Beastars Season 2: The Sequel Has Been Confirmed and Announced

Beastars Season 2 The Sequel Has Been Confirmed and Announced

A few days ago it was officially confirmed that Beastars, the Studio Orange anime taken from Paru Itagaki’s manga, will return with a second season. The anime ended recently after a first cour of 12 episodes and given the production time, it should return indicatively in the period between autumn 2020 and winter 2021.

The news about Beastars Season 2 has been confirmed during the last episode, ending with the short writing “See you in the second season” visible at the bottom. Episode 12 has adapted the chapters from 44 to 47, and considering that there are currently 17 Volumes and more than 150 total chapters available, Orange studio might even think about working on a new season with a double cour.

Beastars Synopsys

Beastars Season 2

The Beastars synopsis reads as follows:

In a civilized society of anthropomorphic animals, an uneasy tension exists between carnivores and herbivores. At Cherryton Academy, this mutual distrust peaks after a predation incident results in the death of Tem, an alpaca in the school’s drama club. Tem’s friend Legoshi, a grey wolf in the stage crew, has been an object of fear and suspicion for his whole life. In the immediate aftermath of the tragedy, he continues to lay low and hide his menacing traits, much to the disapproval of Louis, a red deer and the domineering star actor of the drama club.

When Louis sneaks into the auditorium to train Tem’s replacement for an upcoming play, he assigns Legoshi to lookout duty. That very night, Legoshi has a fateful encounter with Haru, a white dwarf rabbit scorned by her peers. His growing feelings for Haru, complicated by his predatory instincts, force him to confront his own true nature, the circumstances surrounding the death of his friend, and the undercurrent of violence plaguing the world around him.

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Beastars Season 2 Release Date

At the moment no details about the second season release date have been revealed, but through the Twitter account dedicated to the series will be announced both the release date and the new seiyuu that will join the already rich cast of voice actors.


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