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5 Anime You Should Watch During Summer 2019

5 Anime You Should Watch During Summer 2019

Since we’re already a month into Summer 2019, we thought, why not suggest anime that caught our attention and stimulated our interest for this season. Note that we will not include sequels such as second seasons. We will only be including anime that you can watch right off the bat without watching any of its previous titles. So, anime like DanMachi Season 2 will not be included. Without further ado, let’s get started with the top 5 anime to watch in Summer 2019.

Disclaimer: Every individual has a different opinion. This list is solely based on mine. This post is just to suggest seasonal anime for those who wish to watch. You may not find this list similar to yours, so let us know about your list down in the comments below.

5) Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator/A Certain Scientific Accelerator

5 Anime You Should Watch During Summer 2019 4

Kicking off our list with number 5 is ‘A Certain Scientific Accelerator.’ Accelerator finally gets his own show after playing a multitude of roles in other anime. This show is about the strongest esper protecting the cute little Last Order from a criminal organization who wishes to exploit her for their perilous mission. Will the most powerful esper be able to protect his friends and save the world?

I have not watched the sister shows to this anime, and I know nothing about their story, but I am definitely able to understand and enjoy this anime very much. It has an exciting cast of characters, and the voice acting is on point (I’m talking about the English Sub. Let me know down below whether you are Team Sub or Team Dub).

I was immediately able to recognize that very familiar voice of Accelerator, Nobuhiko Okamoto, or for those who don’t know, the voice of Katsuki Bakugo. So if you miss Bakugo’s shouting, this anime is for you. In all seriousness, you should check out this anime as it will probably make you fall for it with its very appealing approach.

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4) Enen no Shouboutai/Fire Force

5 Anime You Should Watch During Summer 2019 5

Up next we have Fire Force, one of the most hyped anime for this season. This anime follows the Special Fire Force who takes it upon themselves to eradicate all the Infernals. Infernals are people who have turned into fire monsters due to spontaneous human combustion. The Special Fire Force is a group of people also blessed with powers, in pursuit of finding out the truth about the Infernals.

To be honest, I wasn’t interested in this show at first. During my pre-season preparation (you know, around 10 days – a month before the next season, you go through all the anime over and over again to decide which you’re watching, considering to watch or not gonna watch at all. No? Just me?) I was not at all interested in watching this anime. Everybody was going ham and cheese over this anime, but I didn’t understand why. And when the season was almost about to begin, I put it on my ‘considering’ list.

And I sure am glad I did. I really like this show, and it has managed to keep my interest throughout the episode. One really great thing about this anime is its art style and animation. It was a major contributing factor for me to like this anime.

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3) Kanata no Astra/Astra Lost in Space

5 Anime You Should Watch During Summer 2019 6

At number 3, we have ‘Astra Lost In Space.’ When a fun picnic to another planet turns into a ‘do-or-die’ situation, the students of Group B-5 must take action to survive and get back home all the while being lost in space. This anime gave me what I was looking for. Throwback to when I watched ‘Gravity’ back in fifth grade, I’ve always associated space with some sort of ‘dangerous thrill.’

When I saw this was an upcoming anime, I was hooked on checking it out. And I’m glad that I did. I was looking for thrills, and this show gave it to me in a ‘sunshiney’ but not too much kind of way, you get what I’m saying? This anime has the thrills, the adventure and the undying shounen willpower to keep you going. Definitely check this anime out for a fun adventure anime.

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2) Vinland Saga

5 Anime You Should Watch During Summer 2019 7

Up in second place, we have Vinland Saga. The anime is about the Vikings and their day-to-day lives from living peacefully in their hometown to becoming raging barbarians at sea and on the battlefield. I was sure I would watch this anime when I read the synopsis and watched the trailer. Something about it caught my attention. Yes, I was a bit biased because it was Norse/Viking stuff. I’m a huge Marvel fan, so you put ‘Thor’ on anything, and I’ll like it. That is an exaggeration, but you get my point.

From a young age, I’ve watched the “How To Train Your Dragon” series, read Rick Riordan’s Magnus Chase and as I mentioned earlier, I’m a fan of Thor. 2019 has been different for me when it comes to anime genre of my interest. Earlier, I always wondered why anyone would ever watch ‘historical’ anime. Like what’s wrong with them? But this year I watched two, and both were utterly awesome – Dororo and Vinland Saga. Vinland Saga is a must-watch anime. It has fantastic visuals, soundtrack, and an exciting story that keeps me entertained throughout.

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1) Dr. Stone

5 Anime You Should Watch During Summer 2019 8

And my favorite anime of this season, Dr.Stone! A weird phenomenon has caused all creatures to be turned into stone for thousands of years. This results in a situation similar to the Stone Age. The future has taken us into the past. Senkuu, a genius student who has been freed from petrification, takes it upon himself to free the others and to develop civilization to save the human race from a Stone Age. This is one of those anime which in my opinion has a killer synopsis which made me instantly fall for it (Dororo is another one). I really like the idea and concept of the anime.

Some anime have ideas that really have potential, but they execute it poorly. This one is not one of those anime. The way they are taking the story is remarkable, and it keeps you interested, no matter what. The way it uses science as a plot factor and educationally integrates really well. I had seen ‘Super Saiyan 2 Teen Gohan’ on the cover of a Shounen Jump Magazine and was immediately interested when I saw his character design. I was hyped when I saw that Dr.Stone was getting an anime and was hyped.


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