Build and Guide on How to Play Angela – Mobile Legends

Build and Guide on How to Play Angela - Mobile Legends 4

Angela is a support hero. She is known for the fact that she can attach herself with of one of her allies and provide him with a shield. While being attached with an ally she can still attack.

Angela’s Skills

Build and Guide on How to Play Angela - Mobile Legends 5

Passive: Smart Heart.
Each time Angela uses a skill, her movement speed increases by 10% for 4s, up to 30%. This acceleration effect will also be applied to her attached ally.

This is a well useful ability that will keep boosting your movement speed whenever you attack. Beneficial for avoiding ambushes from enemies. Your passive will still take place even tho when you get attached to your allies.

Build and Guide on How to Play Angela - Mobile Legends 6

Love Waves: N/A seconds cooldown and 70 mana cost.
Launched love energy in a designated direction, dealing 200(+3) magic damage and adding a Lover’s Mark. Each stack of Lover’s Mark increases damage taken by 10% and reduces movement speed by 15%. Lasts 4s and can be stacked up to 5 times. Restores 100(+1) HP to friendly targets. Up to 5 charges can be restored.

With this skill you can poke enemies as it has a long range hitbox. This skill at the beginning of the game does a good amount of damage so harass your enemies whenever you have the chance to do so! A very useful skill to kill tanks and enemies easily, if an enemy gets hit by this skill 5 times in a row the damage he will receive is increased by 50% and his movement speed will be reduced by 75%. Don’t forget that you can use this skill to heal your allies!

Build and Guide on How to Play Angela - Mobile Legends 7

Puppet-On-A-String: 13 seconds cooldown and 90 mana cost.
Launches a puppet string at the specified target, dealing 300(+11) magic damage. If the target is still connected to the string after 3s, they will be immobilized for 2s and take 450(+17) magic damage. Each Lover’s Mark increases the final damage by 20%.

This is your first control crowd ability. Incredibly useful for chasing an enemy or when running away from them. Basically, when you use this skill an enemy will stop chasing you as he knows already that there is no point as he will be stunned. While being connected to an enemy try to keep hitting them with your first ability as it will increase the final damage.

Build and Guide on How to Play Angela - Mobile Legends 8

HeartGuard: 75 seconds cooldown and 100 mana cost.
Angela gathers energy to generate a shield for a friendly target, absorbing 1200(+78) damage for 3s. After a period of time, she becomes attached to the friendly target for 12s. If you use this skill again, or if the friendly target dies, this effect will be canceled.

This is your ultimate skill. It has an insane cooldown, the reason why it has an insane cooldown it is because you can target any ally on the map and you will get attached to him. This will provide to the select ally an absorbing shield. You can stay attached to an ally only for 12 seconds. If the selected ally dies while you are attached to him you will reappear in your own hero’s body. While being attached you can use any of your skills.

Best Battle Spells for Angela

Build and Guide on How to Play Angela - Mobile Legends 9
Flicker is the best battle spell for Angela. It is very useful for your second ability so that you won’t lose connection with your enemies.

Best Emblem Set for Angela

Build and Guide on How to Play Angela - Mobile Legends 10
The best emblem set for Angela is the “Support Emblem Set” It provides various extra stats that can be really helpful for you. As special talent i suggest you to choose “Focusing Mark”. “Focusing Mark” Will increase the damage dealt to an enemy by your allies by 6% for 3 seconds whenever you hit an enemy (It has to be the same enemy).

Best Gear Build for Angela

Build and Guide on How to Play Angela - Mobile Legends 11
  1. Wizard Boots: Landing kills with Angela is extremely hard. You can’t jungle because feeding gold to your allies is more important. Your only viable option is to use Wizard Boots that will provide an extra 80 gold for every assist you can land.
  2. Enchanted Talisman: Angela is a real mana eater. With this item, you will never have to worry about running out of mana. Because it regenerates 10% of your total mana every 10 seconds. Above all, it will decrease the cooldown of your skills by 20%.
  3. Fleeting Time: This is a must item for your build as for every assist or kill that you can secure will reduce the cooldown of your ultimate skill by a 35. As bonus, this item already reduces the cooldown of your abilities by 15.
  4. Courage Bulwark: Reduces the cooldown on your skills by 10%. This item will help you in providing more support to your teammates. Courage Bulwark is a perfect choice to support your team as it will provide them with a buff on their attack and defense power. There is as well a buff that can be activated with Courage Bulwark that will grant an extra 20% on physical damage, magic damage and it will increase every team member movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds.
  5. Necklace Of Durance: This item will decrease the cooldown of your skills by 10% and increase your magical lifesteal by 10%. The passive of this item will reduce the regeneration effect of the enemy by 50%. Very useful against lifesteal builds and heroes have healing abilities.
  6. Dominance Ice: A good item for your build that will decrease the cooldown of your abilities by 10%. As well it lowers the movement and attack speed of enemies that are close to Angela.

Tips and Tricks on How to Play Angela

  • Always be in the top or bottom lane. Never be alone as you can be easily ambushed by enemies’ assassins, fighters or marksmen.
  • When you activate your ultimate, you will have a few seconds to cancel the animation.
  • If you have your ultimate available, you can quickly clear waves of minions far away from your team and then use your ultimate to attach to an ally
  • Always let your team be aware when your ultimate is available as it will be vital for you to debuff enemies.
  • Don’t use your ultimate skill on a dying ally or if he is getting chased because if he dies while you are attached to him you will spawn on his dead body. Although if you think that you can save him then act quickly!
  • Don’t use your ultimate on heroes such as Fanny or Hayabusa. They move a lot and it will be hard for you to aim your skills. I would only attach to these heroes only if I need a free ride on another lane.
  • When you are attached to an ally, you can quickly heal him by using your first skill.
  • Pay always attention to your health. Angela has by herself already low health points so pay attention when you fight!
  • Always poke your enemy with your first skill as it will keep decreasing their movement speed and defense.

Heroes that Angela counters

  • Alucard: Alucard is a fighter well know for the fact that thanks for his skills system he can close consistently stay close to the enemy. Although he if gets ambushed he does not have many options. Make sure to use your second skill first on him and then use your first skill to debuff him. This will make it easier for your teammates to finish him off.
  • Estes: Estes is a support hero. He does not have any control crowd ability but he can apply a slow effect with his second ability. If Estes does not build any defensive gear then he will be pretty squishy. Most likely he won’t roam around the map alone. But if he does, he should be killed as soon as possible.
  • Akai: Akai ultimate is pretty annoying. But if you can stun him with your second skill on him before or even during his ultimate it will give your teammates a quick break to run away and reposition again.

Heroes that counter Angela

  • Lancelot: is an assassin that relies on pure damage. When he uses his skills he will disappear and it that time frame he will be immune to any damage or control crowd ability. Never roam alone if he is in the enemy team.
  • Lesley: Can output a lot of damage for a far distance. She has an ability where for three seconds her movement speed and attack power increases. While being in this state she can’t be targetable by any skills.

Heroes that make a perfect combination with Angela

Angela goes in perfect combination with any hero that has can burst down the enemy quickly. Most of the time in a team fight the most viable choice is to get attached to a tank as he can stay in the frontline longer and you can heal him and decrease the enemy defense at the same.

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