Build and Guide on How to Play Johnson – Mobile Legends

Build and Guide on How to Play Johnson - Mobile Legends 4

Johnson is a tough tank to kill. He is pretty much a more defensive tank than a offensive one. Although he is fun to play as he can actually transform into a car like a transformer.

Johnson’s Skills

Build and Guide on How to Play Johnson - Mobile Legends 5

Passive Electro Airbag
When Johnson’s HP is lower than 30%, he will generate a shield, absorbing an amount of damage based on his armor this shield last for 10 seconds. This effect has a 100 seconds cooldown

This is the reason why Johnson is really tanky. The more defense you build with him the more shield you will generate once your health point falls below 30%.

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Deadly Pincers: Cooldown 9 seconds and 0 mana cost
Throw the pliers in the specified direction and cause 250 (+ 150% Total Armor) magic damage to the enemies they reach along the way. The enemy in the area of ​​the tang landed will be stunned.

The damage of this skill scales with your armor defense. As Johnson’s abilities does not consume mana you can use it to poke enemies and clear wave of minions quickly. As bonus if the enemy gets hit by this skill he will get stunned and his movement speed will be reduced by a 70%.

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Electromag Rayas: Cooldown 11 seconds and 0 mana cost
Raises his shield, dealing continuous magic damage forwards in a fan shape and slowing enemies. Basic attacks and deadly Pincers can still be used while this skill is active.

This ability has to be casted after you used Dealy Pincers As it will decrease the enemy movement speed for an extra 2 seconds. This ability does more damage if you increase your physical defense.

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Rapid Touchdown: Cooldown 53 seconds and 0 mana cost
Passive: Increses armor. Active: Johnson jumps up and transforms into a car, accelerating incresingly. Teammates can get in the car when it’s moving slowly and then rush forward along with Johnson. Only one teammate can fit inside at a time. The car will explode upon hitting an enemy, stunning the target and nearby enemies and dealing magic damage according to the car’s speed. After the explosion, the ground will be electrified, slowing and dealing magic damage to enemies caught in the area. When the car is going slowly, you can tap this skill again (Throttle) to move faster. When you are going fast, you can tap the skill (Brake) to stop.

This is probably one of the most annoying ultimate ability in the game as it is a game changer. It can literally stun the entire enemy team giving the chance to your allies to drop all their damage on the opponents. You can take a team mate with you while driving, the best thing to do is to carry a mage hero with you that can deal AoE damage.

Battle Spells

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Good choice to increase your tankyness. Giving you the chance to take more damage and save the life of your allies.
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Versatile option, can be used for a defensive or offensive tactic strategy. Using Flicker will help you in chasing or running away from the enemy.

Best Emblem Set for Johnson

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The best emblem you can choose for Johnson is the Tank emblem set. This set will increase your health point, magical and physical defense. As talent you should choose Tenacity this will increase further more your physical and magical defense once your health falls below 40%.

Suggest Build for Johnson by

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  • Warrior Boots: These boots give 22 of physical defense and 40 of movement speed. As passive every time you receive a basic attack your physical defense will increase by 5 points up to a maximum of 25 points that will last up to 3 seconds.
  • Blade Armor: Increases physical defense by 90. The passive of this item will return 25% of a physical basic attack damage to the enemy..
  • Athena’s Shield: Athena’s Shield is a good item that will give you magic resistance and a shield that will absorb some damage from high burst damage heroes. This will help you in being less vulnerable to enemies magic attacks.
  • Brute Force Breastplate: Most of you will think why is breast even useful for Johnson. But trust me it surely is useful. The passive of this item will get triggered if he gets attacked by a basic attack or a skill. When the passive gets triggered it will increase your movement speed by a 3% and your physical and magical defense by a 4% this effect can stack up to 5 times and it lasts for 4 seconds. This means that you could potentially increase your physical and magical defense by a 20% for 4 seconds just by staying on the frontline!
  • Sky Guardian Helmet: This item will increase you a lot of health points (1550) and it will boost your health point regeneration by 100. Depending on whether you kill an enemy or make an assist, your health regeneration rate will increase to a maximum of 3.5%.
  • Antique Cuirass: With this item, Johnson will reduce the attack power of the enemy by a 6%. This effect can stack up to 3 times and lasts for 2 seconds. This will help Johnson on becoming harder to kill.

Tips and Tricks on How to Play Johnson

  • At the beginning at the game use your first two abilities to poke the enemy. Your aim is not to kill them but to keep your lane safe and scare your enemies.
  • As your passive will generate a shield once your health point falls below 30%. Don’t be afraid to chase enemies, although chase them only if you are followed by an ally or if you are sure that you can kill the opponent easily.
  • Always have a look at your minimap and use your ultimate skill to quickly support your team.
  • Try always to move together with your allies as much as you can. You are the tank/initiator so most of the times the team will rely on you to start a fight.
  • If you are too far from your allies try to give them a signal to wait for you. Then use your ultimate ability to quickly drive towards them. By doing this you are able to stun the enemies and give more time to your team to deal damage.
  • In the late game always stay close to your teammates in case you are far away from a team fight you can quickly give them a ride!
  • Don’t build magic attack items with Johnson it is useless. You will benefit more by increasing his physical defense.
  • Is highly suggest that you practice a bit in the practice mode to have a feeling on how to drive while being transformed in a car.
  • Your ultimate skill can also be used for a quick stun in melee combats. Just be quick to point the car towards your enemies.

Heroes that Johnson Counters

  • Layla: Layla hasn’t any ability to run away quickly if she gets stunned. She is a good pray for Johnson’s ultimate.
  • Zilong: One of the most used fighter, he won’t be able to kill you as once your build is completed you won’t be able to die easily.
  • Cyclops: Cyplops does not have enough burst damage to kill Johnson as well Cylops base speed is very low so it will be easy to catch him.

Heroes that counter Johnson

  • Vexana: You might want to pay attention to Vexana as she is a dangerous hero for Johnson. Well she might be not be able to kill you but for sure with hers ultimate skill she could give you a lot of troubles.
  • Angela: Angela is a support hero. She has the ability to apply a malus that will increase the damage you receive by a 10% and decreases your movement speed by a 15% this malus can be stacked up to 5 times.
  • Zhask: Zhask can with his turrets stop your ultimate skill so watch out on not driving unto his turrets!

Heroes that make a perfect combination with Johnson

  • Odette: Odette is a common hero that quite often gets picked together with Johnson. The reason is when you hit someone with your ultimate skill, Odette can easily cast her ultimate. Odette’s ultimate skill has a large AoE and slows further more the enemies.
  • Aurora: Aurora ultimate has almost the same effects as Odette’s ultimate. The only difference is that Aurora’s ultimate skill takes 3 seconds to lands on the enemy.
  • Eudora: Eudora first and ultimate ability have an AoE effect.
    Once Johnson lands his ultimate skill on the enemies you could quickly burst your opponents down.

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