Build and Guide on How to Play Kaja – Mobile Legends

Build and Guide on How to Play Kaja - Mobile Legends 4

Kaja is labelled as a tank, but he is a different tank as his damage is higher but his health points and armor are pretty low compared to other tanks. In my opinion i would never buy Kaja as he is too squishy to be played as a main tank.

Kaja’s Skills

Build and Guide on How to Play Kaja - Mobile Legends 5

Passive: Eye Of The Storm
Kaja gains 50% movement speed when attacked by enemy heroes. This movement speed boost decays over 1 seconds and can be triggered once every 5 seconds.

Build and Guide on How to Play Kaja - Mobile Legends 6

Ring of Order: Cooldown 9 seconds and 60 mana cost
Kaja releases a ring of electricity that rapidly expands until reaching its limit and then returns to his body. Units hit by the ring take 150(+0) magical damage per second and are briefly slowed by 30%. When the ring hits an enemy unit, Kaja fires a lightning bolt, dealing 140 magical damage per second to the nearest enemy target. This damage gradually increases over time.

This ability is your bread and butter to clear minions quickly. When you use Ring of Order on enemies that are near you they will receive magical damage and their movement speed will decrease by 30%.

Build and Guide on How to Play Kaja - Mobile Legends 7

Gale Force: Cooldown 11 seconds and 65 mana cost
Charges in a specified direction, Dealing 260(+0) magical damage to enemies in his path. When encountering a friendly hero along the way, this dash will be immediately interrupted and the encountered teammate will be granted a shield. Can be used again within 10% seconds to move again in a specified direction.

With this skill, Kaja will make a quick dash. In case you hit an ally you will provide him with a small shield and instantly Kaja will make another dash. In case you just hit an enemy you will will deal damage but you won’t make a second dash.

Build and Guide on How to Play Kaja - Mobile Legends 8

Divine Judgement: Cooldown 60 seconds and 150 mana cost
Kaja disables and pulls in an enemy hero for 2 seconds, dealing 360(+0) magical damage and stealing 15 Armor and 10 Magic Resistance from them. Kaja gains 2 times the stolen Armor and Magic Resistance.

This is the skill that counters most heroes as it will stun the enemy and while the enemy is stunned you can drag him wherever you want. The only downside of this skill is that it has a very high cooldown. This ultimate skill can be used in combo with the battle spell flicker to drag your opponent further and nearer to your allies.

Battle Spells

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The only battle spell i would suggest you to use is Flicker. It can be used to make a combo with your ultimate skill.

Best Emblem Set for Kaja

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As being a support tank in my opinion you should choose the support emblem. This emblem set will provide a good quantity cooldown reduction.

Suggested Build for Kaja by

Build and Guide on How to Play Kaja - Mobile Legends 11
As being a support tank with Kaja you should focus on build a hybrid build with a good cooldown reduction.
  • Wizard Boots: With Kaja your damage is in between a fighter damage and a proper tank damage. Securing kills for your self might be an issue since your defense is low compared to other tanks. Having the Wizard boots will assure you some extra gold for assists.
  • Fleeting Time: This is a must item for your build as for every assist or kill that you can secure will reduce the cooldown of your ultimate by a 35%
  • Athena’s Shield: As being squishy, Athena’s shield is a good item for your build as it gives you an extra shield every 30 seconds. Don’t forget that this item also gives you a good quantity of health points and magical defense resistance.
  • Courage Boulwark: This item will help you in providing more support to your teammates. Courage Bulwark is a perfect choice to support your team as it will provide them with a buff on their attack and defense power. There is as well a buff that can be activated with Courage Bulwark that will grant an extra 20% on physical damage, magic damage and it will increase every team member movement speed by a 30%.
  • Dominance Ice: A good item for your build that will decrease the cooldown of your abilities by a 10%. As well it lowers the movement and attack speed of enemies that are close to Kaja.
  • Ice Queen Wand: I chose this item in the build as it will provide Kaja a little boost on his movement but mainly because of his passive. Every time you damage an enemy his movement speed will be reduced by a 15% this lasts for 3 seconds can be stacked up to 2 times. This means that with Kaja’s first ability you can slow an enemy heavily.

Tips and Tricks on How to play Kaja

Unfortunately Kaja isn’t a game changer hero. Although he can provide good support to his team mates.

  • Use Kaja’s ultimate ability in combo with the battle spell Flicker to pull your enemies further.
  • With Kaja you can maintain easily a lane alone but your damage won’t be enough to kill an enemy by yourself.
  • Use your ultimate ability to pull out enemies marksmen or mages. Never pull enemies’ tanks as it will be a wasted opportunity.
  • Remember to use Kaja’s first ability as it will slow the enemy down.
  • Remember you are not a tank so don’t even try on tanking all the damage for your teammates.

Heroes that Kaja counters

  • Fanny: Fanny will have a hard time against Kaja as Kaja can easily cast his ultimate and stop her from flying around.
  • Odette: While casting her ultimate ability Odette can’t move. By using Kaja’s ultimate ability you can stop her.
  • Gord: Same scenario as Odette, but you have to be careful when moving towards Gord as his ultimate ability does a good amount of damage.

Heroes that counter Kaja

  • Hanabi: She can quickly immobilize you with her ultimate, so careful when having her pretty close to you.
  • Harley: Harley is a very quick mage, with his ultimate he could even kill you in a matter of seconds.
  • Zhask: Not really a hard counter for Kaja. But you have to be discreet about the turrents he places.

Heroes that make a perfect combination with Kaja

  • Estes: Having a healer by your side is always a good thing as Estes can help you stay in battle for a longer period of time.
  • Grock: Having a Grock as the main tank it is not a bad idea as he can easily places walls behind enemies leaving them without any room to run away. So Grock’s wall and your ultimate is a good combo to suppress an enemy.

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