Build and Guide on How to Play Zilong – Mobile Legends

Build and Guide on How to Play Zilong - Mobile Legends 4

Zilong is one the most used hero in Mobile Legends. He is also easy to play. Zilong is a game-changing hero, if played well you could easily win a match without no doubt!

Zilong’s Skills

Build and Guide on How to Play Zilong - Mobile Legends 5

Passive: Dragon Flurry.
Every 6s, the next basic attack will combo hit the target in front of him multiple times, dealing a total of 1.8 times the basic physical attack. Hitting enemies with a basic attack will reduce cooldown time for this ability 0.5s.

Useful passive against tough targets such as tanks or fighters with a lifesteal build. This passive will boost the damage of your basic attack every 3/4 seconds.

Build and Guide on How to Play Zilong - Mobile Legends 6

Spear Flip: 9 seconds cooldown and 80 mana cost.
Lifts an enemy over his back, dealing 300/330/360/390/420/450 Physical Damage and lowering the target’s armor 10 for 2s.

This is the most annoying skill of Zilong. This skill will flip an enemy behind you. While being flipped an enemy can’t run away or use any skill. Very useful to throw enemies under the range of your turrets or to deny them the chance of running away from a fight.

Build and Guide on How to Play Zilong - Mobile Legends 7

Spear Strike: 10 seconds cooldown and 80 mana cost.
Charges the target, dealing 260/285/310/335/360/385 Physical Damage and reducing the target’s movement speed by 30% for 1s, also immediately making a basic attack.

Very useful against mages and marksmen. You can easily target them and then quickly flip them with your first ability. This skill is helpful to chase enemies as it has quite a long range.

Build and Guide on How to Play Zilong - Mobile Legends 8

Supreme Warrior: 30 seconds cooldown and 120 mana cost.
Increases movement speed by 30% and attack speed by 45%/60%/75% for 6/7/8s. Removes immobilized status at cast.

This is Zilong’s ultimate skill. It boosts your movement speed and attack speed by a lot! Basically, you’ll transform into a Super Sayan! Very useful to chase enemies or to quickly run away. Thanks to this ability no enemy can match your movement speed.

Best Battle Spells for Zilong

Build and Guide on How to Play Zilong - Mobile Legends 9
With “Sprint” no enemy will have the chance to run away from you or no enemy will be able to chase you! If you use this battle spell in combination with your ultimate skill, you will be running more faster than a Lamborghini!
Build and Guide on How to Play Zilong - Mobile Legends 10
Could be used as “Sprint” but mind that this is only a teleport. It is not useless as it helps you to runaway from difficult situations.
Build and Guide on How to Play Zilong - Mobile Legends 11
Useful for jungling. With Zilong you always have to stay ahead of your enemies in term of gold farming and experience.

Best Emblem Set for Zilong

Build and Guide on How to Play Zilong - Mobile Legends 12
The best emblem set for Zilong is the “Assassin Emblem Set”. It increases your overall damage and movement speed. As special talent you should go for “Bounty Hunter”. It will reward you with extra gold for every kill you can secure. Very useful to upgrade your equipment as soon as possible. Or else you could go for “Killing Spree” as battle talent. This will talent will restore 15% of your health point and increases your movement speed by 20% for every kill you can secure. Very useful to win fights against multiple enemies.

Best Gear Build for Zilong

Build and Guide on How to Play Zilong - Mobile Legends 13
  1. Haas’s Claws: Your first life steal item. It provides you with 20% of lifesteal. The passive of this item will give you an extra 10% of lifesteal once your health points fall below 40%. Useful to kill jungle monsters and kill the turtle without having issues.
  2. Rapid Boots: I opted for Rapid Boots to make it easier to chase enemies and to switch lanes. Rapid Boots are the boots with the highest movement speed in the game. They go in perfect combination with your ultimate ability and in case you choose “Sprint” as battle will increase furthermore your movement speed.
  3. Scarlet Phantom: A good item that increases your attack speed by 20% and your critical chance by 25%. The passive of this item will increase your attack speed by 30% and your critical rate by 5% whenever you land a critical hit on the enemy.
  4. Berserker’s Fury: This item will increase furthermore your chances of landing a critical hit. As well it increases the damage of your critical hits by 40%! As bonus critical hits will increase your physical attack by 5%.
  5. Wings Of The Apocalypse Queen: This item is totally necessary to help you win fights against multiple enemies at once. The passive of this item reduces the damage taken by enemies by 50% whenever your health falls below 40% While this effect has taken place also your lifesteal increases by 30%. Basically, you’ll become an immortal assassin. Mind that this item increases your health points by 1000 so it will also improve your survivability in battle. Also, mind that the passive of this item can only be triggered once every 50 seconds.
  6. Blade Of Despair: This item increases your physical attack by 170. Once you get this item no enemy would be able to take you down! The passive of this item will increase furthermore your physical attack by 25% when the health of your opponent is below 50%.

Tips and Tricks on How to Play Zilong

  • You can max out any skill there is no preference. The main damage of Zilong comes from his basic attacks. His skills are a way to engage and disable the enemy.
  • Use your ultimate ability whenever you can to secure kills. It just has a 30 seconds cooldown!
  • Farm gold and experience wherever you can if you can get ahead of your enemies you will be controlling the match.
  • Always have a look at the minimap and try to be there when a team fight is taking place. Of course, you should aim first at mages and marksmen.
  • In team fights always attack from the sides, you are a flanker with the job of taking down the squishy enemies hero.
  • Don’t be selfish! Stay close and protect your mages and marksmen your not a superhero remember this game is about teamwork and strategy.
  • Use your ultimate to chase enemies or to run away no enemy will be able to match your movement speed!

Heroes that Zilong counters

  • Odette: Odette ultimate will impose her to stand still. Her ultimate skill slows whoever it’s under its area of effect. Although by using “Spear Flip” you will stop immediately her ultimate.
  • Pharsa: Pharsa ultimate is quite similar to Odette’s ultimate. It deals a lot of damage so you have to be careful when trying to deny her ultimate. You can cancel her ultimate skill by using “Spear Flip”
  • Zhask: He is a mage but he is partially weak as his main damage comes from his’ turrets. If he gets caught he was no way to run away from you.

Heroes that counter Zilong

  • Alucard: Alucard will be a tough matchup for you. It is extremely important to be ahead of him in terms of farm and gold. He can enhance his lifesteal by using his ultimate so be careful.
  • Kagura: She is a quite an hard hero to master. But she is quite strong as she can escape from crowd control abilities. She can slow enemies, stun enemies, basically she is one of the strongest mage in Mobile Legends.
  • Freya: Freya is a fighter with her ultimate ability she can increase her defense and physical attack by a fair amount. At the same level and gear, she might be a tough match.
  • Akai: Don’t try to flip him as he will only do a favor to him as he will probably use his ultimate skill to discompose the formation of your team.

Heroes that make a perfect combination with Zilong

  • Angela: Angela has the ability to attach you and provide you with an absorbing shield. While being attached to you she can heal you and decrease the enemies defenses and movement speed. She will help you on making it easier to finish opponents quickly.
  • Estes: Estes could increase your survivability in battle by healing you. Estes could give you the chance to tower dive to finish off an enemy.

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