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    Armor Guide and Best Armor Sets You Should Use In Dauntless

    In Dauntless there are a lot of armors with multiple armor types and properties which when mix-matched provide maximum benefit against whatever monster you want to fight. Unlike most RPGs, there is no benefit in keeping a whole armor intact, so it’s better to just equip the parts that you want with the skills you […] More

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    Tier List On The Best Characters To Use in Epic Seven

    Here is a tier list of the best characters to use and play within the Epic Seven World. This list was made thanks to these websites: GachaGames & Epic7x World: In this category you can see how a character will perform in regular adventures mode for normal and world. Arena: In this category you can […] More

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    Guide, Tips and Cheats in How To Play and Dominate in Idle Heroes

    How To Get 5 Star Heroes For Free Acquiring your first 5-star hero is undoubtedly a challenging task: To find you need to reach level 30 first. Yet if you could somehow lay your hand on a 5-star hero blasting your way in the game should be easy, especially fights. With this tip, you will […] More

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    Guide, Tips and Cheats on How To Play and Dominate in Eternium

    Choose The Best Class Depending On Your Playstyle First of all, you need to select a hero. There are types of heroes that you can choose from which are Mages, Bounty Hunters, and Warriors you have to do is choose the hero. Each champion has his unique weapon with which he or she eradicates the […] More

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    Tips, Cheats and Guide on How to Play in Soul Seeker: Six Knights & Tier List

    Understand Each Class Role Balance is the most crucial thing to consider when assembling a team, and in order to perform such balance in Soul Seeker, you must have Six Knights; however, you must first perceive the different roles. The six jobs in Soul Seeker are Fighter, Tank, Assassin, Mage, Marksman, and Support. Each role […] More

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    Tips, Cheats and Guide on How to Play in AFK Arena & Tier List

    AFK Arena is a straightforward game: it attracts you in with the pretense of casual, lighthearted fun, but ruthlessly pulls the rug from your feet when you approach the most challenging stages. For a game that principally plays itself, it’s quite hard to progress through its levels. Although today we are here with some quick […] More

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    Guide, Tips and Cheats in How to Play and Level In Girls Frontline

    How To Get S Rank in Girls Frontline To get an S Rank on a level, your gameplay must be outstanding. In other words, all enemy echelons must be eliminated, all nodes captured, and zero-lost T-Dolls. Moreover, you will have to be quick! Most of the time will only achieve an A rank on your […] More

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    Tips, Guide and Cheats in How to Play and Beat all Bosses in Tap Titans 2

    Tap Titans 2 is one of the latest game made by Game Hive Corporation. It’s a sequel of their previously made game Tap Titans. Both games have an insane amount of installs and positive reviews. Choose Carefully When To Place Your Skill Points In Your Skill Tree Skill points are used to level-up certain tiers […] More

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    Guide, Tips and Tricks in How to Play in Magic Rush Heroes

    Welcome to another guide for Magic Rush Heroes. Magic Rush Heroes is an Free Strategy RPG game released back in 2015, it currently has more that 10 millions installs in the Play Store, and has received a lot of positive feedback from the community. If you want to experience a strategy game with an RPG […] More

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