Dauntless Weapon Guide & Tier List To The Best Weapon To Use In The Game

Dauntless Weapon Guide & Tier List To The Best Weapon To Use In The Game

Dauntless is a free to play action RPG developed by Phoenix Labs, that has recently got out of early access and onto all consoles save the Nintendo Switch. With cross-platform play and an innovative take on Monster Hunter World, with direct inspirations from games like Dark Souls, it has managed to charm the hearts of many and will continue to do for more. There is no better time to explain everything Dauntless has to offer starting with its weapons.

Dauntless has no real classes or builds; rather, it has six weapon types, which are distinct and offer unique play styles. Ultimately it’s up to you to find your personal preference and play style; however, this guide can hopefully help you with that process. Following are the weapon types Dauntless offers:

1) Axe
2) Sword
3) Chain Blades
4) Hammer
5) Repeaters
6) War Pike


The Axe and Hammer are considerably slow weapons compared to the other weapons. However, what they lack in speed, they make up for in DPS (Damage Per Second). It has a variety of attacks that can be charged up to provide devastating damage to the Behemoths.

The charges have various levels which further increase that attack, which you can notice by the light shining, look for the brightest shine and release for maximum damage. The vertical combo finishes off with the very-powerful Ripper attack that can obliterate anything as long as the stamina is persisting. You can also move while attacking which allows for further maneuvers in a battle and is usually the best move for a pre-emptive strike.

Since dodging is very versatile in Dauntless, it can be coupled with the attacks to rapidly close the distance and begin a new combo. Learning how to use the Axe can be difficult at first but it’s well worth the reward. Not to mention it’s Flight of Ability (which sends your axe flying towards the enemy) is extremely useful and ends with a high damage ground-pound making it one of the best abilities in the game.


As with most games of this genre, the Sword is the most basic and straightforward weapon type. The light attacks don’t hit much but are faster, allowing for more combos, while the heavier attacks are the opposite, focusing more on damage over speed.

The Repeating Elements combo is a flurry of attacks that will run until your stamina runs out. The dodge attack is quite good in retrospect, allowing you to hunt chasing Behemoths better. The more you attack with the sword you raise an Overdrive meter which allows you to hit for more damage and with a shorter distance.

It also enables an Aether Dash which allows you to flee in any direction and gain a lot of distance, which is quite useful when in a pinch. The Sword is possibly the best weapon if you’re new to these type of games as it is the simplest of the bunch.

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Chain Blades

Ever played God of War? Then you’ll be quite familiar with this weapon. They are the exact opposite of the Axe in terms of gameplay, as they are quite fast and offer splendid damage throughout their combos. They allow you to keep your distance while keeping the pressure on, enabling another level of gameplay. However, with speed comes their fall, as they can’t really stagger an enemy. However, when playing with a team, having a teammate with Chain Blades is a must as they can keep the pressure on while dishing out high DPS.

You can either maintain your distance and attack from afar or get near and do the Blade Spin which dishes out a lot of damage until your stamina runs out. The dash attack is pretty to look at, but not that strong. Chain Pull allows you to close the distance instantly and can be very useful if the enemy Behemoth keeps fleeing and maintains distance while using it near them allows you to flee away quickly. They are a great all-around weapon, however with the lack of stagger effect on the enemy they do have their withdrawals.


The Hammer is a bit of mixed opinion. It is the slowest weapon in the game. However, it also dishes out the most damage. However, the speed requires you to maneuver carefully around enemies with well-timed attacks. If you’re familiar with the Dark Souls formula, this weapon works in your favor. Otherwise, it will be completely against you. But, as complex as it might be, it’s the most fun to experiment with. The strike attacks are differing dependent on if you are moving or stationary, which deals different damage.

The Hammer is designed to also hold bullets in, which you can charge up to release a massive blast which deals a good amount of damage. These bullets can also be then used to blast you in the air allowing for more maneuvers such as using it to evade enemies or close the distance instantly. This is called an Evasive Blast and it lets you get anywhere you want quickly enough to give you the advantage. These can be coupled with the Aether Slam which is powerful enough already but obliterates anything that dares cross path with it, once used after the Evasive Blast.

It consumes all your bullets; however, if you connect with the Behemoth, all your bullets are replenished making it a risky but much rewarding move. The bullet gauge is to the top left corner of the screen and you’d need to keep an eye on it for the whole battle. You can either reload manually or time your strikes to reload while attacking. The learning curve is steep but well worth it once you get used to. Also, it makes the Behemoth looks puny for a change, what’s not to love?

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Repeaters are the only ranged weapon you can find in Dauntless, meaning there is no Bow weapon type. But the Repeater is enough to make a fool out of the enemy. It allows you to keep your distance while continuously bombarding them with shots after shots. They are very customizable, allowing robust gameplay and a chance at gun dress up.

Including customizable grip and chamber attacks that can be used for buffing or throwing mines which also deal damage, or just charge up attacks. This offers more flexibility in the player’s control and is a nice way of making the weapon type more versatile. There is also a risk-reward with it, for the closer you are to the enemy while reloading, the better the buff you receive which in turn can also change the tide of battle in your favor.

While this phase is active, almost every tool at your disposal becomes much more powerful. Ultimately, the safety of sitting behind blasting everything alone is a good reason to try this weapon type out.

Dauntless Weapon Guide & Tier List To The Best Weapon To Use In The Game 4

War Pike

The War Pike allows you to hit the fastest with its combos which are very useful in piercing an enemy Behemoth which further helps you in severing body parts; the piercing attacks are stationary and used in succession until stamina bar runs out while the harvesting attacks, which are slower, are used to severe body parts.

You can customize these combos as both of these attacks are interchangeable. The gauge that you gather by attacking continously can be traded for an Aether Conversion which turns it into a bullet which allows you to use a Pipe Blast which is one of the most powerful specials attacks in the game, as well as inflicting severe and bleed damage to the Behemoths. If you need a weapon to gather parts, then this is it.

Dauntless is pretty fun and all the weapon types are unique and interesting. It’s a free-to-play so it might be worth it to check it out, who knows it might end up being your next favorite game. Let me know in the comments below as to what weapon type you find to be the best!

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As mentioned before Dauntless has different weapons, here is a video from OhDough giving us his tier list regarding Dauntless weapons.

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