Era of Legends Guide, Tips and Cheats on How to Play the Game

Era of Legends Guide, Tips and Cheats on How to Play the Game 4

So, if you love MMORPGs and are enthusiastic about exotic mounts and creatures (and what else), then I’m pretty sure that you are going to have the best experience of your life because Era of Legends has it all: mounts, quests, pets, and a good combat system! In a way, this game recalled me of World of Warcraft, not only because of the class I chose to play but because of how dungeons runs are.

When you are just beginning off with the game, you will have many classes to pick from, so I recommend that you select your character wisely because once you begin, you won’t feel like dropping the game anytime soon it’s so addictive.

Classes in Era of Legends

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There are numerous classes you can choose from such as:

  • Warrior: A lot of defense and health points, does Melee damage
  • Shaman: this is the party healer and buffer, his skills are ranged and have an AoE
  • Mage: Has high AoE damage with a broad range
  • Priest: strong individual target heals, has a high range
  • Assassin: mighty single target bursting skills, does melee damage
  • Witch: summons monsters to fight and applies dark damage and debuffs, has a considerable range
  • Archer: very fast with their attacks and moves, they can summon pets and have a vast range
  • Druid: a lot of defense and health points, can transform and do Melee damage

Activate the Auto-Battle Mode

You can’t understand how this function will help you in the game. Mainly through the initial stages which you should clear as soon as you begin the game. It will just begin auto routing to the quest zones and accumulating up the items needed to fill the objective.

To activate you the auto battle, you need to head unto minimap in the top right corner and press on the Auto Mode, there you should have Auto-Battle, and Auto Path turn both of them on and let the game level you up easily and quickly.

Start questing as soon as you can

When you are just beginning in the Era of Legends, you should use the Auto-Battle function and start advancing through the levels as fast as you can. They will give you tons of experience, and you will level up surprisingly quickly that way. All you must to do is tap the screen a few times here and there to take and hand in quests.

The game will have quite a lot of quest types, from killing monsters to save NPCs and talk to certain NPCs. They will all give experience, and you will raise your level quickly.

Roll For The Gear/Equipment You Need

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Just like in any MMORPGs when you go do some party instances and dungeons, even World Bosses, they will drop plenty of prizes. Well, these rewards are divided between all the members of the party who fought together, so you will need to roll the dice for it.

There is the opportunity to be greedy (claim items for yourself) or pass on the items to the members of your party, so if it’s not of any use for your class be generous and just let the others have it. It’s good to share with your comrades and not maintain everything yourself because there might be an item that is quite uncommon to find and if you can’t use it, then it’s a waste to have it.

Find a Good Guild

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Joining just any guild will not do in this game, because you will miss out on quite a lot of useful bonuses. I would advise that you wait and take the time to find a good guild because it will assist you in finding mates for Dungeons much easier and that will be of great cooperation especially later on in the game.

So don’t rush to enter in any guild and afterward get sent off due to the leader getting annoyed, play the game, level up and in the meantime take your time to seek for a good guild. Consider talking to the guild leader before and talk to them, see if the guild goals are the same as yours.

Also, if you are playing with your friends consider creating a guild because it will be easier for both of you to maintain it and to control who gets in and who goes out of the guild.

Take Part in Limited Events and Dungeons

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There are a few events in Era of Legends: a quiz, Arena, World Boss and more. They operate only during specific server times, so try to log in the game for these events (especially for the IQ Test and World Bosses) because they will give you many awards, from experience to rare equipment.

The Dungeons are also great, and you can run them various times a day, for as long as you can handle it (and find teammates). They give EXP and items, so it’s good for leveling up there if you got bored questing.

You can locate both the limited time events and the Dungeons in the Battle tab on the top right corner. Select where you wish to adventure next and kill them all!

Upgrade Your Abilities and Equipment Regularly.

You should always keep your abilities upgraded at all times, by doing that you’ll deal with the enemies much, much easier. Select the “Quick Upgrade” option on the right side, and the game will do it automatically for you.

Now for the Secret Art, each character has six different Secret Arts. Try them all out by yourself or watch some videos on Youtube and equip the ones that you like the more and fit your play style most. They can be unlocked as you level up:

  • The first one opens at level 23
  • The second one opens at level 30
  • Third one opens at level 35
  • The fourth one unlocks at level 40
  • The fifth one unlocks at level 45
  • The sixth one opens at level 55

Keep in mind that the sixth ability may not always be the greatest of them, so when you pick two that you want to hold, try out different orders.

Try out different skins

The skins work like costumes in the Era of Legends, so there are quite a few options when it comes to transforming your looks. You will get one outfit for free when you reach level 15, and another one as a daily reward. Now there is one you can only get in the shop (which sadly is my favorite), and it goes for 1680 points.

Purchase Items From the Store

In the Store menu, you’ll have the regular Store which sells good for Silver and Gold. As you advance through the game’s quests and steps you will unlock new stuff that you can buy. I would recommend that you buy the Wartiger Shards because once you have accumulated 20 of them, you’ll be able to summon the Wartiger Mount which looks beautiful!

Of course, you can take a peek at many other wares in the store and if there is something that captures your attention, go for it! You’ll make the silver back quite fast if you continuously do missions and dungeons.

Avoiding Boss’ Attacks in Dungeons.

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When you are fighting in the dungeons, and even against the world boss, I advise you to dodge the “red carpets.” These are the shapes of the boss’ attacks, and they can hit you or inflict negative statuses, or even murder you. They look precisely like “red carpets” with a yellow outline, so keep an eye out for them when you are fighting bosses.

I advise attempting to dodge them by studying the pattern of the skills and imagining where the attack might land next. If you appear to be tanking the boss at some point, try moving around it and casting your skills at the same time.

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