DanMachi Season 2: Release Date Confirmed For July 2019!

DanMachi Season 2: Release Date Confirmed For July 2019! 4

DanMachi was a great anime show and now fans are currently waiting for Danmachi Season 2. The anime was well received by a part of the community, while some others have mixed feelings about the show. Nevertheless, it’s a decent anime with a good score of 7.81 on MyAnimeList. Fans of the series have been keeping their fingers crossed for DanMachi Season 2; it looks like their wish is finally granted. Read on to find out more.

DanMachi, also known as “Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?” is a Japanese light novel series which is written by Fujino Omori and illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda. The series has been adapted into a manga and also an anime. J.C.Staff took responsibility for adapting the light novel into an anime. Season 1 of the anime aired from April 4, 2015, to June 27, 2015.

DanMachi Plot – What Have Fans Seen From The Previous Episodes

The setting of the story of Danmachi takes place in a fictional city called Orario. When the gods seek excitement, they’ll come down to Orario where their divine powers are limited so that they can experience and perceive all the troubles and hardships that go on in the lower world. They offer mortal beings to battle against monsters in a labyrinth underground known as Dungeon.


The adventurers go into the Dungeon to obtain the crystal shards of monsters after defeating them. They can be used to craft enchanted items and other treasures; they can also be exchanged for the currency that people use. The citizens of Orario join groups known as Familia who perform a variety of functions that relates in some way to the Dungeon; be it crafting items, or crawling dungeons. Every Familia serves and is named after a deity. Similar to many role-playing games, the adventurers are grouped into different levels, increasing their abilities and levels according to their achievements.

The story follows a young 14-year-old boy, Bell Cranel. He’s a solo adventurer under the goddess Hestia. He is the only member of his Familia; so he works hard every day to make ends meet and at the same time, training himself to improve his skills.

SPOILER ALERT: What Can Fans Expect From DanMachi Season 2 Episodes

Disclaimer: The following section is based on speculation and rumors. The officials have confirmed not all of it. If you do not wish to spoil DanMachi Season 2 for yourself, skip this section.


The trailer has to lead us to think that DanMachi Season 2 will not be centered around Bell Cranel, but another protagonist. The new protagonist is said to be Sword Princess Ais Wallestein. Ais is a mage that will be trained by Rivera. Lefiya is another new character that will be a friend and an ally to Ais.

Lefiya is speculated to be an amateur and that she doesn’t have much experience in battle. She is shown to have a skill named ‘Tempest’; it boosts her agility and speed; or something along those lines. DanMachi Season 2 could result in being a spin-off or it may connect to the story of the previous season as the story progresses. We don’t know for sure.

DanMachi Season 2 Release Date

The officials have confirmed that DanMachi season 2 will release on July 13, 2019. The fans are eagerly waiting for the release. The trailer of the anime was released, so check that out.

DanMachi Season 2 Trailer

If you haven’t already seen the Trailer of DanMachi Season 2 here is a trailer of it!


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