Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date: When it is Coming Out? Possible Collaboration with Funanimation?

After the impressive first season of Dragon Ball Super, supporters are now anxiously expecting for the Second Season of Dragon Ball Super. The Dragon Ball series has received enormous success in the anime production. The thrilling action scenes made supporters go insane over the latest episodes. At the moment every fan is waiting for the production of the second season of Dragon Ball Super. With the anime’s happy ending fans are very satisfied and desire more of it.

Rumors on Season 2 of Dragon Ball Super

Lately, there is a rumor reporting that the production of Dragon Ball Super Season 2 was ongoing. A statement by Newsweek affirms that the production of the next set of episodes has already begun since September last year. The purpose behind the early production is to bypass the issues that may raise with the animation quality of the original anime. Also, it has been stated that the Season 2 of Dragon Ball Super is set to be aired in Summer 2019.

Also, it implies that the creator who drew the original character for the recent movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly will be working again for the next season of Dragon Ball Super.

Discussion on the Possible Release Date

When these rumors spread until it reached the Toei Animation studio, they denied the rumors instantly. Toei Animation’s Media Representative David Syatt also stated that no episodes are currently in production right now.

The Second Season of Dragon Ball Super might not Release this Year

At the moment, the Toei Animation Studio is busy in producing the action anime Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac. Moreover, the anime is going to be released in July 2019. And rumors have probably mistaken its release date with the premiere date the Second Season of Dragon Ball Super.

What are the Chances of a Second Season?

When fans discuss on animes, Dragon Ball is the anime that has the highest quantity of fans worldwide. As well the Dragon Ball Super series isn’t different, this is the biggest reason behind Toei Animation coming up with new Dragon Ball movies, games, and series.

The Universal Tournament has come to an ending with the trio, Frieza, Android 17 and Goku overcoming the strong Jiren with surprise attacks. Furthermore, in the end, Universe 7 survived the “Multi-Universe Tournament.” In the last scene where Goku was about to leave to go back to his planet, Supreme Zen-Oh questions him, if he will be back. Goku guaranteed that he’d be back for more battles. This could be the clue that the creators left about a possible sequel of the anime.

Furthermore, the movie: Dragon Ball Super Broly has secured its place in one of the top grossing anime movies of all times. The film presents one of the hardest fight in the whole Dragon Ball world bringing a lot of obstacles to both Goku and Vegeta. Broly’s powered up green aura has the same level of combat power of a Super Saiyan Blue. As the battle starts, viewers witnessed one of the most dangerous enemy Goku and Vegeta have ever encountered. The Season 2 of Dragon Ball Super could be the next plan of Toei animation studio after the tremendous success of the movie Dragon Ball Super Broly.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Episodes Spoiler

According to the circumstances presented by the manga, the upcoming season opens in a new age of Dragon Ball which will introduce another strong villain. The new arc opens with a scene where our heroes from Universe 7 practice to get more powerful and stronger.

After a bit, Goku and the other fighters will meet with a Galactic Patrol agent that informs them about the story of Moro, the Planet-eater. Ten million years ago, a strong villain came into space, and he destroys planets and transforms them into lifeless stars to consume its life power. After consuming the power of more than 300 planets, The Supreme Kai uses the majority of his godly strength and succeeds in sealing Moro’s power. It is supposed that Moro still had a large amount of power in him.

Since then Moro is doomed to life imprisonment after being handed over to a galactic patrol. Despite being in prison, he has managed to escape, and the Galactic Patrols is on the hunt for Moro.

After listening to the story of the villain Moro, as always Goku becomes eager to face him in person. With Vegeta, they both join the Galactic Patrol to find the escaped prisoner Moro. After a short adventure, they finally get a signal with Moro’s location. Goku attempts to sense his aura. However, it turns out that Moro already noticed Goku and Vegeta.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date

For now, the release date Season 2 of Dragon Ball Super is not on the schedule of the Toei Animation Studio. But considering a new arc has been added in the recent manga chapters, we can anticipate that the forthcoming season will follow the manga story. If that is ever going to take place then, the Dragon Ball fans don’t have to wait long for the next season of Dragon Ball Super.

Reportedly, Toei Animation Studio and the Funimation publisher wants the dubbed and the subbed episodes of Dragon Ball Super to broadcast together. The Dragon Ball Super dubbed version will end in Autumn 2019. Accordingly, it is reliable to believe that Season 2 of Dragon Ball Super could start broadcasting most probably next year early 2020.

Dragon Ball Super Trailer

Before watching the Second Season of Dragon Ball Super, you should surely watch the the movie! Here is a short trailer of it.

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