Blend S Season 2 Release Date

Blend S Season 2: Release Date & News

Blend S Season 2 Release Date:

Blend S is a famous four layer Manga which was adjusted by A-1 pictures. The anime change seemed to have gained more ratings and enjoyment by the supporters from all over the globe, and that is why we are assuming there would be a season 2 of this anime as well. Miyuki Nakayama is a known Manga author who has both written and drawn the Manga. Then the TV adaptation was published for 12 episodes from October 8 to December 24, 2017.

If you have already seen “Working!!” anime then you might be capable of comparing both the animes. It is so because both the animes are about Restaurant and different workers working in it. But at the same time “Working!!” Anime is all about the male lead character while Blend S is about a female main character with scary eyes. Though both the animes have much in common, we can find enormous differences in not just the storyline but also in the circumstances, the animes presents the comedy.

Blend S Season 2 Anime Story, Characters and More

Now before we speak about the speculations of the second season of Blend S, I would like to express my opinion about this anime which you can view below. Blend S has a female lead character that happens to have scary eyes that destroyed her chances of a perfect life and career. But in the end, she finds a place in a restaurant, but her life won’t be the same anymore. The good thing about her scary look is that she can use it at work and treats clients.

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Blend S Season 2 Release Date Confirmed?

Since the first season of Blend S consisted of at least two volumes out of the five volumes from Manga series. We can assume that we can get a few more amounts until the second season is published because the Manga is still ongoing. At the same time they can even use the available two volumes to bring out a second season, but again, no confirmation has been given. But if you are questioning what are the possibilities that this anime will get a second season, then I will say it has high odds. Well, the answer is simple because the first season of Blend S was well accepted by the community and building a second season can be commercially beneficial.

On the other hand, there are left volumes, and the Manga is still ongoing which indicates that the second season can be made quickly. But the only concern is that most of the production companies are already working on various anime shows for this year 2019. So we might need to wait sometime before we can see any statement being made about the Blend S Season 2 Release Date.

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Official Date of the Second Season of Blend S?

Blend S has excellent animations and a storyline that will make it deserving of following all the 12 episodes. But here is the answer to your mystery that Blend S second season is going to be published either in summer 2019 or 2020 to be sure. If we reflect on how the first season was released, then we could say that second season will follow the same path as the first season of Blend S was published in the summer season of 2017. So we can say that Season 2 of Blend S will be released in the summer of 2019 or 2020. Thanks for taking the time to read concerning the possible release date of the second season of Blend S which seems not far because 2019 has already started.


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evan imanuel

omg i cant wait


is it real that it will release at this year 2019? or 2020? because i cant wait for it 😀


2019 is certainly out of the question now. With 4 months to go for summer, if there is an announcement then we won’t see anything until 2021


This anime is very very very enjoyable and interesting !!!!!!!!!! I want blend-s series will be a greatest anime in the world.


I hope this year because I can’t wait for 2020

Kosmos 888

i really wish if that happened


Nothing has been announced, so if it is 2020, then it will late in the year

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