Build and Guide on How to Play Estes – Mobile Legends

Estes is the only truly support hero that provides a good quantity of healing. It is not recommended to build damage items with Estes as your main goal is to keep healing your allies and provide them with buffs.

Estes’ Skills

Passive: The Code Of Moon Elves.
Code of Moon Elves will charge energy into Estes slowly. When it reaches the max stacking layer, it will improve his next basic attack, dealing 150 pts of magic damage to the target while slowing it down. The damage will ricochet and deal 225 pts of magic damage to nearby enemies.

Increase the damage of your basic attacks when it’s fully charged, it deals extra magic damage and it will the slow the enemy. You will notice a little counter above your heal spells. Whenever it reaches 100 it will increase your next basic attack and the damage will bounce to nearby enemies.

Moonlight Immersion: 12 seconds cooldown and 80 mana cost.
Restores 220 pts of HP for the target immediately and links Estes with it for 3s which will restore 275 pts of HP for the target slowly. Linking with an ally will also improve the energy charging speed of the Code of Moon Elves. Being too far from the target will break the link.

This is your first healing ability. By quickly using this skill it will heal the team member with the lowest health point. Mind that when you are healing an ally you have to stay close to him otherwise the healing effect will stop. Try to use this skill whenever you can just don’t be wasteful. This ability will also increase your passive counter.

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Domain of Moon Goddess: 12 seconds cooldown and 80 mana cost.
A flood of moonlight falls upon the specified area, dealing 350 pts of magic damage to enemy units within it. Afterwards, it turns to a domain of Moon Goddess. Enemies will be slowed down when they touch the barrier of the domain area.

This is your only ability that deals damage. It has a large area of effect and it slow enemies that get caught by it. Very useful to retreat and to chase enemies.

Blessing of The Moon Goddess: 55 seconds cooldown and 250 mana cost.
Incarnates into the Saint King of Moonlight for 8s, enhancing Moonlight Immersion. After casting the Blessing of Moon Goddess, Estes will release a weak Moonlight Immersion one time for surrounding allied heroes. In the duration of the Blessing of Moon Goddess, Estes regens 1080 HP over time.

This is your second ability that provides a lot of healing. With this ultimate, you can heal all your allies only if they are close to you. By using this ultimate skill your first skill will be instantly available. Try to use this skill whenever you see allies with low health points.

Best Battle Spells for Estes

The best battle spell for Estes in my opinion is Flicker. This battle spell will certainly help you in closing or increase the distance between you and an enemy.
In case you don’t want to use Flicker. Sprint is as well a valid option that will increase your movement speed for 10 seconds. It is worthy to quickly join your team mates in a fight.

Best Emblem Set for Estes

With Estes you should absolutely go with the Support Emblem Set. This emblem set will provide you different bonus stats that are certainly useful for you. In the talent page, I would suggest trying to increase the healing effect and choose “Avarice” as unique level 3 talent. With “Avarice” you don’t need to worry about getting kills as you just need to poke the enemy to earn extra gold.

Best Build Gear for Estes

  1. Wizard Boots: Being a support you have to make gold in any possible way. Wizard Boots rewards you with 80 extra gold for every assist you can land.
  2. Dominance Ice: A good item for your build that will decrease the cooldown of your abilities by 10%. As well it lowers the movement and attack speed of enemies that are close to Estes. As well it provides some good defensive stats.
  3. Enchanted Talisman: With this item, you will never have to worry about running out of mana. For the reason that it regenerates 10% of your total mana every 10 seconds. Above all, it will decrease the cooldown of your skills by 20%.
  4. Athena Shield: Every 30 seconds you will get an absorbing shield that will keep growing as the match goes on maxing out at 1150 health points.
  5. Oracle: Good item to have in your build as it will decrease the cooldown of your skills and will boost your shield absorption and health points regeneration rate by 25%. Goes in great combo with your healing abilities.
  6. Courage Bulwark: Reduces the cooldown on your skills by 10%. This item will help you in providing more support to your teammates. Courage Bulwark is a perfect choice to support your team as it will provide them with a buff on their attack and defense power. There is as well a buff that can be activated with Courage Bulwark that will grant an extra 20% on physical damage, magic damage and it will increase every team member movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds.
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Tips and Tricks on How to Play Estes

  • In an early game your passive will annoy enemies as it deals a good amount of damage.
  • Always heal your teammates whenever they health point falls below 90%.
  • Always use your second ability to poke enemies and in teamfights. It slow enemies and they won’t be able to chase or escape easily.
  • Don’t use your ultimate skill too early. It is preferred to use it when a fight has just started, but don’t use it too late otherwise your allies might die without receiving any healing.
  • Position yourself safely, the enemy should not be able to target you. Otherwise your might lose a teamfight just because you were not able to heal your allies.
  • Always be careful of staying in the backline. Enemies’ assasins and fighters might want to kill you first.
  • Focus on healing your teammates. Your job is not to kill enemies but to heal allies.
  • Never try to attempt a 1 vs 1 it will be pointless as your skills are more for assisting your team mates.
  • Talk to your teammates tell them whenever your ultimate ability is available.
  • Always try to team up with a tank or a high hero that can deal a good amount of damage.
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Heroes that Estes counters

Estes does not counter anyone. His abilities are made just to assist your teammates. The slow effect is quite useful to increase the gap between you and enemies while escaping. Or it is useful as well to decrease the gap between you and the enemies in case they try to run away.

Heroes that counter Estes

  • Gatotkaca: Solid tank with the highest physical defense in the game. Be careful for Gatotkaca’s ultimate. It has a large area of effect, and he can jump from a far distance to your and your allies position.
  • Zilong: Zilong can burst you in few seconds. The most annoying thing about this hero is that he can flip your position throwing you into the enemy side.
  • Jawhead: He has the same ability of Zilong. Jawhead is able to stun you and flip you into the enemy side.

Heroes that make a perfect combination with Estes

Estes goes in perfect combination with every hero. Every hero needs healing during a team fight so Estes is a versatile hero. In case you want to choose to play with Estes make sure your team has enough magic/physical damage to kill the opponent team.


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