Death Parade Season 2: Will A Sequel Come Out?

Death Parade Season 2: Will A Sequel Come Out? 4

Death Parade was a great hit and a fan-favorite in the anime community. Is there a possibility for Death Parade Season 2? If yes, when will Death Parade Season 2 release? Read on to find out.

Death Parade is an original anime series by Madhouse; Yuzuru Tachikawa created it and Madhouse produced it. Funimation and Anime Limited licensed it in North America and the United Kingdom respectively, but the latter was eventually canceled. Madman Entertainment obtained it for digital distribution in Australia and New Zealand.

Death Parade comprised of 12 episodes that aired from January 10, 2015, to March 28, in the same year. Death Parade was a show that received lots of praise and attention. It was mainly due to its darker theme that the fans adored this show so much. It has a very high score of 8.24 on MyAnimeList. The fans of the show loved how it integrated the darker theme of death and the games.

The emphasis on death and the game format made this into a show that a lot of fans fell in love with. The unique twist of Death Parade from other shows that focused on the theme of death, attributed to its boost in appeal.

Death Parade Plot – What Fans Have Seen From The Previous Episodes

Death Parade Season 2: Will A Sequel Come Out? 5

After death, there no heaven nor hell, just a bar that stands between oblivion and reincarnation. The attendant at the bar will challenge recently dead pairs to a random game which will decide their fate; either they will be reincarnated, or they would fall into an endless void.

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The games that can be played have a wide variety, whether it’s air hockey or even darts, or anything else in between. Amid the game, every person’s true nature will reveal at the time of peril.

Death Parade follows Decim, the bartender at Quindecim, whose role in deciding the fate of people changes when he meets a curious woman.

Death Parade Season 2 Release Date

Although Death Parade was a massive hit, we have not received any updates or announcements about Death Parade getting a second season. The fans of the series have been asking for a renewal to the show ever since it ended, back in 2015. There were even fans who wanted Death Parade Season 2, even before it finished airing the first season.

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What Are The Chances Of Death Parade Season 2 To Come Out

The possibilities of a second season for Death Parade seems very less. Due to multiple reasons. Firstly, since it isn’t an adaptation of any manga, light novel, game, etc., but is an original series by Madhouse themselves, the makers of the show don’t have any source material to work on, except maybe the original script that they made.

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Death Parade Season 2: Will A Sequel Come Out? 6

Not many original anime series have received a sequel. But you never know, they might release Death Parade Season 2 sometime in the future. We think that it might get renewed sometime in Fall 2020. This is just speculation and is not confirmed by the officials.

Second, since the first and only season of Death Parade was such a massive hit, the creators of the show may be hesitant to make a sequel to Death Parade fearing that it would not live up to the fans’ expectations. However silly this may sound; this is a legitimate factor for producers not making a sequel for shows that have been fan-favorites. This could be one negative, if any, on making a great anime, especially if it is an original.

Third, Madhouse studios are one of the most popular and are highly regarded in the anime community for its masterpieces. Some of them include: Death Note, One Punch Man, No Game No Life, Hunter x Hunter(2011), High School of the Dead, and many more. Being such a reputed studio, they may probably be having a lot on their plate, to begin with. This may lead to Madhouse not having time for making Death Paradise Season 2. We hope that Death Paradise does get a sequel. All we can do for now is wait.

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Death Parade Trailer

If you haven’t watched the first season of Death Parade here is a short trailer of this awesome anime. 🙂


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