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    Top 9 Best Illusion Spells You Should Absolutely Use in Skyrim

    In Skyrim, you can use a different type of magic for different situations. For instance, you can use the Destruction spells through which you can deal heavy damage to your enemies. You can even use the Conjuration spells to summon a powerful warrior or beast to fight alongside you. However, if you’re looking for something […] More

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    Top 9 Best Conjuration Spells in Skyrim

    In Skyrim, there will be times when you will come across various powerful enemies. Regardless of how many powerful weapons you possess, it can somewhat become difficult for you to handle them all. Thankfully, Skyrim offers a way through which we can summon mighty warriors and beasts to fight alongside us in the battle. To […] More

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    Top 9 Best Bows to Use in the Elder Scrolls Skyrim

    Bows are one of the many weapons present in Skyrim. You can use them to take down your enemies from a long distance. Most players find it satisfying to snipe their opponent from a distance using a bow, and if you’re one of them, then you need to know about the best bows in Skyrim. […] More

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    Top 8 Best Wives to Marry in the Elder Scrolls Skyrim

    Along with many other things, marriage is another gameplay element in Skyrim. In the game, you can slay dragons, defeat powerful enemies, and even marry someone you like. There will come a time when you will want to stop slaying dragons for once and live a happy life with someone. If you’re wondering how you […] More

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    Top 8 Best Houses to Live in Skyrim

    Aside from slaying dragons, marrying women, and going on epic journeys, Skyrim allows you to purchase a home for yourself. There can be times when you will want to store your loot, or simply get some rest. For that purpose, you will need to get yourself a house. In the game, there are various homes […] More

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    Guide On The Best Classes To Play In Black Desert Online (BDO)

    Black Desert Online, otherwise known as BDO, is an online sandbox MMORPG developed by a Korean gaming company known as Pearl Abyss. Released formerly on the Windows, it has since then spread onto the consoles and mobile platforms as well. The game is widely free-to-play but has to be bought in other places. Black Desert […] More

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    Classes, Weapon and Armour Guide – Albion Online

    Today we will be discussing the various classes in the game of Albion Online. So let’s get right into it. Just like we discussed how equipping items in Albion Online is different from most MMORPGs, the class system is the same. The class system in Albion Online is very different from most traditional MMORPGs; for […] More

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    Best PvP Builds For Beginners in Albion Online

    Today we’ll show you some easy, cheap yet powerful builds which the new characters and new players can use to progress in Albion Online efficiently. We have seen a massive amount of new players join the Albion Online community with the ‘Free to Play’ launch. Many of them include returning veteran players along with players […] More

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    Things To Consider When Buying A New Horse In Albion Online

    There are a few things that you need to consider before choosing your Mount. Those key factors are: The amount of things a Mount can carry The speed of the Mount The resilience of the Mount You must consider these factors and choose your Mount wisely for its intended purpose, whether it is to travel […] More

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    How To Get A New Mount In Albion Online

    In this guide on Albion Online, I will be going over how you can get a Mount in Albion Online. This is going to be a simple guide going over the different way you can get Mounts in Albion Online. Mounts are the animals that you ride in Albion Online. They are used for transportation, […] More

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    Crop Farming Guide – Albion Online

    This guide will hopefully show you how to do crop farming in Albion Online. Since the game was made free, many people have started playing it and enjoying the experience. So for all the new players (and veterans), this a quick guide on crop farming in Albion Online. Crop farming is very valuable in Albion […] More

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    Animal Breeding Guide – Albion Online

    Animals are useful in Albion Online for a multitude of reasons. There are two types of animals available in Albion Online, domestic animals and wild animals. Domestic animals are grown to provide the player with meat and to be used as mounts whereas wild animals are useful in Albion Online for their offspring or their […] More

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