Build and Guide on How to Play Nana – Mobile Legends

Nana is a mage/support hero. She does not have a high burst damage but she is quiet good on poking enemies. She is most known for the ability to transform heroes into cats.

Nana’s Skills

Passive: Molina’s Gift
Nana and nearby allies receive 10 gold from Molina every 10 seconds.

Not much to be said about this passive. Grants extra gold and the best way to maximise the use of this passive is by killing quickly minions and jungle monsters with an ally.

Magic Boomerang: 5 seconds cooldown and 115 mana cost
Launches a magical boomerang in the specified direction. Each time the boomerang hits an enemy, it will deal 180/210/240/270/300/330(+60% Total Magic Power) magic damage, and slowing them for 1.5 seconds.

Nice skill to poke enemies and kill waves of minions. Does not deal a lot of damage but it is very useful to activate the bonus of your item’s passive.

Molina Smooch: 14.5 seconds cooldown and 120 mana cost
Summons Molina to the designated area. After a short delay, Molina will lock onto an enemy hero and chase them, transforming them into a cat spirit while dealing 180/210/240/270/300/330(+50% Total Magic Power) magic damage and slowing them for 1.5 seconds. Reduce the Armor and Magic Resistance of transformed heroes by 25%.

With this skill, Nana will transform an enemy into a cat for 1.5 seconds and it has a large AoE of effect! This skill works as a trap so you could place this skill in bushes to avoid ganks and to scout in case you are invading the enemies jungle. It is preferred to cast this skill ahead of you so that it can stop enemies on chasing you. This is a great ability to disenable an enemy.

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Molina Blitz: 36 seconds cooldown and 165 mana cost
Summons Molina to the designated area to attack three times. Each attack deals 360/560/640(+180% Total Magic Power)magic damage to enemies in the area and slows them for 2 seconds. If Molina hits a single enemy twice in a row, that enemy will be stunned for 1 second.

This is Nana’s ultimate skill it summons Molina to attack a designated area three times in a row in a straight line. If an enemy gets hit twice in a row by your ultimate skill he will be stunned for one second. However In late game, it does a significant amount of damage and it is very useful to use in team fights.

Best Battle Spells for Nana

Flicker is a great ability to disengage from a battle or to quickly chase enemies.
Quick way to switch lane, and to quickly join your teammates in battle.

Best Emblem Set for Nana

The Best Emblem Set for Nana is the “Mage Emblem Set” With this set you can maximize your cooldown reduction rate and it will increase your magic power, magic penetration, movement speed, and magical lifesteal. As talent’s bonus i would go with Impure Rage as it will increase the damage of your skills depending on the target’s health points.

Best Build Gear for Nana

  1. Lightning Truncheon: This item gives you 75 magic power, 300 extra mana and 10% cooldown reduction. Every six seconds the passive of this item will increase your damage on your next skill.
  2. Magic Shoes: Nothing much to say about these boots they increase your movement speed and reduces by 10% the cooldown on your skills.
  3. Glowing Wand: The passive of this item will burn the target for 3 seconds dealing 2/4% percentage of magic damage of your target’s health points.
  4. Calamity Reaper: After using a skill the passive of this item will increase your next basic attack damage by a 120%. This passive has a short cooldown of only 1.5 seconds!
  5. Divine Glaine: This item increases your magic penetration by 40%. When your health points are higher than 70% then your magic penetration will ulteriorly increase by 30%. Quite a useful item to deal more damage to tanks and to burst quickly squishy enemies.
  6. Holy Crystal: This item will increase your magic power by a lot. Firstly the passive of “Holy Crystal” will increase your magic power by 25%. Secondly the second passive of this item will boost
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Tips and Tricks on How to Play Nana

  • Nana is a support hero that needs to stay with someone. It is useless to be on your own as you might encounter an assassin or a fighter and feeding them is the last thing you want!
  • Nana is a perfect support hero to disable enemies even though it’s for a short time it might be useful for your teammates.
  • Always position yourself behind tanks and fighters being on the frontline isn’t really your own job.
  • Make sure to direct perfectly your ultimate skill towards your enemies in team fights as it does a good amount of damage if enemies get hit by it twice in a row!
  • When running away always place your second ability somewhere you never know it might save someone’s else life!
  • Try always to stay nearby someone as they will take advantage of your passive.
  • Always use your first ability to poke enemies. You might need your second ability in case someone tries to gank you.

Heroes that counters Nana

Nana is particularly weak against heroes such as fighters or assassins. You will probably have a hard time against them. Furthermore you can find below some heroes that can easily counter your control crowd abilities.

  • Saber: Saber is a counter to Nana as his ultimate will jump on you without giving you the chance to react.
  • Johnson: Johnson’s ultimate ability is immune against Nana’s second ability.
  • Diggie: Diggie’s ultimate will make him and nearby allies immune to crowd control abilities.
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Heroes that Nana counters

Nana is basically a universal counter with her second ability she can transform anyone into a cat. Above all while an enemy is transformed into a cat his magical defense and movement speed will be reduced.

Heroes that make a perfect combination with Nana

  • TigrealTigreal is a tank with a lot of crowd control abilities. He is one of the best tank that will help you in stunning enemies for your teammates.
  • Franco: Franco has the ability to grab an enemy from a medium/long distance and also stunning them with their ultimate.

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