Build and Guide on How to Play Alucard – Mobile Legends

Build and Guide on How to Play Alucard - Mobile Legends 4

Alucard is a fighter hero. He is quite powerful and easy to play. With the right build he is basically immortal. He has the ability to keep fighting for longer periods as he has low cooldown on his skills.

Alucard’s Skills

Build and Guide on How to Play Alucard - Mobile Legends 5

Passive: Pursuit.
If it hits 1 enemy, deals damage x 1.2. If it hits 2 enemies, deals damage x 1.1. Next basic attack after using skill deals damage x 1.2 and move to the target.

This is the main reason why Alucard is a strong fighter hero. This passive ability counters marksmen and will make chase people easier. Whenever you use your first skill or your second skill if the enemy is in range quickly press your basic attack button to close the gap between you and your enemy.

Build and Guide on How to Play Alucard - Mobile Legends 6

GroundSplitter: 10 seconds cooldown and 0 mana cost.
Leaps forward and launches 1 strike. Each strike deals 240/270/300/330/360/390 physical damage to the enemy and slows them down.

This is your main gap closing skill. You can use this ability to jump through walls. Mind that this skill slows the enemy so it will be easy for you to stay close to the enemy or to close a gap between and an enemy.

Build and Guide on How to Play Alucard - Mobile Legends 7

Whirling Smash: 5 seconds cooldown and 0 mana cost.
Slashes at enemies in the area, dealing 230/260/290/320/350/380 physical damage.

This skill has a large damage but it has a low area of effect. As it has a very short cooldown make sure to use it whenever you can. When you use this skill it will trigger your passive. Meaning that you can close the gap between you and your enemy by using your basic attack after you used Whirling Smash. During team fights if you can hit a lot of enemies you will recover a lot of health points.

Build and Guide on How to Play Alucard - Mobile Legends 8

Fission Wave: 30 seconds cooldown and 0 mana cost.
Raises the hero’s physical lifesteal 20% and also locks onto an enemy, dealing extra damage with any attacks on the target and raising lifesteal 100% for 8s. While the skill lasts, the hero can fire powerful attack waves forward, dealing 440/600/760 physical damage to enemies.

This is your bread and butter this is the reason why Alucard is pretty much unkillable. With this ultimate skill, your lifesteal will increase by a lot and it deals a good amount of damage quite good to use as initiator or finisher.

Best Battle Spell for Alucard

Build and Guide on How to Play Alucard - Mobile Legends 9
Aegis is a very useful battle spell that can give you the chance to keep fighting in team fights. Alucard has the power to take down two or three opponents at the same time. Having Aegis will give you the opportunity to tank more damage.
Build and Guide on How to Play Alucard - Mobile Legends 10
With Flicker no enemy can have a chance to runaway from you. Combined with your first ability you can close any gap between you and your enemy in few seconds.

Best Emblem Set for Alucard

Build and Guide on How to Play Alucard - Mobile Legends 11
With Alucard you should go for the “Assassin Emblem Set” It Increase your overall damage and movement speed. As special talent you should go for Bounty Hunter. It will reward you with extra gold for every kill you can secure. Very useful to upgrade your equipment as soon as possible.

Best Gear Build for Alucard

Build and Guide on How to Play Alucard - Mobile Legends 12
  1. Warrior Boots: These boots give 22 of physical defense and 40 of movement speed. As passive every time you receive a basic attack your physical defense will increase by 5 points up to a maximum of 25 points that will last up to 3 seconds.
  2. Haas’s Claws: Your first life steal item. It provides you with 20% of lifesteal. The passive of this item will give you an extra 10% of lifesteal once your health points fall below 40%.
  3. Endless Battle: This is the perfect item for Alucard it provides a various amount of stats such as cooldown reduction, extra health points, physical attack, and physical lifesteal. The passive of this item will increase the damage of your basic attack by 85% after you have used a skill. The best thing about this passive is that it has only a 1.5 seconds cooldown!
  4. Berseker’s Fury: This item will increase the chance of landing a critical hit. As well it increases the damage of your critical hits. As bonus critical hits will increase your physical attack by 5%. Remember the more you can deal the more life you will regenerate thanks to this lifesteal build.
  5. Wings Of The Apocalypse Queen: This item is totally necessary to help you win fights against multiple enemies at once. The passive of this item reduces damage taken by 50% when your health falls below 40% While this effect has taken place also your lifesteal increases by 30%. Basically, you’ll become an immortal damage machine. Mind that this item increases your health points by 1000 so it will also improve your survivability in battle. Also the passive will take effect every 50 seconds.
  6. Blade Of Despair: This item increases your physical attack by 170. That’s quite a lot! The passive of this item will increase furthermore your physical attack by 25% when the health of your opponent is below 50%.

Tips and Tricks on How to Play Alucard

  • In early game don’t be afraid of fighting you’ll most likely be doing way more damage than your opponent.
  • When you are clearing waves of minions run back into the jungle and kill jungle monsters.
  • Once level 4 try to quickly solo the turtle.
  • Try to find any way to find or stealing kills that’s the main priority.
  • Mind that Alucard does not have any crowd control ability. That means that in team fights you could literally die within few seconds.
  • During team fights don’t waste your time in the frontline with the tanks. Try to jump over and aim for the enemy’s mage or marksman.
  • Whatever skill you use, remember to quickly use your basic attack in between. As this build and your passive will boost the damage of your basic attacks after you’ve hit an enemy with a skill.
  • Try always to have the mid lane for you. So that you will have the chance to farm quickly and you will be able to roam through lanes quickly.
  • With your first ability, you can jump through walls.
  • Don’t be afraid to dive into towers, my only advice is to not dive in if the enemy has a way to stun you under the turret.
  • Use bushes to hide! You might think that it is not worth it. But trust your enemy won’t expect you hiding, and he will be caught surprised without many chances to escape your high damage.
  • Farm whenever you can if you stay behind you will be pretty much useless.
  • Always check the minimap and target squishy enemies that are trying to push a lane by themselves.

Heroes that counter Alucard

  • Moskov: Moskov is one the most dangerous marksmen in the game. Take extra care if you have him as an enemy. He has the ability to knock you back and in case you hit a wall or an obstacle you will be stunned for two seconds. In this time frame Moskov can activate his buff that increases his attack penetration and attack speed and shred you in just three seconds.
  • Tigreal: Quite annoying to play against him. He has a lot of crowd control abilities. If by mistake you get chained into his skills then you will be an easy target for enemies’ mages and marksmen.
  • Freya: Freya is a fighter hero in a one vs one against her it will be a tough fight. She has the ability to boost her damage by a lot using her ultimate and second skill. Even though your lifesteal is quite high she has the ability to stun you every five/six seconds.

Heroes that Alucard counters

  • Lesley: Lesley is a quite know hero as she can deal a lot of damage by using her passive combined with her first ability. One of the most annoying thing about Lesley is the fact that with her second ability she can throw a melee kick that will push you away from her. One way to counter that is to engage first with your ultimate or your second skill. Once Lesley uses the kick ability, use quickly your first ability to close the gap and slow her.
  • Angela: Angela does not have any escape ability. She is an easy prey, she won’t roam around the map by herself. In team fights she is the maximum priority as she can decrease your movement speed and increase the damage you receive from her allies.
  • Gusion: Gusion is an assassin. Gusion has the ability to throw a knife on an enemy and he is able to quickly teleport to him. The fact is that if Gusion tries to do that while you are using Alucard it means a death sentence for him.

Heroes that make a perfect combination with Alucard

  • Angela: Angela has the ability to attach you and provide you with an absorbing shield. While being attached to you she can heal you and decrease the enemies defenses and movement speed
  • Estes: Estes could increase your survivability in battle by healing you.
  • Tigreal: Tigreal can stun enemies for quite a few seconds giving the chance to pick enemies with low health points and finish them off.

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