Build and Guide on How to Play Balmond – Mobile Legends

Build and Guide on How to Play Balmond – Mobile Legends 4

Balmond as Franco is as well the king of health point regenaration. With the only difference that Balmond regenerates his health points through killing minions or enemies.

Balmond’s Skills

Build and Guide on How to Play Balmond – Mobile Legends 5

Passive: Bloodthirst
Regens 4% of max HP each time he kills a minion. Regens 10% of max HP each time he kills a hero.

Everytime Balmond kills a minion he will regenerate 4% of his maximum health points. While killing an enemy will recover 10% of Balmond maximum health points. People often overlook this passive, but it is quite strong as you can jump in a team fight without any worries.

Build and Guide on How to Play Balmond – Mobile Legends 6

Soul Lock: Cooldown 11 seconds and 0 Mana cost.
“Charges up to an enemy and deals 150/175/200/225/250/275 pts of physical damage to enemies along the way. After hitting a hero, he will stop and lower that enemy’s movement speed by 60%, lasting 2.5s.”

With this skill Balmond charges towards the enemy and will stun him. While stunning the enemy Balmond will reduce the opponent movement speed by 65% this debuff will last for 2.5 seconds. This is your skill to initiate a fight or to escape.

Build and Guide on How to Play Balmond – Mobile Legends 7

Cyclone Sweep: Cooldown 7 seconds and 0 Mana cost.
“For 3s, brandishes a large axe and continuously deals 80/105/130/155/180/205 pts of physical damage to nearby enemies.”

Balmond with this skill will swing his axe around him. Cyclone Sweep deals a good amount of damage within his AoE. Whenever your ultimate Lethal Counter is ready don’t forget to cast that as players tend to keep rolling with the Balmond’s axe and forget to use their ultimate ability.

Build and Guide on How to Play Balmond – Mobile Legends 8

Lethal Counter: Cooldown 40 seconds and 0 Mana cost.
“Raises a giant axe to deal 350/500/650, plus 20% of the target’s missing HP, as true damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area in front of him, and lowers enemy movement speed by 60% for 2s. (Deals up to 1300 damage to non-hero units.)”

For being a tank/fighter, Balmond with this ultimate can devastate any opponent easily as it deals damage + it will deal an extra 20% damage of the target missing health points. So basically, you could kill easily someone that has about 20% or 30% left of health points.

Battle Spells

Build and Guide on How to Play Balmond – Mobile Legends 9
Balmond has two abilities that can slow down the enemy movement speed, if they have low health points by using this battle spell you can teleport quickly and finish them off.
Build and Guide on How to Play Balmond – Mobile Legends 10
This is a good option to stun and maintain enemies under your area of effect. I would choose Petrify if your team has not enough control crowd abilities to keep an opponent stunned.

Best Emblem Set for Balmond

Build and Guide on How to Play Balmond – Mobile Legends 11
Even though Balmond is also considered a fighter i would still choose the Tank emblem set. Balmond doesn’t have lots of crowd control abilities, so this emblem will totally help him on staying in battle for longer.

Suggested Build for Balmond by

Build and Guide on How to Play Balmond – Mobile Legends 12

Balmond is categorized as a tank/fighter. Your role is to tank a bit of damage for your allies and to finish off enemies that have low health points.

  1. Blade Armor: This is an item that counters a little, life steals build as it reflects 25% of the damage received from enemies basic attack. But it is a good choice to choose this item at the beginning of the game as you can join into battle and whenever enemies will attack you this item will counter attack the damage.
  2. Berseker’s Fury: This item will increase Balmond’s critical chance and critical damage. This is a good item that will increase your chances of finishing an enemy with your ultimate.
  3. Rapid Boots: As Balmond need to be close enough to enemies, with these boots you can chase easily enemies.
  4. Antique Cuirass: With this item, Balmond will reduce the basic attack of the enemy of 6%. This effect can stack up to 3 times. This will help Balmond on becoming harder to kill.
  5. Cursed Helmet: This is an essential item for your build. Cursed Helmet will deal 2% of magic damage of an enemy maximum health points per second. Very useful as it affects every opponent that stays near Balmond. As well this item gives you a bunch of health points and magic resistance.
  6. Sky Guardian Helmet: This item will give you a lot of health points and will increase your health point regeneration every time you land an assist or secure a kill.

Tips and Tricks on How to play Balmond

  • When there are minions that are at half hp, use your second skill
  • Don’t focus on full attack build like Freya or Alpha. Remember Balmond is also tank, he won’t one combo an enemy. Your goal is to be in the front line and do your best do endure as much as possible.
  • Use your second skill Cyclone Sweep to clear minions and jungle’s monster quickly.
  • Balmond does not have a mana bar so use your skills without worrying about wasting mana!
  • If your allies are blocked and are not able to push a lane, be the one to push first! With your second skill you can clearly quickly minions and tank some damage from the turret for your allies.
  • You can pretty much solo a lane by yourself , but you have to always watch out for enemy ganks!
  • Make sure to use your ultimate only if you’re sure that you can finish your enemies or instead you can use your ultimate to slow down your enemies so it will be easier for your teammates to chase them down.
  • You can use your first ability to jump out of a bush and gank an enemy with your teammate. As well it could be used to chase or to run away from an enemy.
  • If you have low health points try to kill monsters in the jungles or minions to recovers.
  • Always target marksman or mages first as they will be easier to take down.
  • You can use your primary skill Soul Lock to bypass walls.

Heroes that Balmond counters

  • Natalia: If Natalia is invisible in you can easily spot her by using your second skill Cyclone Sweep.
  • Gord: When Gord casts his ultimate he will be vulnerable as he can’t move. You can easily jump in and deal tons of damage on him.
  • Layla: Layla hasn’t any way to escape if you catch her.

Heroes that counter Balmond

  • Fanny: Fanny has an insane mobility, so it will be a hard job for Balmond to stop her. Balmond doesn’t have any control ability to stop her. So try to avoid her if she is trying to poke you as you might end up killed.
  • Zilong: Always be careful at Zilong as his ultimate will boost his movement speed by a lot and he can easily grab you and fling you towards his allies.
  • Nana: Nana can use her second ability to transform you into a cat for 1.5 seconds, while you’re trasformed you can’t attack, your movement speed will be decreased and your magical defense will be decreased by a 25%.

Heroes that make a perfect combination with Balmond

  • Estes: When you are about to throw yourself in battle it would be nice be healed while slashing your enemies. Although Estes to back you up should run up a good defensive build to stay close to you.
  • Tigreal: Tigreal has enough crowd control abilities that can keep an enemy stunned for at least 5 seconds. He is a perfect with Balmond as you will have time to jump in the frontline with Tigreal and cast your abilities.
  • Aurora: Aurora with her passive has the ability to froze anyone with her large ultimate AoE. After being hit most likely the opponents will have low health points so it will be your job to finish them off!

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