Best Guide, Strategies and Tips on How to Play in Brown Dust

Best Guide, Strategies and Tips on How to Play in Brown Dust 4

Introduction to Brown Dust

In this post today we are going to give you our best Brown Dust guide, tips, and strategies as well as everything that you need to know to form a great and powerful team. We’ll also share with you our fight strategies, so you don’t need to bother about that either! This Brown Dust guide will help you get a better knowledge of everything in the game, as well as an overall approach on how to create a dominant team of mercenaries to take down the enemies.

Best Guide, Strategies and Tips on How to Play in Brown Dust 5

In Brown Dust characters or mercenaries fight the enemies and use their skills automatically. The challenging part is to use the best units and configure an excellent formation to take down the enemy team. The game includes a campaign mode, PvP modes, guild mode, and challenges mode. You obtain a variety of stuff from these game modes to improve your team. In today’s Brown Dust guide and Brown Dust tips, you will learn all the fundamental aspects of the game that you must know. But, before you jump into the guide, there are some things that you need to know:

Rules of Battle

If you haven’t tried to take a closer look and to recognize the fighting patterns, then make sure you understand (and remember, as much as possible) what we are going to say here, as it’s going to help you a lot during the game.

The first thing you must to remember is that the team on the right side makes the first action. If the opposing army is on the right side, you need to brace yourself and prepare for a hit. Since the characters will engage the opponents right in front of them (on the same line) you need to place them accurately. Always make sure you verify their range and arrange them in such a way that it will grant the opponent a hard time dealing with you. Though you need to be concerned about the number of tiles your characters can use, so pay close attention to that.

Team Formations

Best Guide, Strategies and Tips on How to Play in Brown Dust 6

In my honest opinion, this is one of the most essential features in Brown Dust. Especially in the initial stages of the game, you should use your time and prepare several team setups and formations, to see which ones you prefer more and which work properly.

Since it will be simple to defeat the enemies, put all your energy into learning the game mechanics because it is not as clear as it seems! There are several factors you will need to take into consideration, from runes to supports and how to set a proper order of battle.

I have prepared various formations in the Campaign mode, with all the characters that I’ve obtained, and it helped me collect quite a lot of information about the game which became helpful for further matches.

How To Get Mercenaries

Best Guide, Strategies and Tips on How to Play in Brown Dust 7

To obtain new mercenaries, tap the store button in the lobby -> recruit -> here you can see all the methods to summon new characters; standard, class, friendship, mileage, legend, diamonds, premium-scroll, and more. On the same screen, at the upper-left corner, tap the book. Here you can see the full roster of mercenaries in Brown Dust. Tap on any locked unit -> at the top of the screen, tap the obtain button -> it will show you the way to get selected mercenary.

How to make your mercenaries stronger

In Brown Dust, there are two difficulties, each of them providing different prizes: Normal and Hard. The Normal mode is the one you’ll first and most commonly do because it is the simplest one. Complete the Campaign mode and advance up to stage 5. It is somewhat time-consuming, but it should be done if you want to level up. Once you have arrived at Stage 5, progress up to Stage 5-10. Here, you can wait a while and use all your AP to grind.

Best Guide, Strategies and Tips on How to Play in Brown Dust 8

Although, it is beneficial if you do it in Hard Mode because the experience there will be of a larger quantity. In the Hard Mode, you also have an opportunity to get Normal Scrolls, so keep on grinding in this area because it’s profitable. Another great area you could farm in is Stage 25-5 because it gives a lot of experience. It’s correct, to get to that stage it takes a while, but once you do unlock it, it’s an absolute experience gem. In my point of view, just go with it and gather a reliable team to defeat the boss.


You can implement runes into your characters to increases their statistics. Each character will have two rune slots for you to equip. There are five various types of runes; each of them focuses on a specific statistic.

  • Assault rune: Increases Attack Damage
  • Vital rune: Increases Health Points
  • Shield rune: Increases Defense
  • Fatal rune: Increases Critical Chances
  • Rage rune: Increases Critical Damage
Best Guide, Strategies and Tips on How to Play in Brown Dust 9

Each rune will also have its star level (1-6 star level runes), the higher their star level, the better the statistics. Characters cannot be provided with Runes whose star level is higher than theirs. For example, 4-star Mercenaries cannot be equipped with 5-star or 6-star runes. Each rune will also come with a rarity that starts from Common(Lowest) to Legends+(highest).

You can also enchant runes to improve their rune statistics further. Take note that enchanting runes will have a possibility to fail, but you can still enchant again if you have enough gold for it which usually is cheap to enchant. When your rune is upgraded to +3,+6 and +9, you will obtain a growth rank from C (lowest) to S (highest) with each level adds a varying amount of stats.

You can only collect runes/rune parts mainly by doing the Rune Temple from the challenge mode. You can also receive dual statistics runes through high-level Rune dungeons, but these are hard to achieve unless your team is powerful enough. Rune pieces can be used to craft runes.

Soul Gear

Best Guide, Strategies and Tips on How to Play in Brown Dust 10

Soul Gear is an item that can be attached to a specific mercenary. Soul Gears are divided into Weapon, Armor, and Amulet. All classes except supporters weapons increase Attack Damage while supporter weapons increase Agility, Armor increases Health Points and all classes except supporter amulets increase both Attack Power and Health Points while supporter amulets increase Agility and Health Points. Soul Gears can only be acquired mainly through the Co-op Raid from the challenge mode or by accumulating Soul pieces and summoning with them.

Ranking Mercenaries

Best Guide, Strategies and Tips on How to Play in Brown Dust 11

When a character is at maxed level, you can rank up that character to raise their star rank by 1. Do Remember that the mercenary’s level will reset back to level 1 and you cannot rank up characters who are already at 6-stars. To rank up a character, you will need extra Mercenaries at the same rank as the target character by the equal number of stars. I would advise using the Rank-up stars because most of them are already at a maximum level so you can rank them up instantly and use them as materials for higher-rank mercenaries.

Awakening Mercenaries

Best Guide, Strategies and Tips on How to Play in Brown Dust 12

Upon arriving at a particular level, your mercenary can be awakened to enhance their stats, unfastens the awakening ability of that mercenary and change your mercenary look. You can awaken a mercenary only after ranking up a character once. ( Rank 3 mercenaries can be awakened at 4 stars) You will need awakening gems in order to awaken your mercenary through the Crystal Cave from the challenge mode.

Leveling Up Your Mercenaries Skills

Best Guide, Strategies and Tips on How to Play in Brown Dust 13

3-star mercenaries will have 2 active abilities and 1 awakening ability while 4-5 star mercenaries will have 3 active abilities and 1 awakening ability. You can only enhance their skills to improve the skill’s effectiveness by using the same mercenary as skill leveling material. This is where the 3-star mercenaries will shine as it is a lot simpler to level up their skills since it is a lot easier to get a 3-star mercenary than the 4-5 star mercenaries.

In-Game Events

There are a lot of in-game events, so you should surely have a close look at them and complete the tasks that some of them might require. Some of these events are time-limited, some others are just easy as logging in to the game. You should take a look by opening the events page in the main game window. There, you will notice the “Gift & Pack” and tap on it. Once you’ve reached the interface, a list of all the currently possible events will be displayed on the left.

One of these events is the daily login rewards, which you must do no matter if you want to play the game that particular day or not. Even if you don’t desire to play, log in and get the rewards because it’s worth it!

Join a Guild

Best Guide, Strategies and Tips on How to Play in Brown Dust 14

Even though joining a guild is not essential, it is still entertaining to be in an active and friendly guild because if you are like me, you’ll end up consuming a lot of time in the game. By having a great guild, you can ask for advice and information on other player’s team compositions and tactics, as well as you can have a chat with them. Take your time and find a helpful and vibrant guild, because it will make the difference, you’ll form connections with other people and support each other!

Farm Normal Scrolls

Try to accumulate as many as you can and use ten at a time to summon 10 Mercenaries with 1 star up to 3 stars. They can be very beneficial, so don’t be angry about only getting 1-star Mercenaries.

Use them to improve the Mercenaries which are Gold Star because they will need a lot of experience to become. You can also use the Slimes to level up those Silver Star mercenaries you get!

Play The Campaign Mode

Best Guide, Strategies and Tips on How to Play in Brown Dust 15

As I stated, you should continue on playing those Campaign levels if you want to unlock even more attractive features. The Challenge instances will let you adventure into new realms and gain new prizes.

They unlock as you complete specific Campaign stages, as follows:

  • Rune Temple (you can accumulate Runes) – opens by achieving 3-10.
  • Crystal Cave (you can accumulate Crystals) – unlocks by finishing 6-10.
  • Evil Castle (you can attack other enemies for great rewards) – unlocks by achieving 10-10.
  • World Boss: Terion – unlocks by finishing 15-10.
  • Co-op Raid (you can team up with allies to get Soul Gear) – unlocks by achieving 12-10.
  • Event Dungeons – unlocks only when there are ongoing events in the game.

Tips on Playing and Leveling in Brown Dust

Best Guide, Strategies and Tips on How to Play in Brown Dust 16

Don’t apply Slimes to level up Gold mercenaries, but use Silver mercenaries instead.

If you have mercenaries that apply Concentrated Fire and Taunt, don’t use them at the same moment because it will be a waste. The Concentrated Fire will be used before Taunt.

You can activate Set Effects by using three mercenaries which are compatible between them. Use this whenever you are building a new team.

Save different Team Configurations and use adequate ones when dealing with certain situations. For instance, for a Boss fight, you will have a different team structure than for a simple common enemy fight.

Keep your team alive, even if it implies that Supporters shall die. If no attackers are alive on the team, it’s automatically a failure.

Use various mercenaries of the same kind (for example 2x Rogan) to improve their skills. It’s best if you don’t consume Silver star mercenaries to improve them because the level of the ones you use to enhance doesn’t matter.

Level up your Captain’s level, because by doing so you can use more mercenaries. The higher your Captain’s level, the more cost becomes available to be used for mercenaries.

Don’t use the most valuable mercenaries and be left with nothing, because even if they are 5 stars mercenaries and everything sounds great, they can’t go one versus an army of enemies mercenaries.

Pick your character icon by going to Settings -> Sleep -> Chosen Illustration -> Settings and pick the one you want!

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