Build and Guide on How to Play Uranus – Mobile Legends

Build and Guide on How to Play Uranus - Mobile Legends 4

Uranus is a tank that with the right build can excel in team fights. He is weak against heroes that have high burst damage like Eudora or Aurora

Uranus’ Skills

Build and Guide on How to Play Uranus - Mobile Legends 5

Passive: Radiance
Uranus absorbs the energy generated by the attack made against him to strengthen himself, regenerating 2-9 HP (depending on your level) per second for each stack, over 8 seconds. This effect can be stacked up to 20 times.

What makes Uranus a good off tank is the fact that he each times he gets attacked the more his health points will regenerate.

Build and Guide on How to Play Uranus - Mobile Legends 6

Iconic Edge: Cooldown 7 seconds and 75 mana cost
Uranus summons two energy spheres orbiting around it, dealing 125 – 200(+30% Total Magic Power) points of Magic damage to enemies struck by it, reducing their total Physical Attack and total Magic power by 15% and their Movement Speed by 40% for 2 seconds. Damage is increased by 3% for each stack of Radiance. A sphere can only damage the same target once.

This is Uranus’s first skill, it’s an AoE ability when an enemy gets hit by this ability their physical and magical attack power will decrease by a 15% and their movement speed will be reduced by a 40%.

Build and Guide on How to Play Uranus - Mobile Legends 7

Transcendent Ward: Cooldown 12 seconds and 80 mana cost
Uranus generates an energy shield that absorbs up to 400(+200% Total Magic Power) damage for 4 seconds, grants him Immunity to slow effects, while increasing his movement speed by 10%. This shield deals 300(+150% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to nearby enemies when broken, or upon the end of its duration.

This ability will give Uranus a shield that will absorb for 4 seconds a total amount of damage. As well while being shielded Uranus can’t be slowed down and his movement speed will increase by a 10%

Build and Guide on How to Play Uranus - Mobile Legends 8

Consecration: Cooldown 50 seconds and 100 mana cost
Uranus unleashes energy within him to disable a target enemy hero, dealing 250(+80% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage while granting 6 stacks of Radiance. After briefly disabling the target, Uranus pulls the target and himself together, dealing 10% points of Magic Damage.

This is the only ability that provides Uranus with a control crowd skill. It’s a single target skill so choose carefully your prey. When casting this ability your selected target will get stunned and then Uranus and the target will get pulled together.

Battle Spells

Build and Guide on How to Play Uranus - Mobile Legends 9
Aegis gives you a shield that can be used on you and your teammates. It could save their life or yours. In a team fight before using Aegis, use Uranus’ second ability Trascendent Ward and once it gets destroyed use Aegis so you will be able to last longer.
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Flicker will give Uranus extra mobility, can also be used to initiate team fights with your ultimate.

Best Emblem Set for Uranus

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In my honest opinion with Uranus i would go with the tank build.
This emblem set will increase your health points, both physical and magical defense and it will increase your health point regeneration.

Suggest Build for Uranus by

Build and Guide on How to Play Uranus - Mobile Legends 12

This build is merely focused on increasing Uranus regeneration rate.

  • Demon Shoes: Demon Shoes is really needed on Uranus as it chunks a lot of mana quickly.
  • Oracle: Good item to have in your build as it will decrease the cooldown of your skills and will boost your shield absorption and health points regeneration rate by a 25%. The bonus effect of the shield absorption goes in great combo with Uranus’ second ability and the health point regeneration rate goes in great combo with Uranus’ passive.
  • Dominance Ice: Another good item for your build that will decrease the cooldown of your abilities by a 10%. As well it lowers the movement and attack speed of enemies that are close to Uranus.
  • Cursed Helmet: Cursed Helmet to boost up your magic resistance and As you will be often very close to the enemy. Cursed Helmet is your best choice as it will damage your opponents every second and you will deal 50% extra damage on minions making it easier for Uranus to clear lanes.
  • Blade Armor: To take the maximum advantage from Uranus’ passive my next pick will be Blade Armor. This item gives you a good quantity of physical defense. Blader Armor is a necessary item in this build as it goes in perfect combination with your passive. As it reflects 25% of the damage received from enemies basic attack.
  • Sky Guardian Helmet: This is the item that will give you a lot of health points (1550) and it will boost your health point regeneration by 100. Depending on whether you kill an enemy or make an assist, your regeneration rate will increase to a maximum of 3.5%.

Tips and Tricks on How to Play Uranus

  • With Uranus you will hardly kill someone by yourself, so always try to stick with the top damage dealer of your team.
  • Don’t try to be the main tank of your team this is not what Uranus was made for. Surely he has a high regeneration rate if he reaches the maximum stacks but tanks like Tigreal, Minotaur or Grock are more ideal for tanking.
  • In team fights, you actually want to avoid being the first to dive in. Your best option is to sneak behind the enemy and make a chaos in their backline.
  • Use your ultimate to peek of assassins, mages or marksmen. Never try to cast your ultimate on a tank as it would be pretty useless in a team fight.
  • Always go for 1 vs 1, if your enemy is a high burst damage dealer hero avoid their skills as the main force of your passive is getting attacked by heroes that deals damage through basic attacks.
  • Don’t leave your lane unless there is a good opportunity for you to make gold or kill enemies.
  • Let the minions hit you and once you get to 6 stacks use your first ability to clear the wave.
  • In mid-late game pay attention to the lanes and go where allies need your assistance.

Heroes that Uranus counters

  • Hanabi: Uranus is particularly strong against Hanabi as she relies on her basic attacks to deal a lot of damage.
  • Fanny: Fanny has been recently been nerfed, but it has to be said that Uranus ultimate was a good counter to Fanny.

Heroes that counter Uranus

  • Lancelot: Lancelot is an assassin with a good burst damage, be careful if you have him against. In case you get Lancelot against you try to stay always close to damage dealer.
  • Gord: Gord’s ultimate is dangerous as it does a very high amount of damage. He should be your first priority during team fights.

Heroes that make a perfect combination with Uranus

  • Estes: When you are about to throw yourself in battle it would be nice to be healed while slashing your enemies. Although Estes to back you up should run up a good defensive build to stay close to you. Estes could help you in fulfilling better your role as a tank.
  • Angela: Angela’s ultimate provides a shield to her selected allied target. Most likely she will choose you, so don’t be scared to stay in the frontline once she casts her ultimate ability on you.

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