Akame ga Kill Season 2: Should We Still Wait For It To Come Out?

akame ga kill season 2 release date when it is coming out

Akame ga Kill is a Japanese manga series created by Takahiro and illustrated by Tetsuya Tashiro. It received an anime adaption by White Fox on July 2014. Akame ga Kill appealed to a lot of fans with its dark theme and gore-filled plot. Many people loved the theme and premise of the anime but were not too satisfied with the execution as they felt that Akame ga Kill had more potential. Some fans were disappointed with how the anime turned out, given the fact that they liked the idea.

The Plot of Akame ga Kill

The Prime Minister Honest is disliked due to his greed and wrong ways which made him take advantage of the little emperor’s lack of experience. The lack of a good leader has run the country into tragedy with poverty and strife all over the empire. To get rid of Prime Minister Honest, a branch of the Revolutionary Army is born – Night Raid. They are experienced killers who understand that taking lives is not commendable, and they will most likely face the consequence of killing countless people who stand against the revolution’s way.

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The story of Akame ga Kill follows Tatsumi, a boy from a poverty-stricken town, who is on a journey to help his hometown. He was entirely in favor of Night Raid’s ideals and resolve. The story follows Tatsumi as a member of Night Raid and takes on the empire having to face formidable foes and dangerous obstacles that test him not only physically, but also some mentally as he begins to question his ideas and what the true meaning of being an assassin with a cause was.

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Akame ga Kill Season 2 Spoilers

If a second season does take place, this might potentially be the plot of the season. Note that this section is to be skipped if you don’t want to spoil the show or even the manga for yourself.

The second season is speculated to stage a fierce battle between Akame and Kurome and also showcase a lot of conflict between the two leads. They are also sold to the empire to become professional assassins. It is also said to have more focus on Akame as she gets rid of her enemies to make sure her journey around the world is not hindered. We cannot say for sure as the anime took a slightly different route from the manga.

What Fans Are Saying About Akame ga Kill Season 2

Akame ga Kill Season 2 Release Date

Till date, we have not received any confirmation or announcements from the officials regarding the release date of Akame ga Kill Season 2. Although we can almost make sure that the series is not dead as a prequel to the manga series was released.

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Many fans of the series have been anxiously waiting for the second season of Akame ga Kill but to no avail. The officials have remained silent since the first season ended back in 2014. Akame ga Kill has given birth to both diehard fans of the series as well as haters to the same.

The anime is known to have taken a different route than that of the manga. So even though the manga has been completed with lots of ‘unadapted’ material, we cannot say for sure if the producers can completely adapt it. This may be troublesome for the producers, hence, the delay. Having lots of source material that cannot be fully adapted must have producers in a pinch. Although they can save the series by putting in extra effort and extending the plot in the anime, it is a difficult task that might result in the ending of the show.

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But on the bright side, a little effort might be worth it with all the love it has received. It has high scores on various platforms including MyAnimeList and IMDb, which shows that the anime is very popular and it will be almost sure that a sequel will gather a lot of attention if it is released. Some sources say that the second season will only consist of 12 episodes, unlike the first.

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Some say that the series might receive a remake of the first season and other sources point towards the second season diverging even more from the script. The former sounds unlikely to happen, and the latter can give fans a new and different experience from the manga.

The possibility of the show being renewed is still hazy as there is no concrete evidence of the show being renewed, neither from the officials nor via leaks. This makes it hard for speculating a release date for Akame ga Kill Season 2.


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