Dorei-Ku: The Animation Season 2: Release Date? Will The Anime Get A Sequel?

Dorei-Ku The Animation Season 2 release date when its coming out

Dorei-Ku: The Animation is a series of a Japanese novel that was written by Shinichi Okada. A person called Hiroto Oishi came after and wrote a Manga adaptation of 10 volumes in 2012. Also, a film was made based on this story entitled “Tokyo slaves” and broadcasted in a live show in 2014. Besides, a TV series of this Manga was released on April 13th and ended on June 24th in 2018.

What Have Fans Seen From The Previous Episodes

When Eiya meets her friend, she finds her so sad and upset because of her boyfriend who has left her and become more interested in another boy. Eiya asks her friend if it is possible to meet her ex-boyfriend to ask him about the reason behind leaving her friend. She meets him in a coffee shop; his name is Yuuga Oota; he accepts to answer all Eiya’s questions if she can tell him the exact relationship between a couple who are sitting in front of them.

Dorei-Ku: The Animation Season 2: Release Date? Will The Anime Get A Sequel? 4

When Eiya answers correctly and precisely, Yuuga becomes amazingly shocked by her outstanding intelligence and splendid intuition. This made Yuuga ask her for a private meeting telling her about something called (SCM), Slave Control Method. It is a device that can take control over people and make them be slaves to others. It works out by putting it in the upper jaw of two people who are willing to compete in any game they like. When one loses, the device starts working and sends some kind of active and effective signals making its user does what the winner orders.

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Now Yuuga wants to test his skills, so after giving Eiya 10,000 Yen, he asks her to be a guarantee for him if he becomes a slave to anyone who competes against. After being hesitant for a while, Eiya accepts and goes on with that dangerous device that Yuuga gave to her. By the time Eiya starts, a mysterious organization begins rapidly taking the slaves, leaving her in a severe situation with the too dreadful and risky game.

Dorei-Ku: The Animation Season 2 Release Date

Ten volumes of Doreiku ended and were all published in 2016, though Manga production can proceed at this level since the story in the final chapter did not have a definite end of which the Production Studio maintains the possibility to resume the events after the last episode of that Anime.

The unfortunate bad rating and reviews come against producing another season, after all. On the other hand, there is no sure announcement whether from the writer of the production studio for a chance to a second season, yet dates and possibilities are still vague regarding this issue.

Dorei-Ku: The Animation Trailer

If you haven’t watched the first season of Dorei-Ku: The Animation here is a short trailer of this awesome anime! 🙂

Watch Dorei-Ku: The Animation Episodes Dubbed In English

The English Dubbed Episodes of “Dorei-Ku: The Animation” are available on Hidive


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