About Us

Akanagi was founded in 2018 with the aim of becoming a meeting point for lovers of anime and manga in all its forms.

In a few years the portal has expanded to include sections dedicated to quizzes, quotes, and much thus expanding its proposal, not only with news and reviews, but also with in-depth articles and curiosities.

The growth of Akanagi has been exponential and has gone hand in hand with a culture, the geek culture, which today has crossed the boundaries of comics and has invaded many other media and, above all, the newspaper.

Today Akanagi is a reference point for fans and curious and is proud to provide a totally independent information with commitment, clarity, professionalism and fairness.

The goal is to continue to grow by expanding to the new horizons of the culture of entertainment stimulating the most experienced users with critical vein and intriguing visitors passing through, the newbies and the young people with a simple and direct approach.

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