Dragon Pilot Hisone and Masotan Season 2: Release Date?When It’s The Anime Coming Out?

Dragon Pilot Hisone and Masotan Season 2 release date

The action television series, Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan, is an anime produced by the renowned Bones studio. Mari Okada wrote the story, and Hiroshi Kobayashi directed it. The first season of the anime premiered in Japan on 13 April 2018. One very notable aspect of Dragon Pilot is its brilliant theme songs. “Shoujo wa Ano Sora wo Wataru”, the anime’s opening, which is performed by Riko Fukumoto and composed by Taisei Iwasaki.

Mari Okada herself wrote the lyrics of the song. The ending theme, “Le temps de la rentrée: Koi no leji (Shingakki)” was performed by D-Pai, which is a vocal unit that comprises of voice. The song is a cover of “Le temps de la rentrée” by France Gall. The cover was arranged by Iwasaki.

After it’s first quite successful first season fans are eagerly waiting for Dragon Pilot season 2 release date.

Dragon Pilot Hisone and Masotan Season 2: Release Date?When It's The Anime Coming Out? 4

Later on, Netflix decided to license the show for both domestic streaming and international streaming. The show’s international release was on 25 September, 2018. Ever since, the show’s fans have been keeping their fingers crossed for a second season of Dragon Pilot.

What Have Fans Seen From The Previous Episodes Of Dragon Pilot

The story is about an amateur pilot named Hisone Amakasu, who belongs to the Japan Air Self-Defence Force. As Hisone’s straightforwardness made her have trouble in maintaining social relations, she joined the Air Self-Defence Force in order to keep her away from others and transform herself into something much greater.

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Despite her intention for joining the Air Self-Defence Force was quite a self-centered and an egotistical one, her story has a twist when she is selected as a pilot of an OTF (armored dragons). Masotan, a dragon, chooses Hisone to be its pilot. This is followed by Hisone, realizing her destiny to be a dragon pilot. As Hisone roams the skies along with Masotan, she realizes the fact that her entire life had lead to this very moment and she, along with Masotan are bound by fate to do great things. Things that will result in a completely different future.

Dragon Pilot Season 2 Release Date

Dragon Pilot Hisone and Masotan Season 2: Release Date?When It's The Anime Coming Out? 5

Even though a year has gone by since the end of Dragon Pilot Season 1, no news about the next season has been confirmed. Nonetheless, there is no need to be worried as there is still a lot of time for the Dragon Pilot Season 2 to be announced.

Moreover, the anime series has generated the creation of a manga series. This serves as evidence about its popularity. We have a feeling that Dragon Pilot season 2 could air in the coming year or in the year 2020. We are on alert about any news on the sequel of Dragon Pilot and we’ll be sure to keep this page updated so stay tuned.

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Watch Dragon Pilot Dubbed In English

For the people who prefer watching their anime dubbed in English, you guys have good news as Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan is available with English dubbing, commissioned by Netflix. The dubbed episodes of the anime is available on Netflix. So be sure to check it out.

Dragon Pilot Trailer

If you haven’t watched the first season of Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan, here is a short trailer of this awesome anime!


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