Build and Guide on How to Play Akai – Mobile Legends

Akai is a tank with a form of a panda. He is one of the most annoying tank in the game.

Akai’s Skill

Tai Chi Passive
Every time a spell is cast, Akai gains a shield that absorbs up to 6% of his health point, lasting 2 seconds, can only take effect every 2.5 seconds. 

Quite useful passive that blocks a tiny quantity of damage every 2.5 seconds. It gives you the chance to dive in under towers and escape dangerous situations. The more health point you have the more shield will be generated.

Thousand Pounder: Cooldown 11 seconds and 70 mana cost
Jump into the target area, dealing 300/350/400/450/500/550 magic damage to enemies and slowing them for 2 seconds after landing, targets within the marked area will also be stunned for 1 seconds.

This is the only skill that grants you the ability to jump on enemies and slow them. The range of this ability was nerfed. But don’t let that intimidate you as this skill still hits pretty hard on squishy enemies. This ability is pretty useful to slow enemies that try to escape, engage unto enemies or to escape from enemies.

Blender: Cooldown 8.5 seconds and 70 mana cost
Fires a frog-shaped shock wave at the enemy, shock wave will explode on contact with the enemy or once it reaches maximum range, dealing 350/380/410/440/470/500 physical damage, marking enemies for 5 seconds; basic attacks on marked targets will an extra 5% of Akai’s maximum health as physical damage.

This will be your must used skill. While using this skill Akai will fire a frog that has a very small AoE effect. But it does a significant amount of damage. When the enemy gets hit by this skill he will marked for 5 seconds. Basic attacks on marked targets will an extra 5% of Akai’s maximum health as physical damage. As bonus when you land with your first skill on an opponent while they are marked the will be stunned for one seconds. Don’t use this skill to chase enemies and then stun them with your first ability. You will just lose time and they will be able to run away!

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Wind Dance: Cooldown 40 seconds and 120 mana cost
Spins like a tornado for 3.5 seconds and starts hitting targets. Each collision will knock back the target and deal 180/360/540 magic damage, (damage decays against same target). After casting, removes all CC effects present on self, during the duration Akai will be impervious to all CC and have increased movement speed by 30 points.

This is Akai’s ultimate skill. This ultimate skill will make Akai spin like a beyblade that will knock enemies consecutively without giving them chance of counter attacking. This is why Akai is one of the most annoying tank in the game. This ultimate can disrupt the enemies formation and block enemies’ ultimate such as Gord’s ultimate, Odette’s ultimate, Lolita’s ultimate and etc. You can use this ultimate as well to disengage and run away as it will boost your movement speed and it will make you invincible to control crowd abilities.

Battle Spells

Very useful battle spell that will come in hand to keep your enemies stunned so that your team mates can have more time to deal damage.
Useful battle spell that can be used to jump quickly over enemies and you can quickly use your ultimate skill to push enemies to your team mates.

Best Emblem Set for Akai

The best emblem you can choose for Akai is the Tank emblem set. This set will increase your health point, magical and physical defense. As talent you should choose Tenacity this will increase further more your physical and magical defense once your health falls below 40%.

Suggested Build for Akai by

  1. Rapid Boots: It is highly suggested to use Rapid Boots with Akai. So that you will have the ability to switch lane quickly and help your allies in case of danger.
  2. Cursed Helmet: A very useful item that will increase your magical resistance and health point. I mainly choose this item in the build for its passive. The passive of this item will deal 1.5% of the enemy’s max health point as magic damage every second to nearby enemies. Having this item combined with your second ability will deal double damage to all enemies around you.
  3. Antique Cuirass: This armor increases your health points, health points regeneration, and physical defense. The passive of this armor will reduce the enemy’s attack power by 6% for 2 seconds this effect can be stacked up to 3 times.
  4. Athena’s Shield: Every 30 seconds you will get an absorbing shield that will keep growing as the match goes on maxing out at 1150 health points. This shield goes in great combo with your passive and the item in your build called Oracle.
  5. Blade Armor: Increases your physical defense by 90. The passive of this item will return 25% of a physical basic back to the enemy.
  6. Sky Guardian Helmet: This item will increase you a lot of health points (1550) and it will boost your health point regeneration by 100. Depending on whether you kill an enemy or make an assist, your health regeneration rate will increase to a maximum of 3.5%.
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Tips and Tricks on How to Play Akai

  • When engaging an enemy try always to use your second ability first. By doing this you will stun the enemy for one seconds and you will deal more damage with basic attacks!
  • Poke always the enemy with your second skill and then jump on them to deal a bit more of damage, then back off unless you are sure that you can block them into a wall with your ultimate skill.
  • Try to lane with an ADC, assassin or mage. It would be useless to stay in a lane with a support hero as there won’t be enough damage to kill the opponents.
  • Remember your ultimate skill can attack multiple targets at once.
  • In case you want to dive into enemies tower, be always sure that you can at least take take one enemy hero out of the tower range.
  • In case you fail to protect your lane, roam through lanes and support your allies.
  • Try always to find enemies hero with mid/low health points so that you can finish them off quickly.
  • If you can’t stun the enemy’s hero that does damage your best option is to disable their tank giving the chance to your team mates to deal damage with being disturbed.
  • Don’t miss opportunities where you can push the enemy into your towers.
  • If you are using Petrify as battle spell, use your first skill to jump on enemies and then stun them with Petrify. This will give you enough time to position yourself and to use your ultimate skill.
  • If you are using Flicker as battle spell, use it to quickly pass over your enemies and then push them with your ultimate skill.
  • You are the tank/initiator so you have to be always there when there is a tower to defend or a teamfight.
  • Don’t be afraid to fight fighters if they are marked by you second ability they will receive a lot of damage by your basic attacks.
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Heroes that Akai counters

  • Odette: Odette is quite useless against Akai. Akai by using his ultimate has the opportunity to stop Odette’s ultimate easily.
  • Fanny: Fanny is a quite known hero for the fact that she roams through lanes by “flying”. She can be stopped easily by using your ultimate.
  • Zhask: Zhask is a mage hero, he is very slow in terms of movement speed. His damage output comes directly from his turrets. So you should not have a problem challenging him.

Heroes that counter Akai

  • Diggie: Diggie is a support hero often ranked as a soft “tank”. The reason why he counter Akai is for the fact that his ultimate ability will make him and his team mates invincible to any crowd control abilities.
  • Nana: Nana is a support/mage hero. She can easily transform you into a cat for 1.5 seconds giving her teammates the chance to avoid you.

Heroes that make a perfect combination with Akai

  • Angela: Angela’s ultimate provides a shield to her selected allied target. Most likely she will choose you, so don’t be scared to stay in the frontline once she casts her ultimate ability on you.
  • Gord: Gord is a mage hero that can easily stun enemies from a medium/long distance as well his ultimate skill does a large quantity of damage.
  • Eudora: Eudora is a mage hero that deals damage from a close/medium distance. She is quite effective with Akai as she can stun the enemy for a second and burst them quickly.

Written by Akanagi

Avid gamer since the age of 10, love to make guides on any kind of game that I follow or that I am interested in.

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