Build and Guide on How to Play Franco – Mobile Legends

Build and Guide on How to Play Franco - Mobile Legends 4

Franco the King of Health Points Regeneration. Franco is not your typical tank that will jump into battle and tank a lot of enemies. He requires a good positioning and a lot of practice. Once mastered his primary skill Iron Hook, you will be capable to take your team to victory.

Franco’s Skill

Build and Guide on How to Play Franco - Mobile Legends 5

Passive: Wasteland Force.
This passive increases Franco’s Movement speed by 10% and it regens 1% of his max health every second if he is not being hit. This passive makes Franco the perfect mobile tanker and ganker as you can switch lane easily and position yourself into bushes to gank someone.

Build and Guide on How to Play Franco - Mobile Legends 6

Iron Hook: Cooldown 15 seconds and 150 Mana cost.
“Launches an iron hook toward a unit or location. The hook will snag the first unit it encounters, dragging the unit back to Franco and dealing 550/600/650/700/750/800 physical damage.”

This is your primary skill or even your bread and butter to crowd control your enemies. With this skill, Franco will cast an iron hook that will grab the enemy and pull him towards Franco. Iron Hook is a hard ability to master as people’s nowadays know what are your intentions and Iron Hook can grab as well also minions so you have to be careful when you use this ability. It is important that you try to max out as quick as possible this ability as it will increase the range of the hook. Mastering this skill is a must if you want to succeed with Franco.

Build and Guide on How to Play Franco - Mobile Legends 7

Fury Shock: Cooldown 7 seconds and 150 Mana cost.
“Lashes out and terrifies enemies, dealing 350/380/410/440/470/500 physical damage to nearby enemies and slowing their movement speed 70%, lasting 1.5s.”

This is an ability that applies a nice debuff to enemies that are close to you. It is as well an AOE (Area of effect) skill so is quite useful to kill minions quickly. Fury Shock is mostly used after you grabbed an enemy with Iron Hook as it will slow down your opponent making it easier for your teammates to chase him and kill him.

Build and Guide on How to Play Franco - Mobile Legends 8

Bloody Hunt: Cooldown 38 seconds and 110 Mana cost. 
“Franco suppresses an enemy unit with 6 hacks in a row, disabling it and dealing 60/80/100 physical damage per each hit.”

This is Franco’s Ultimate skill. Bloody Hunt is often used after you grabbed your enemy. By using this skill the opponent will be stunned for 2 seconds and will receive a good amount of physical damage. But when Franco casts his ultimate ability, he will vulnerable you won’t be able to move or to use your battle spell. Be always sure that you have a teammate with you so that he can make sure that he will finish the job for you.

Battle Spells

Build and Guide on How to Play Franco - Mobile Legends 9
Once you mastered your primary skill: Iron Hook, You could use Flicker to drag the enemy way further. As well Flicker is a valid choice to run away or to chase down enemies.
Build and Guide on How to Play Franco - Mobile Legends 10
Another valid choice as battle spell is Weaken. This battle spell will decrease your enemy movement speed by 70% this effect will last 3 seconds. A good way to finish your opponents in case they survive your combo.

Best Emblem Set for Franco

Build and Guide on How to Play Franco - Mobile Legends 11

The best emblem set in my opinion for Franco is the tank emblem. This emblem set will increase your health points, both physical and magical defense and it will increase your health point regeneration.

Suggest Build for Franco by

This is our suggested build for playing Franco in Mobile Legends. There are different builds that runs well with Franco, but this build is aimed to take advantage of his passive ability.

Build and Guide on How to Play Franco - Mobile Legends 12
  1. Rapid Boots:  As Franco’s passive ability grants him an increase of 10% on his movement speed, we have to pick up the boots with the highest speed, in this case, Rapid Boots.
  2. Dominance Ice: A good item for your build that will decrease the cooldown of your abilities by a 10%. As well it lowers the movement and attack speed of enemies that are close to Franco.
  3. Immortality: Most of the time, people overrate the utility of Immortality. For a classic player is a good choice as it will give you a second choice in battle to do your best or to run from your enemy.
  4. Thunder Belt: This belt as well decreases the cooldown of your abilities by a 10%. Although this belt has an active skill that will boost your next basic attack with an extra 2% damage of an enemy health points and it will decrease their movement speed for 1.5 seconds.
  5. Sky Guardian Helmet: This item will increase you a lot of health points (1550) and it will boost your health point regeneration by 100. Depending on whether you kill an enemy or make an assist, your regeneration rate will increase to a maximum of 3.5%.
  6. Oracle: This is the item that will increases Franco’s regeneration rate to the top. It increases your regeneration and shield absorption by a 25%. This item is quite useful as it will make a good combinaiton with the item Immortality as it will give you more tankyness once you revive.

Tips and Trick on How to play Franco

  • Most of the time your team will rely on you, to start a team fight. So make sure you practice with your primary skill as it is not easy to grab someone with the Iron Hook!
  • Always go for the top or bottom lane never middle with Franco. As you need a teammate with you to deal damage and kill enemies.
  • If one of your teammates is roaming through the jungle support him, and gank enemies in the other lanes.
  • Always give a look at your minimap as there could be an enemy that might try to push alone. With your high speed, you can easily stop enemies that are trying to push from a lane.
  • Always try to hook enemies that are squishy. Avoid hooking tanks or an enemy hero that can counter you unless you are sure that they are going to die.
  • Try to hook someone under your turret, and cast them your ultimate Bloody Hunt. Maybe you are not able to finish them off, but surely the turret will kill them.

Heroes that Franco counters

These are few heroes that Franco can counter easily.

  • Odette: When Odette casts her ultimate ability she can’t move. So that’s a sweet opportunity for Franco to jump in and block her. With Franco, you have two ways to block her ultimate. The first one is by using your primary skill which is Iron Hook. Your second option is by jumping in with your Battle Spell Flicker and cast your ultimate skill Bloody Hunt If you have an Odette against always look for her and strike when she casts her ultimate.
  • Gord: As Odette, Gord as well an ultimate skill that makes him vulnerable to all kind of attack as he can’t move while casting it.
  • Alice: When Alice cast her ultimate it’s your job to grab her with your hook so that she won’t regenerate her health points on your allies. Make sure that you stun her aswell with your ultimate as she can teleport if you give her the chance!
  • Layla: Layla hasn’t any ability to run away quickly if she gets stunned. She is a good pray for Franco’s hook.

Heroes that counter Franco

These are few heroes that can give a difficult time to Franco

  • Fanny: Fanny has an insane mobility, so it’s a hard job for Franco to stop her. As well Franco’s ultimate has a low range of action. The only option you have against Fanny is to predict her next move or wait for her to make a mistake.
  • Tigreal: Tigreal is the king of crowd control so you might have to think twice before hooking him as he can stun all your team. Try to hook him only if you’re sure that your team can burst his health points quickly.
  • Lolita: Lolita shield can block your hook. Having her against can lead to Franco being useless. But don’t worry as soon as you see Lolita without shield you’re good to go with your iron hook!
  • Akai: Akai is a tank so bursting him down quickly won’t be easy. The only reason you should not hook Akai so often is because his ultimate can push your teammates away while Akay will be immune to any crowd control ability.

Heroes that make a perfect combination with Franco

  • Odette: Is a good hero that partners pretty well with Franco. As Franco will grab an enemy and stun him. Odette can easily cast her ultimate skill that will deal a lot of damage and will slow any opponent that stays in her area of effect.
  • Aurora: Aurora is a mage all her attacks will slow down the enemy movement speed. She is a good choice with Franco as enemies will have a difficult time to run away.

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