Classes, Weapon and Armour Guide – Albion Online

Classes, Weapon and Armour Guide – Albion Online

Today we will be discussing the various classes in the game of Albion Online. So let’s get right into it.

Just like we discussed how equipping items in Albion Online is different from most MMORPGs, the class system is the same. The class system in Albion Online is very different from most traditional MMORPGs; for example, in many other MMORPGs, once you choose a class, you are bound to play that class and cannot switch to different classes. But in Albion Online, your class is represented by what you wear and what you want to wear.

In Albion Online, there are no set classes, every character’s skills are defined by the items they equip. Each character can equip and mix and match any type of armour combinations. This allows a lot of variety in the player’s selection of items to wear and come up with their own ‘class’. Speaking of what you wear, there are three types of Armor available in the game of Albion Online. The different types of Armour are – Cloth Armor, Leather Armor, and Plate Armor.

The three different Armor have specific characteristics unique to themselves.

  • Cloth Armor: Low on defense, excels in offense
  • Leather Amor: Balanced in offense and defence
  • Plate Armor: High in defense, limited offense

You can equip yourself with items to wear on Head, Body, and Boots belonging to any of the three Armour types mentioned above along with a weapon of your choice. You can mix and match your outfit however you want. Each item has different abilities that it possesses which can be used tactically to boost your chance of success.

Another factor that makes Albion Online unique from many other MMORPGs is that unlike other games of the genre, all types of Armour provide the same passive improvements to your health pool and your energy, regardless of Armour type. The differences between the Armor types in Albion Online is that your resistance to physical and magical attacks. Depending on which Armour type you chose, you will get different sets of skills at your disposal.

  • Cloth Armor: is more on the aggressive side and offers skills such as being able to cast speed buff and rushing/berserking.
  • Leather Armor: is more balanced and provides stealth and crowd control skills such as smoke bombs and invisibility.
  • Plate Armor: is tanky and defensive providing defensive skills such as barriers and damage reducing skills.

The skills of your Armour and weapon can be changed at anytime to whichever skill you prefer out of the ones that the game has to offer. Makes sure to prepare for future fights and pick the skills that will provide you with the highest tactical advantage and/or works well in a combo etc.

To make your character better and stronger, you need to regularly upgrade your character. To upgrade your character, you need higher tiers of Armour. Higher tiers of Armour provides you with the access more skills and abilities that you can use in a fight. The tiers and power of your Armour start to get a little confusing and complex once you reach Tier 4.

As mentioned before, there are three slots of Armour for you equip and fill – Head, Body and Boots.

  • Head Amor items: Usually have more self-stat skills such as healing and regaining your character’s full potential.
  • Body Armor items: Mostly have skills that emphasize on defense rather than offense.
  • Boots Armor items: Have skills that are related to mobility that help you traverse through the lands of Albion Online.

Depending on the Armour type that you choose to use, Cloth , Leather or Plate, the skills of your items will show more characteristics associated with the playstyle of the Armour type. In the case of Boots, all of them have access to the Sprint ability, but depending on which Armour type of Boots you wear, you will have different skills to complement with the Sprint ability. If you wore Boots of Cloth Armour, it will also give you energy regeneration, Leather Boots will reduce the cool-down time of your skills and the Plate Armour Boots will provide you with health regeneration.

Select items with abilities which go well with each other and helps you win against your foes. Referring the Destiny Board can prove to be very helpful. For more information about builds in Albion Online that beginners can use to help them play efficiently, read our previous blog on Albion Online here.

As mentioned before, Albion Online has the unique feature of letting the players mix and match Armour types to their liking. Experiment with different items and find one that suits your playstyle. Sure a meta does exist, it is an MMORPG after all, but that should not stop you for coming up with your own awesome and unique ‘class’ that nobody has ever seen before. The Albion Online website spotlights many build that players have come up with. You can use that as an inspiration. Who knows, maybe one day your build will be featured on their website. But never forget to keep improving and try to get better at the game.

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