Black Bullet Season 2: Possible Release Date? When it is Coming Out?

The second season of Black Bullet is an expected anime series among the fans, the release date of the second season of Black Bullet has been hypothesized several times, but none of them were true. Supporters are losing their faiths and are quite frustrated for the improbable comeback. So the main subject is Will be there a second season of Black Bullet in 2019?

What is Black Bullet?

Black Bullet/Burakku Buretto is an anime series adaptation of a Sci-fi Japanese light novel series of the same title composed by Shiden Kanzaki and illustrated by Saki Ukai. The anime adaptation of Black Bullet was co-produced by Kinema Citrus and Orange studio and was broadcasted between in the year 2014. The first season of Black Bullet had a sum of 12 episodes with 24 minutes of running time; the first season of Black Bullet received good response from the audience just like the light novel and the manga series. The anime was broadcasted on Tokyo MX, Sun TV and licensed by Crunchyroll in America.

What’s the Plot of Black Bullet?

The story of the anime sets in 2021: The planet is experiencing a fatal parasitic infection called Gastrea, this disease can infiltrate and modify the human DNA which transforms them into furious beasts. While the remaining humans have discovered a way to defend themselves, this fatal virus cannot infiltrate walls built of Varanium metal; the surviving human population has taken refuge behind these barriers near Tokyo city.

The war has ended, but something even worse has occurred, the gravid women are found to be contaminated by the virus, and the new-born babies have superhuman powers and are named “Cursed Children.” The main story of the anime follows the life of Rentaro Satomi, a high school student who with her female friend Enju Aihara who is a cursed child works at Tendo civil security agency. This agency is seeking to defend the planet from any further destruction due to the virus. The story is expected to be continued in the second season of Black Bullet as there is a lot more to be revealed.

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When it’s the Black Bullet Season 2 Coming Out?

The first season of Black Bullet has earned good feedbacks, and with its unusual story, Black Bullet succeeded in gathering a lot of fans. Sadly, the chances of a second season are pretty low because the Kinema Citrus normally don’t make second seasons of any anime provided from their studio. Since the end of the season one in Black Bullet, the studio has delivered five new anime series, and the 6th is on the route so it seems the studio is not that much interested in doing a Season 2 of Black Bullet though the studio has sufficient content to make a Season 2 of Black Bullet and finish the story.

The Kinema Citrus studio has teased about the release of Black Bullet Season 2. The executive announced that the second season might come out in 2019. However, no credible information has been gained about the release date of Black Bullet Season 2.

Black Bullet Trailer

If you haven’t watched the Black Bullet here is a quick trailer of this awesome anime! ?


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Seriously I really want to hear news about the anime continuing!


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