a sort of congratulatory pat on the back. That’s very nice of him.

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