Arslan Senki Season 3: Possible Release Date? Here What We Should Expect From Season 3

The action-adventure anime series is built on the Japanese fantasy story series which first began in 1986. Till date, the series has written over 15 books, and the anime adaptation was commenced in 2015. The anime is conducted by Noriyuki Abe and drafted by MakatoUezu while Yoshiki Tanaka composed the first manga. The series gained a lot of appreciation from the fans and the critics. The studio has not announced anything regarding the renewal of the anime, but the supporters are still praying for the “Arslan Senki Season 3”.

The story of Arslan Senki is established in the pre-Islamic Persia and nearby realms while the magic exists in this world. Though there are very few beasts and magical animals the most of the anime is about investigating the consequences of slavery in the community and having a pure monarchy. The main story observes the hero Arslan who is the prince of the realm of the Pars. Pars was taken over by the neighboring kingdom of Lusitania after the empire fell after the bad plot led by ministers of the nation. Arslan succeeds to gather an army powerful enough to free his country from the Lusitanian control.

The fame of the manga was so massive that it became clear for the authors to produce an anime adaptation for the series. The original animated video of the anime was built after the success of the light books, and they were adored by the supporters which drove to the production of an anime adaptation of the series. The Felix Films and the Liden Film are considering the chances for the Arslan Senki Season 3, but nothing has been declared yet.

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Spoilers of What We Should Expect in Season 3

Although the news has exploded into the sky that the future volume of the manga series will be the last one, the followers of the anime know that there is still plenty to narrate in the anime adaptation and they appears to be happy about it. A few supporters believe that the “Arslan Senki Season 3” will be more about the life of Silvermask. The new season will show the story from the historical view of Silvermask where he will attempt to declare his right to the kingship of the Pars Kingdom where Arslan lies right now. Though the story will be from the point of view of Silvermask, it will not display him as the main protagonist. The Arslan Senki season 3 will take the followers into the old memories of the Silvermask’s past which will expose the efforts he went through to get to the top of the leadership of the Lusitanian army. The Arslan Senki season 3 will stop with the conflict of the Silvermask’s army and the Arslan’s troops which will both battle to demand the dominion of the empire of Pars.

Arslan Senki Season 3 Release Date

There has been no official proof if the anime will be resumed for the “Arslan Senki season 3” or it will be dropped but the supporters assume that it will definitely happen as the author of the anime still has plenty of source material for the Arslan Senki season 3.

Arslan Senki Season 1 Trailer

If you haven’t watched the first season of Arslan Senki here is an awesome trailer.

Season 1 Trailer of Arslan Senki

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Brande Ann
Brande Ann

I hope there will be a Season 3. I love this anime!!!!


Season 3 🙁 i love this anime


There better be a season 3, I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR 7 YEARS DAMMIT!! This is taking longer than Attack on Titan season2…

Cichy Dusiciel
Cichy Dusiciel

u waiting for 7 years when 1 season was released 5 yers ago nice math bro XD

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