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    Build and Guide on How to Play Estes – Mobile Legends

    Estes is the only truly support hero that provides a good quantity of healing. It is not recommended to build damage items with Estes as your main goal is to keep healing your allies and provide them with buffs. Estes’ Skills Passive: The Code Of Moon Elves.Code of Moon Elves will charge energy into Estes […] More

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    Build and Guide on How to Play Rafaela – Mobile Legends

    Rafaela is a support hero, she can heal her allies and also increase their movement speed. Rafaela’s Skills Passive: Sacrificial SpiritUpon death, Rafaela becomes a spirit that can move. but is unable to use her skills. For 4 seconds, Rafaela can continue to regenerate 920 – 2600 points of HP for her nearby allies, while increasing their […] More

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    Build and Guide on How to Play Minotaur – Mobile Legends

    Minotaur is a tank with a form of an ancient minotaur. Before jumping into battle with this hero is strongly advised that you practice with him in the practice mode. Minotaur’s Skills Passive: Rage ModeMinotaur’s rage increases whenever his basic attacks and skills hit an enemy unit. Once Minotaur’s rage reaches its maximum, he will […] More

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    Build and Guide on How to Play Hilda – Mobile Legends

    Hilda is a very mobile tank/fighter hero. Well know for the fact that she is quite fast and she is able to regenerate health points quickly when she enters in a bush. Hilda’s Skill Blessing of Wilderness: PassiveHilda’s HP regen speed increases when she’s in the bush. Entering the bush will give her a shield […] More

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    Build and Guide on How to Play Johnson – Mobile Legends

    Johnson is a tough tank to kill. He is pretty much a more defensive tank than a offensive one. Although he is fun to play as he can actually transform into a car like a transformer. Johnson’s Skills Passive Electro Airbag When Johnson’s HP is lower than 30%, he will generate a shield, absorbing an […] More

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    Build and Guide on How to Play Gatotkaca – Mobile Legends

    Gatotkaca is a hard tank to master. He is different from the other tanks as he deals magical damage, although he is pretty rewarding. Among all tanks Gatotkaca is the tank with the highest defense thanks to his passive. Gatotkaca’s Skills Passive: Steel BonesConverts 3% of lost HP to his physical defense, up to 250. […] More

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    Build and Guide on How to Play Grock – Mobile Legends

    Grock is a very tanky hero he has a good amount of damage and defense for being a tank. Grock’s Skills Passive: Ancestral GiftIncreases his movement speed by 10%, and 26-180 physical and magical defense (increases with level) when Grock is near to a wall or a turret. With this passive Grock can easily move […] More

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    Build and Guide on How to Play Uranus – Mobile Legends

    Uranus is a tank that with the right build can excel in team fights. He is weak against heroes that have high burst damage like Eudora or Aurora Uranus’ Skills Passive: RadianceUranus absorbs the energy generated by the attack made against him to strengthen himself, regenerating 2-9 HP (depending on your level) per second for each […] More

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    Build and Guide on How to Play Belerick – Mobile Legends

    Belerick is not quite used much. Probably it is because of the fact that he is more of a support/tank and not a crowd control machine. But trust me he is a tank to be feared of. Belerick’s Skills Passive: Flower of LifeWith this passive Belerick increases the bonus of his health point gained with […] More

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