Build and Guide on How to Play Grock – Mobile Legends

Grock is a very tanky hero he has a good amount of damage and defense for being a tank.

Grock’s Skills

Passive: Ancestral Gift
Increases his movement speed by 10%, and 26-180 physical and magical defense (increases with level) when Grock is near to a wall or a turret.

With this passive Grock can easily move around lanes quickly and dive in under torrents and tank enemies damage. You have to be smart to take advantage of this passive as much as you can. The amount of magic and physical that it provides are so high.

Power Of Nature: Cooldown 6 seconds and 90 mana cost.
Raises weapon to sweep nearby enemies, dealing 300/360/420/480/540/600 physical damage and slowing their movement speed for 2 seconds. The longer he charges, the higher the damage is. Stay near to a wall while casting this skill to become immune to Crowd Control effects.

Even though Grock is just a tank when this ability is fully charged it deals a good amount of damage and it will slow the enemy. So make sure to use this skill on clearing quickly waves of minion. In addition, take advantage of his passive, try to stay near a wall and you won’t be affected by control crowd abilities.

Guardian’s Barrier: Cooldown 14 seconds and 80 mana cost.
Fires a shockwave towards a target location, dealing 300/330/360/390/420/450 physical damage. Then the shockwave becomes a stone wall that blocks the enemies for 5 seconds.

You can use this ability in different ways. You can use it to prevent enemies to attack turrets or you can block enemies from escaping with low health points.

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Wild Charge: Cooldown 40 seconds and 100 mana cost
Charges forward, dealing 300/400/500 physical damage to enemies on the path. Hitting a wall or a turret allows him to deal 900/1200/1500 physical damage to the nearby enemies and reduce the cooldown of this skill by a 30%.

Charging with this ultimate skill onto an enemy will knock the enemy into the air. This ultimate skill can be used to chase enemies. In addition, if you place a wall with your second ability and then charge against it you will deal extra damage.

Battle Spells

With this battle spell you can hold a enemy and deal some damage. Is always a good thing to have an extra crowd control ability. It can be used to perform various combo.
Very useful to chase heroes that have a very high mobility. Could also be used to to escape or to attack by surprise enemies.

Best Emblem Set for Grock

As the passive of Grock increases his defense by a lot, in my opinion you should aim to go with the Tank emblem to increase ulteriorly your defense and health point.

Suggest Build for Grock by

  • Rapid Boots: These are the boots that can You must have this item in your build as you need to take advantage of Grock passive that will boost your movement speed by a lot.
  • Athena’s Shield: Athena’s Shield is a good item that will give you magic resistance and a shield that will absorb some damage from high burst damage heroes.
  • Antique Cuirass: With this item, Grock will reduce the basic attack of the enemy of 6%. This effect can stack up to 3 times. This will help Grock on becoming harder to kill.
  • Bloodlust Axe: You might wonder why we have this item in the build. Well, Grock does a good amount of damage by his own already. In addition to his passive ability, you already gain a lot of magic and physical defense. With Bloodlust Axe you will recover health points more quickly and you will deal much more damage.
  • Immortality: Another item that will increase your health point and magic resistance. Every 180 seconds you will have the chance to resurrect and tank more damage for your allies or to run away to your base.
  • Sky Guardian Helmet: This item will increase your health points by 1550 and it will boost your health point regeneration by 100. Depending on whether you kill an enemy or make an assist, your regeneration rate will increase to a maximum of 3.5%.
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Tips and Tricks on How to Play Grock

  • Try always to charge your first ability to deal a lot of damage so that you can clear minions quickly and deal more damage to enemies.
  • Try to stick more closely to walls and turrets as you will benefit with an increase in physical and magic defense.
  • Before using your ultimate skill try always to cast your second ability and then use your ultimate skill this will increase the damage of your ultimate ability.
  • Always be on alert for high burst heroes in case you accidentally meet one always try to look for back up first.
  • With Grock you can main a lane alone but remember your a tank so probably your damage won’t be enough to kill an enemy with a full health bar.
  • Your second ability will still trigger your passive effects.
  • When trying to master Grock, focus a lot on studying situations and mastering your second ability.
  • You can use your walls to block enemies and escape or to block an enemy from escaping. Don’t worry about not being able to block the enemy path they will still be slowed down as they have to run around the wall.

Heroes that Grock counters

  • Odette: When Odette casts her ultimate ability she can’t move. So that’s a sweet opportunity for you to jump in with your ultimate.
  • Gord: As Odette, Gord as well an ultimate skill that makes him vulnerable to all kind of attack as he can’t move while casting it.
  • Nana: Nana’s second ability has the power to transform you into a rabbit. You can be immune to it by just charging your fist ability.
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Heroes that counter Grock

  • Akai: Akai’s ultimate counters pretty badly Grock. If Akai uses his ultimate in a team fight try always to place a wall in between so that you can waste time until his ultimate finishes.
  • Hilda: Hilda is not a hard counter to Grock but she can bait you easily, so pay attention to her moves.

Heroes that make a perfect combination with Grock

  • Angela: Angela can cast with her ultimate an absorbing shield that can protect you for 5 seconds. Allowing you to stay more time in battle.
  • Estes: With Estes ultimate you can be a real front liner and take all damage for your team.
  • Rafaela: Rafaela can boost your movement speed and slow down enemies. A good hero to have in your team to chase enemies quickly.

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