5 Facts You Probably Already Know About Trinity Seven

5 Facts You Probably Already Know About Trinity Seven

In an age bloated with Ecchi shows of little to no plot to them, and only “plot,” Trinity Seven is one of those rare shows that manage to prove that Ecchi can co-exist with a coherent plot and manage to create a new setting, with likable characters.

Here are some facts that you didn’t know about Trinity Seven:

5. Trinity Seven’s Light Novel

Trinity Seven first started publication on December 9, 2010, and is still going strong, with 20 volumes in circulation as of yet. Since then, it has spawned a television animated series and an OVA (Episode 13) associated with it. There are also two anime films. But did you know it also has a light novel? Usually, it’s the other way around with light novels getting manga/anime however in this case, Trinity Seven also has a light novel which is still being published, as of yet only two volumes have been collected.

4. Troubles With The Second Season

As with most shows, Trinity Seven is plagued by the curse that is Seasonal Anime. Due to that, it’s hard to see which anime should get a season two and which shouldn’t. Considering how many anime there are, the chances of your favorite receiving a season two are dramatically lowered. But what is the case with Trinity Seven?

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Well, rest assured. The second movie aired on March 29, 2019, which adds weight to the second season. Not to mention, the second season WAS confirmed and slated to be released on April 11, 2019. However, that date has come and gone, so what happened to season 2? Well here’s fingers crossing, it’s going to happen in 2020 instead, and it’s just some minor issues that tampered with it premiering.

3. Lack Of Source Material

It’s possible that they don’t have enough source material for a 24-25 episode long series? Or as fans widely speculate, it’s because the movie exists and they don’t want to take attention from it. So keep on hoping it happens, who knows it’s right around the corner? 🙂

2. Lezi Kazama

One of the most popular characters in Trinity Seven is Levi Kazama. Did you know that out of all the Trinity Seven, she has killed the most because of her assassination missions? Not to mention, Levi is not her actual name, meaning it’s most likely an alias she uses for her tasks. On another note: Did you know she always sleeps on the ceiling?

5 Facts You Probably Already Know About Trinity Seven 4

1. Arata & Lezi Kazama

And speaking of Levi Kazama. The whole premise of Trinity Seven is the main character, Arata, strips the others with his magic, which is why most promotional material features them stripped. However, Levi is always wearing her clothes; this is because Arata has still not stripped her (at least in the anime), and she’s the ONLY member of the Trinity Seven he hasn’t stripped.


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