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  • How to use Sprays in Call of Duty Mobile COD Mobile

    How to use Sprays in Call of Duty Mobile (COD Mobile)

    Call of Duty Mobile is every bit as fast-paced as its predecessors, which is a grand achievement considering how widely appreciated the series is. The controls have changed to fit those of a mobile, but the game still retains most of its charms. Including its ability to let you spray. Yes, you heard that right. […] More

  • How to Level Up Quickly in Call of Duty Mobile COD Mobile

    How to Level Up Quickly in Call of Duty Mobile (COD Mobile)

    Call of Duty Mobile has a leveling system, and of course, leveling up has its own benefits. So naturally, you’d want to progress fast through the ranks to unlock more and more goodies for yourself, including and not limited to powerful weapons or items. Various things factor into how you level up, so if you’re […] More

  • How to get a Nuke in Call of Duty Mobile COD Mobile

    How to get a Nuke in Call of Duty Mobile (COD Mobile)

    Call of Duy Mobile is yet another repetition in a widely acclaimed, long-running series, but this time it’s on mobile. Just like tradition insists that a new game has to be made every so often to let the money roll in, it also insists some things stay in the game forever. The nuke, for example, […] More

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    Guide, Tips and Cheats in How to Play and Win in Warfriends Pvp

    WarFriends is an online PvP shooter game where players are pitted against each other to take down their opponent using various army units, weapons, and your strategic skills. Today, I’m here a with a few tips for you guys so that you can take your WarFriends game to a whole new level. Connect Your WarFriends […] More

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    Guide, Tips and Cheats on How to Play and Win in Battlelands Royale

    With the popularity of PUBG and Fortnite, another royale themed battle game made its entry and marked its importance due to some of its significant features. Yes, it is none other than Battlelands Royale. Although it follows the same procedure, shoot, loot, parachute, and survival but with a small comparative map and few players thus […] More

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    Sniper Strike Special Ops: Guide, Tips and Cheats in How to Play the Game

    Always Aim for the Head It would not be a sniping game if you didn’t require to aim for headshots. As with any shooting game, you want to eliminate your opponent with a single shot. The only approach to do this is to try to aim for the head. Hitting the enemy’s shielded torso will, […] More

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    Best Beginner Guide and Strategy on How to Play in PUBG

    PUBG – Early Game Strategy The very first thing that a player must do when entering the game is to select a drop location. The ideal area is to land where there is quality loot, no competition, and a vehicle. It is usually safest to land at least 1 km (1 yellow square) away from […] More

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    Best Recommended Settings to Play and Win in PUBG Mobile

    Every player in PUBG mobile wants to win every match they play. Although most of the time it comes down on your various in game settings. In this article we are going to talk about the best recommended settings to play and win in PUBG Mobile. Best settings to win a match in PUBG Mobile […] More

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    How to Earn and use Battle Points (BP) in PUBG Mobile

    Battle Points (also called BP) are the in-game currency of PUBG Mobile. There are different ways you can earn battle points such as completing matches, missions and etc. With your battle points earned you can purchase various goods. Ways you can earn Battle Points (BP) in PUBG Mobile Completing and Winning Matches You can earn battle points […] More

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    Tier List on the Best Guns to Use in PUBG Mobile

    Pubg mobile also well known as PlayerUnknown BattleGround has a variety of weapons that could be used to win your chicken dinner. But you have to know that there are weapons that perform much better than others. In this article, we will have a tier list and we will rank them from best weapons to […] More