Build and Guide on How to Play Lolita – Mobile Legends

Build and Guide on How to Play Lolita - Mobile Legends 4

Lolita is one of the most underrated characters in Mobile Legends. People don’t know how to take out the full potential of this hero even tho i have gotten various MVPs and wins with Lolita.

Lolita’s Skills

Build and Guide on How to Play Lolita - Mobile Legends 5

Noumenon Energy Core: Passive
Whenever Lolita takes no damage for 5 consecutive seconds, Noumenon Energy Core will recharge slowly, temporarily granting Lolita and her nearby allies a shield when at max charge.

If Lolita doesn’t get hit by any damage after 20 seconds, she will generate a shield for her and her allies. Unfortunately, the shield on allies will last only for 20 seconds before it disappears. The shield generated will help your allies on protecting themself from pokes or random AoE damages. This passive will work perfectly with heroes that have their own personal shield such as Johnson, Kagura or Hilda.

Build and Guide on How to Play Lolita - Mobile Legends 6

Charge: Cooldown 10 seconds and 70 mana cost.
Charges towards a target direction, increasing basic attack damage and range in the next 5 seconds and reducing target’s movement speed by 20% on hit. Charges at an enemy. dealing 350 + 2.5% of the target’s maximum health as physical damage while also stunning them for 0.8 seconds.

This is Lolita’s only mobility skill. When you use this ability the first time Lolita will make a dash in your chosen target direction. While if you use it a second time it will target and stun the closest enemy for 0.8 seconds. Once the enemy is stunned his movement speed will decrease while Lolita’s attack power will increase for only 5 seconds.

Build and Guide on How to Play Lolita - Mobile Legends 7

Guardian’s Bulwark: Cooldown 17.5 seconds and 90 mana cost.
Lolita raises her shield to lock all incoming ranged basic attacks and projectiles. After the shiled falls, tap the skill again to launch Energy Blast deals 400(+50%Physical Attack) physical damage to the first target hit and surrounding enemies (The more projectiles and basic attacks the shield blocks the more damage the blast will do.)

With this ability, Lolita will raise a shield that will block any ranged or magical attack. When the duration of the shield ends, you can use the skill again to cast a small energy blast to your enemies. The more damage the block the more damage the energy blast will make. This ability is mostly hated by ADC and mages such as Cyplops or Harley.

Build and Guide on How to Play Lolita - Mobile Legends 8

Noumenon Blast: Cooldown 48 seconds and 120 mana cost.
Lolita gains a passive shield effect, then after charging for 2 seconds. deals 350 (+100% Total Physical Attack)-700(+200%Total Physical Attack) in a cone in front of her. When casting at max charge, Lolita will also stun her enemies for 2 seconds (tap again to fire immediately). When charging, Lolita reduces the movement speed of enemies within basic attack range by 75%.

This is Lolita’s ultimate skill. This ability could literally change the course of the game. While casting this ability Lolita will receive a small shield given from her ultimate. Lolita’s ultimate has a large area of effect in a fan-shaped pattern. While charging it, if an enemy is under the AoE of your ultimate will get his movement speed reduced by 75%. After the ultimate is being charged all the enemies that are still in the area of effect will be stunned for 2 seconds. Be careful on how you use this ultimate skill, as you can still take damage or being stunned by the enemy while charging it.

Battle Spells

Build and Guide on How to Play Lolita - Mobile Legends 9
This is the best battle spell for Lolita, it can help you with quick positioning, for escaping, for the combo flicker + ultimate. This battle spell can add another layer to your combos. Highly recommended dispite the high cooldown.
Build and Guide on How to Play Lolita - Mobile Legends 10
Petrify is as well a valid choice as it adds more control crowd time to Lolita while damaging the enemy. This will allow you to keep your enemies stunned after having used your ultimate or your first skill.

Best Emblem Set for Lolita

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The best emblem set in my opinion for Lolit is the tank emblem. This emblem set will increase your health points and both physical and magical defense

Suggested Build for Lolita by

Build and Guide on How to Play Lolita - Mobile Legends 12

In this build we will be aiming at balancing magic and physical defense for Lolita while giving her the support/tank build for her allies..

  1. Warrior Boots: Good choice for mobility and tanking a little bit at the beginning.
  2. Sky Guardian Helmet: This item will boost your health points by 1500. Increasing Lolita’s health point will help her in staying in the front line for longer. This item as well gives you a lot of health points regeneration giving you the chance of switching lane and support your teammates without going back to your base.
  3. Immortality: This item will increase your health points by 800 and boosts your magical defense by 40. The main effect of this item is that once you get killed you will be resurrected after 2 seconds. A good choice if you get killed but your team still need your help.
  4. Blade Armor: This is an item that counters a lot marksman, as it reflects 25% of the damage received from enemies basic attack.
  5. Athena’s Shield: Every 30 seconds you will get an absorbing shield that will keep growing as the match goes on maxing out at 1150 health points.
  6. Courage Bulwark: Lolita is a good tank but you cant jump in and tank all the damage for your allies. Courage Bulwark is a perfect choice to support your team as it will provide them with a buff on their attack and defense power. There is as well a buff that can be activated with Courage Bulwark that will grant an extra 20% on physical damage, magic damage and it will increase every allied movement speed of 30%.

Tips and Tricks on How to play Lolita

  • If you are using flicker as battle spell you could take advantage of it with your ultimate skill. Simply while you are charging your ultimate, use the flicker spell in your desired direction and then you will teleport while casting the ultimate skill. This is a hard combo to master but very useful to take by surprise your enemies.
  • You should never be alone unless you are protecting the lane. By being alone you can’t assist your allies.
  • Level up your first ability as quickly as possible. It’s the only skill that has mobility and damage. If used properly can help your team on securing kills.
  • You should always aim for squishy targets such as mages or marksmen. Never aim for fighters or tanks as they are harder to take down by yourself.
  • You can use bushes to cast your ultimate skill. Enemies won’t see you coming and they will be caught by surprise.
  • When using your ultimate ability do not use the auto lock function but aim manually.
  • While casting your ultimate skill you can still receive damage and control crowd abilities from your enemies. In case your being interrupted your ultimate ability will automatically go in cooldown.
  • Your second ability counters a lot of marksmen and mages.
  • Do not use your ultimate ability without having allies with you. Your team might be busy juggling or farming golds.
  • Lolita is more of a poke tank. You can’t be in the front line for too long as Grock or Minotaur.
  • Your shield is a good ability to engage and a good ability to retreat. If the push with your allies fails try to retreat with the remaining allies while blocking oncming skills by the enemy.

Heroes that counter Lolita

  • Valir: Having this hero against would mean big trouble as he has large AoE skills that can be casted pretty frequently.
  • Ruby: She can also be called the Queen of Control Crowd (CC). As she can keep an opponent stunned for 3-4 seconds. Always watch out for her ultimate as she can stun even though you have your shield up.
  • Freya: With a good build and a good player behind it, Freya could be a very dangerous hero for Lolita as she has a very high damage.

Heroes that Lolita counters

  • Cyplops: Cyplos has no way to deal with Lolita as she can block any skill launched by Cyplops.
  • Harley: If Harley throws his ultimate at you, he has no way to deal more damage, as Lolita will raise her shield and block any incoming attack from him.
  • Karrie: Same goes for Karrie. Karrie is just a simple attack damage carry (ADC) when

Heroes that makes a perfect combination with Lolita

  • Angela: Angela’s ultimate skill could freeze a lot of enemies as hers ultimate AoE takes a quite large area. While the enemies are frozen you could take the chance to cast your ultimate as well.
  • Gord: Gord’s ultimate ability deals a lot of damage. But to make this combination to work you must tell Gord with your intentions or you won’t be coordinated!

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