Armor Guide and Best Armor Sets You Should Use In Dauntless

Armor Guide and Best Armor Sets You Should Use In Dauntless

In Dauntless there are a lot of armors with multiple armor types and properties which when mix-matched provide maximum benefit against whatever monster you want to fight. Unlike most RPGs, there is no benefit in keeping a whole armor intact, so it’s better to just equip the parts that you want with the skills you think you’ll benefit most from, rather than going in and equipping the whole thing unless purely for cosmetic reasons, which, in a game like this, should really not be your priority.

However, for the sake of creating this list, I decided to make it on full armor sets. But remember, again, it’s recommended to always mix-match.

What Armor Set Should A Beginner Use

Dauntless has a large variety of armor sets each with unique perks and cell slots, all of which contribute to a strong, versatile armor. However, for beginners, it might be too much to get into, not to mention everyone wants to opt for the best one available. This guide will teach you how to find the best armor for a beginner.

Firstly, you should keep in mind that having a full armor set is fruitless in the large run, rather it’s the variety proposed by mismatching various sets that you can truly get the best of benefits. For this, we recommend farming the Lesser Drask for Draskscale helmet and the Lesser Nasher for Gnasher body armor, gloves and boots. These are armor optimized for maximum damage output and helping you unleash wrath upon the enemy, with power slots like Overpower, Aetheric Attunement and Ragehunter adding to the madness it provides.

Not to mention, the Lesser Drask and Lesser Nasher are early-game enemies which make them relatively easier compared to the vast other Behemoths you’ll be slaying later. This gear is perfect for beginners and something you should invest in by upgrading it as you farm for materials. As you slowly progress into the game and garner more skill and prowess, you should look forward to getting the Hellion set, but for now, this is your best bet. Good hunting!

Interestingly in Dauntless armors, you receive later in-game have the same defense rating as the ones you receive in the beginning, which is in contrast to what most RPGs do. This is so you can pick your preferred armor set and then move on to making it even better. A system that I genuinely value as something other RPGs should also incorporate.

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Custom Sets Vs Normal Sets What’s Better?

With the wide variety of armor sets that Dauntless offers and the seemingly infinite combinations one can discover, it’s easy to get lost in the system not knowing what perk/cell slots are the best. Or if one should aim for a whole armor set or mismatch. This guide serves to eliminate any lack of knowledge present. First off, and this is a disclaimer, custom armors are the way to go. Standard armor sets look pretty when wore together; however, their benefit begins and ends there.

Sure, one can level up their Behemoth mastery by killing them in their own set of armor, but it’s hardly something of concern so one shouldn’t focus much on it. Not to mention, for beginners, it’s generally recommended to get the best perks and Cell slots as possible for a viable build that can allow for a comfortable yet destructive game style. For this, the obvious recommendation ends up being a Custom armor set. Of course, choosing which armor pieces to mix and match with oneself is dependent on the Behemoth you’re trying to slay. There are different combinations for different behemoths (keeping in mind their respective weakness and strengths, of course). For example, if you’re hunting a Behemoth with fire attacks, you should generally avoid wearing armor pieces that have Fire weakness.

However, if the perks offered by said armor is great, then you should at least wear one or two armor pieces to get the full benefit while wearing another that nullifies the bane cursed by the former armor piece(s). To further this, it is advised to wear armor pieces that offer more diversity. Your concern shouldn’t really be with weaknesses and strengths as much as it should be on what perks you are being offered alongside the fact if said armor condones the usage of cells. We recommend perks that boost your attack like Aetheric Attunement. To further the need for custom armor sets, let’s just say that all endgame builds are custom builds. So it should be brainless to say that custom armor sets is the way to go.

Anyway, the following are the top 5 armors in Dauntless, which when equipped makes you a Behemoth slaying God.

5. Drask Armor Set

At number 5 is the Drask Armor Set. It has a 100+ Strength in Shock and a 100- Weakness with Terra. It comes with the Aetheric Attunement which is very useful in endgame builds as they increase the Lantern Charge gained from attacks which can help tremendously during Behemoth battles as you can abuse Rage moves at the enemies dishing out massive damage very quickly.

There are two Cell Slots with it which as you may realize are basically essential in endgame builds. There is Sharpen and Utility Cell. Sharpen is good at breaking body parts if you want to do that, while Utility Cell helps with Aetheric Attunement. However, these are just the head and torso body parts. The greaves are to be ignored as they don’t help much. There is Fleet Footed which helps with agility however it’s not really a recommended skill to have.

4. Riftstalker Armor Set

At number 4 is the Riftstalker Armor, which not only looks cool but provides some great buffs. There is 100+ Strength in Umbral while giving you 100- Radian Weakness. It comes with 2 Cell Slots. Both the perks and these cell slots are excellent and helpful in slaying Behemoths.

There is once again Aetheric Attunement. However this time you can get Aetheric Attunement + 6 if the helmet is maxed out and you get an Epic Aetheric Attunement cell, which is very good and helps a lot. This way you can avoid a Utility Cell and another additional armor piece to get Aetheric Attunement. There is Conduit with the Chest piece alongside a Utility Cell, thanks to that you can get Conduit + 6 as well.

Both Conduit and Aetheric Attunement are considered obligatory in endgame builds so this armor helps a lot in that regard. The gauntlet is, however, ignorable as it has Evasion as a perk which you really don’t need at this point.

Armor Guide and Best Armor Sets You Should Use In Dauntless 4

3. Koshai Armor Set

At number 3 is the Koshai armor set. It has a 100+ Terra strength and a 100- Shock Weakness. The headset is probably the weakest part of it as it comes with Agility which isn’t that good of a Perk however the technique cell it holds is useful as they can allow you to get perks like Evasive Fury which increase your attack speed vastly giving you massive DPS against the Behemoths.

The chest piece has Predator, which is also useful but quite risky as it demands to be patient and dodging through massive attacks for 15 seconds, which gives you an attack buff. The Gauntlets have Evasive Fury which as told before are very useful, and alongside a Power cell slot, you can put great perks to use further increasing your damage output making it one of the most powerful gauntlet pieces.

The legs are similar to the chest piece. This armor type is strong and powerful; however, demands to be good at the game, so the high risk-high reward playstyle isn’t for new players, but anyone veteran enough should give it a chance.

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2. Hellion Armor Set

At number 2 is the Hellion Armor set. It gives you strength against Blaze damage while being weak against Frost. Dropped from the Hellion Behemoths, this armor set is not only visually stunning but pretty good as well. Its headpiece gives you Ragehunter, which is very useful against any Behemoth that goes enraged, thus allowing you to dish more damage while also receiving more enabling another high risk/high reward playstyle.

However, its leg piece gives you Fortress, which while not certainly a good skill, allows you to have a small shield after avoiding damage for a certain while, which can be useful combined with Ragehunter. The Bracers come with Molten and Power Cell which as told before are a powerful combination in dishing out amazing damage.

The cuirass is the same with the exception of having a Technique Cell instead, which while not a good combination with Molten, can be useful on its own. Overall, it looks good, is great in dishing out damage and one of the best armors.

1. Rezakiri Armor Set

However, it’s just second to perhaps the best armor in the whole game. I refer to the Rezakiri Armor set which is undoubtedly the best armor set in the game, both visually stunning and gameplay-wise. It gives you strength against Radiant while being weak against Umbral.

Its headpiece gives you Conduit coupled with a Technique cell which as told before, is an amazing combination in going ballistic against your opponents as you can then equip perks like Predator, Molten or Evasive Fury. The gauntlet is the same as the headpiece in giving Conduit and a Technique Cell giving this armor the chance to be quite overpowered. This allows you to get Conduit + 6 which will then allow you to basically massacre the Behemoth and show who’s the boss.

The chest piece has Cunning as a perk, which gives you a chance at delivering a critical hit which when used with fast weapons, can be extremely useful. The leg piece comes with Agility which you can use for faster maneuverability. However, it’s not something recommended.

Anyway, this is my list. What are your favorite armor in Dauntless?

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