Build and Guide on How to Play Tigreal – Mobile Legends

Build and Guide on How to Play Tigreal - Mobile Legends 4

Tigreal is a big solid tank; he is tough to kill if used correctly. He is a good hero that is enabled to poke, engage and disengage. This hero is mostly known for the fact that he can slow down enemies and control crowd them for six or seven seconds if the combo is done correctly.

Tigreal’s Skills

Maybe you already know how Tigreal’s skills work but let’s take a quick look at them.

Build and Guide on How to Play Tigreal - Mobile Legends 5

Passive: Fearless
After being attacked four times Tigreal will gain an immunity shield for the next basic attack (minions attacks are excluded).

Build and Guide on How to Play Tigreal - Mobile Legends 6

Attack Wave: Cooldown 9.5 seconds and 70 Mana cost.
“Fires an attack wave in a specified direction, dealing 300/335/370/405/440/475 pts of physical damage to the enemy and lowers the enemy’s movement speed 65%, lasting 2s.”

With this skill, Tigreal cast a slashing wave that damages and lowers the enemy movement speed by 65% for 2 seconds. Useful to kill a pile of minion or to slow down enemies that are trying to run away or that are trying to regen their HP. Try not to spam this skill a lot as it consumes quite a lot of mana.

Build and Guide on How to Play Tigreal - Mobile Legends 7

Sacred Hammer: Cooldown 12.5 seconds and 110 Mana cost.
“Charges in a specified direction and collides with an enemy, dealing 0 pts of physical damage. Press the skill again to trigger a second attack, dealing 180/200/220/240/260/280 physical damage and knocking the enemy airborne.”

With this skill Tigreal charges towards the enemy dragging them into the direction you chose. Afterwards, by hitting this skill again you can slash the enemy into the air making this ability a good way to escape or to control crowd the enemy for your teammates. This is a hard skill to master, but it is as well one of the most important abilities of Tigreal. This skill goes in perfect combo with the battle spell Flicker. With this battle spell, you can jump quickly over your enemy and drag them with Sacred Hammer unto your teammates. Be aware it costs more mana than your first skill so use it with caution!

Build and Guide on How to Play Tigreal - Mobile Legends 8

Implosion: Cooldown 42 seconds and 120 Mana cost.
“Forcefully thrusts his sword into the earth, pulling surrounding enemies to himself and dealing 270/350/430 pts of physical damage and stunning them for 1.5s. (This skill can be interrupted by transformation and knock up effects.)”

This is the ultimate skill of Tigreal. Tigreal will stick his mighty sword into the ground and pull all the enemies in a short range towards him. The enemies that got pulled will receive physical damage and they will be stunned for 1,5 seconds. This ability goes perfectly with Tigreal’s second ability as it would not allow the enemy to move for at least 5 seconds. Honestly, this is one of the best combo for crowd control. Once mastered you’ll see how useful you will be for your team’s victory!

Battle Spells

There are two different Battle Spells that goes well with Tigreal which are:

Build and Guide on How to Play Tigreal - Mobile Legends 9
Once mastered the potential of Tigreal, Flicker is your bread and butter to start your combos.
Build and Guide on How to Play Tigreal - Mobile Legends 10
Petrify is as well a valid choice as it adds more control crowd time to Tigreal while damaging the enemy. You can cast this battle spell after you casted all your abilities. This will allow you to keep your enemies stunned.

Best Emblem Set for Tigreal

Build and Guide on How to Play Tigreal - Mobile Legends 11
The best emblem set in my opinion for Tigreal is the tank emblem. This emblem set will increase your health points and both physical and magical defense.

Suggested Build for Tigreal by

There are different builds that work well with Tigreal but we are going to advise you a general one that works quite well!

Build and Guide on How to Play Tigreal - Mobile Legends 12
  1. Immortality: Choosing Immortality at the starting of your game is a good choice and it will give you a great advantage over your enemies. The enemy will think twice before killing you as you will have a chance to resurrect.
  2. Warrior Boots: After Immortality Tigreal will totally need more mobility, and the only viable boots are the Warrior Boots as it will give you more defense and mobility.
  3. Cursed Helmet: As you will be often very close to the enemy. Cursed Helmet is your best choice as it will damage your opponents every second and you will deal 50% extra damage on minions.
  4. Courage Bulwark: Tigreal is a tank so your job is to support the team in any way you can. Courage Bulwark is a perfect choice to support your team as it will provide them with a buff on their attack and defense power. There is as well a buff that can be activated with Courage Bulwark that will grant an extra 20% on physical damage, magic damage and it will increase every team member movement speed by a 30%.
  5. Antique Cuirass: With this item, Tigreal will reduce the basic attack of the enemy of 6%. This effect can stack up to 3 times. This will help Tigreal on becoming harder to kill.
  6. Athena’s Shield: Every 30 seconds you will get an absorbing shield that will keep growing as the match goes on maxing out at 1150 health points.

Tips and Tricks on How to play Tigreal

  • With Tigreal never choose the middle lane instead choose the bottom or top lane with a marksman or a mage.
  • As well never jungle by yourself as being a tank you will not deal enough damage at the beginning of the game.
  • If nothing is happening in your lane try to switch lane and gank other enemies with your allies.
  • Try always to stick with your teammates as you won’t be able to kill an enemy by yourself.
  • You are the team’s initiator, so don’t be afraid to jump in the first line! But always make sure you have some backup.
  • Most of the time your team will rely on you, so make sure you’ll land your combo perfectly!
  • Use your first skill (Attack Wave) to poke the enemy or kill a long pile of minions.
  • Use your battle spell (Flicker) to jump over your enemy, then use your second skill (Sacred Hammer) to drag them unto your allies, after dragging them press again quickly the ability Sacred Hammer, this will knock the opponent in the air without giving the chance of moving.
  • After casting your second ability you have to cast your ultimate skill (Impulsion). Your ultimate will stun again your opponent and deal a good amount of physical damage.
  • With this set of abilities, your allies should be able to kill whoever is under your combo chain.
  • I do not recommend buying attack items with Tigreal unless you want to turn him into a fighter. The main advantage of Tigreal is that he can tank lots of damage so building up his defense is a must!
  • Tigreal has been nerfed quite a lot, he is still viable but requires a lot of positioning and being able to time well your abilities.
  • Tigreal counters effectively ranged enemies. But watch out for heroes such as Nana or Eudora as they can stop you before you even reach them!

Heroes that Tigreal counters

Tigreal can counter easily marksman, although let’s nominate few heroes.

  • Miya: The only mobility that Miya has in her toolkit is her’s ultimate. If her ultimate is in cooldown she will be an easy pray for Tigreal.
  • Layla: After Miya as well Layla lacks of any skill for mobility or crowd control. If she is not being careful about her position you can CC her easily.
  • Clint: Clint has a skill to escape with a cooldown of 12 seconds. But by using the second skill of Tigreal which is Sacred Hammer, you will reach him quickly without leaving him chances to escape.

Heroes that counter Tigreal

Tigreal can be easily countered with a stun allowing the enemy to take distance from him.

  • Eudora: Eudora can stun easily Tigreal from a medium distance. Allowing the enemy team to damage you.
  • Nana: While your performing your combo, always watch out for Nana as she can transform you into a small rabbit and you won’t be able to attack for 1.5 seconds.
  • Ruby: She can also be called the Queen of Control Crowd (CC). As she can keep an opponent stunned for 3-4 seconds. So between Ruby and Tigreal it’s all about who can stun the other first.
  • Harith: Harith can easily stop your combo by using his ultimate skill that will immobilize you for 1.2 seconds. That’s enough time to allow his teammates to run away.

Heroes that make a perfect combination with Tigreal

  • Eudora: Well she is one of Tigreal’s counters. But as well she could be a valid ally as her first and ultimate skill are AOE (Area of Effect). And deal a good amount of magic damage.
  • Gord: Has as well a control crowd ability that stuns the opponent for a second. But it’s your job to properly stun your opponents and give the chance to Gord to cast his ultimate skill.
  • Irithel: Because of her ultimate that will increase her basic attack damage and her shots will have a larger area of effect of damage around the enemies. She is a viable combination with Tigreal.

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