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  • Top 10 Best PS4 Co-op Split Screen Games to Play with your Friends

    Top 10 Best PS4 Co-op Split Screen Games to Play with your Friends

    Do you want to enjoy playing Playstation 4 games along with your buddies or significant other, maybe a family member and you wish to enjoy and spend some quality time with them? Do you want to invite them over but don’t know what to play once you do? Fret not as today we will be […] More

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    Beginner Guide and Tips on How to Play in Guns Of Glory

    Guns Of Glory Guide Guns of Glory is a surprisingly friendly base-building strategy game for Android and iOS devices. Although it doesn’t bring anything innovative to the genre, it offers an excellent alternative world to play in, some stunning graphics and extremely addictive mechanics. And in this post, we will be sharing some Guns of […] More

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    Top Cheats and Tips on How to Play Temple Run 2

    Introductions You begin Temple Run 2 with Guy Dangerous and can easily unlock more characters in the upgrades menu. One essential difference between the original and Temple Run 2 is that characters get a unique powerup, which makes unlocking them more crucial. As soon as it is unlocked, this powerup can be used with any […] More

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    Cheats, Tips and Guide on How to Achieve a High Score in Subway Surfers

    Missions Completing missions is important to achieve a high score. With each mission you complete, your multiplier increases by 1. If your multiplier is 1 and your score is 200, then your final score will also be 200. But if your multiplier is 30, the same score of 200 will end up being 6,000. As […] More

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    How to Make a lot of Coins and Keys Quickly in Subway Surfers

    Do anything to get more coins. Anything that involves watching videos, doing daily missions and anything else to earn the shiny treasures. Daily challenges are completed by collecting all of the letters for a given word that can be found along the tracks. Make sure you are connected to the internet, otherwise you won’t get […] More

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    Guide on Subway Surfer’s Characters and on How to Unlock Them

    Jake Jake is the first character you’ll be using in Subway Surfers. You can say that he is the default character in this endless runner game. When you’re playing the game after the initial install (i.e. playing it for the first time), this is the first playable character that you can use – that means […] More

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    Guide on Subway Surfer’s Hoverboards and on How to Get Them

    Subway Surfer’s Hoverboards One of the most beneficial items in Subway Surfers is the hoverboard. They basically shield your character from crashing, which is why you can consider them as power-ups as well. They usually just last 30 seconds. After a crash, a hoverboard will need to recharge for several seconds before you can activate […] More