Does L Die In Death Note?

As crazy as it sounds the question “does L die in Death Note” is trending as most likely fans can’t still believe that their favorite anime character from Death Note is really dead. Character L is one of the most popular and unique character in the popular anime Death Note. During the series, L Lawliet, who goes by various pseudonyms but is mostly known as just L, is a well-known detective who takes on cases that interest him.

 Light Yagami (aka Kira) of Death Note becomes involved in a series of murders, which befalls the protagonist of the series, L making his way over to Japan in order to investigate what is happening. When he is there, he applies his unique analytical skills, along with his in-depth knowledge, to determine where Kira could be and to identify potential suspects.

The first time we meet L he is described as a loner who is totally willing to do whatever he needs to in order to find the truth as well as being a sugar addict. A few episodes after the beginning of the series, his character changes and he even claims that he has made a friend in Light. The two still play a game of cat and mouse despite their friendship as L continues to wonder if Light was truly his main interest, Kira.

Does L Die In Death Note?

We are introduced to more characters as the series unfolds, and we see how more Death Notes of various types and their Shinigami counterparts further complicate L’s hunt for a killer.

Does L Die In Death Note?

Well we’ve come to the crucial part does L die in Death Note? While Kira has one of the most brilliant minds of anyone, he is able to deceive L and, as a result, ultimately kill him.

The fact of the matter is that it isn’t Light who kills L, it is the Shinigami Rem. During the course of the anime, Rem is introduced as a Shinigami for Misa, a talented actress who ends up dating Light. Rem is able to write L’s real name into the Death Note with the help of the Shinigami eyes, after being convinced by Light that it was the only way to prevent Misa from being killed and imprisoned as the second Kira as a result of being caught.

l lawliet dying and knowing that light yagami was kira

When Light watches L die, he lets out a grinning smile as his plan is executed perfectly. L seemed to realize that Light won in his final moments just as he looked into the unknown.

Despite L’s death in the hands of the Death Note, his legacy lives on into the second part of the story as it was his followers who took the role as they pursued the case of Kira and sought justice for their master.

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