Attack on Titan: Does Eren Die? Everything We Know About Eren Yeager’s Possible Death

Warning: Be aware as there might be possible spoilers.

Does Eren die? Loads of fan are wondering if it is actually a dream or not about Eren’s death. Throughout Attack on Titan, fans have experienced a variety of emotional rollercoasters. As the chapters move on in this story, there is an increasing sense that everything Eren learns becomes more grim. Eren loses both of his parents in a world where Titans attacks are common. We can’t forget that he loses many of the people he cares about throughout the Attack of Titan plot.

However, there aren’t any happy endings for Eren in the manga’s final chapter. Does Eren die at the end of Attack on Titan? Does his death impact the rest of the Titan race and the Attack of Titan’ course?

Does Eren Die in Attack of Titan?

Does Eren Die in Attack of Titan?

Sadly, yes. As the series comes to a close, Eren dies. Since we’ve followed his journey to avenge his parents’ deaths and discover the world outside the walls from the very beginning, this could be a difficult truth to deal with for fans. In addition, mangakas or manga makers don’t usually kill off their main characters. What’s worse is his manner of death. The series ends, however, in such a way that his death links everything together.

After the manga ends, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, and other soldiers take part in a battle against Eren. A short time later, Mikasa is able to enter Eren‘s Titan form where his actual body can be seen and she beheads him. Normally, Titan race members are able to rapidly heal themselves and even regrow whole limbs from the outside, but Eren’s limbs are not able to grow this time. 

Was Eren Yeager Death Expected?

Was Eren Yeager Death Expected?

Eren was always destined to die since he set off the war. There was no way he would give up on his plan halfway. A person like him pushes forward regardless of the consequences. That was the impression we got from him. However, he appears to have been forced to follow the path of Rumbling as a pawn. It was inevitable that he would die since he did not believe he would be forgiven.

It is hard to comprehend, how a friend who cared for them could cause them so much pain? We may no longer know Eren the way we did. The motives behind his actions remain unclear.

There are still many questions to be answered. In the final chapter, will Isayama make everything clear? Does this need to be interpreted or is it left open? As we move into the final chapter of Attack on Titan, more questions arise!

What Happens After Eren Yeager’s Death?

What Happens After Eren Yeager's Death?

Now that Eren has died, it will mean that all of those in the Titan race have also died. It is obvious to anyone who is familiar with the series that the Titans are the progeny of Ymir Fritz and were created by the Titan mythology.

Through the source of all matter, otherwise known as the shiny centipede, she discovered the ability to transform into one of the Titans, and when she died, her soul was split into different parts, each of them becoming one of the different kinds of Titans. 

When Eren dies, every member of the Titan race is returned to their human state and the source of all matter vanishes. Therefore, the end of the Attack on Titan series basically means the end of the Titan race itself. As Mikasa and Armin look at the head of their friend, Eren, they grieve together for him. 

Eren is shown to be buried under a Paradis Island tree under which he used to nap when he was a child. The soldiers are soldiers and friends who visit him out of all them there is Mikasa, who says she hopes to see him again soon.

It is important to remember, however, that Eren would have died anyhow, even if not as soon as he did. The Curse of Ymir dictates that none of Ymir’s descendants can live longer than she herself did unless after awakening their powers, so all members of the Titan race can only live for an additional 13 years after they awaken their powers. . 

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