Fumikiri Jikan (Crossing Time) Season 2: Possible Release Date?

Fumikiri Jikan (Crossing Time) Season 2 Release Date

What Have Fans Seen From The Previous Episodes

Fumikiri Jikan (Crossing time) sheds light on the general life of random characters, which puts more pressure on the person itself rather than the story. The title can blow an image of motivational warnings that are sent to in everyday life for each figure. This story is about a joint of cast list not only about the absent plot in Fumikiri Jikan. The story stresses on the idea that the life we are living in is getting faster – too fast to have a recreational time in during work schedules especially in Japan, the country of work efficiency and ethics.

In each episode, we have the characters meeting in “The Railroad Crossing” which is a place where time stops for a moment as if it was “paused” for a momentary meetings that acquire a short conversation between two characters face to face, or through texts accompanied by an internal monologue that shows the fears and passions of each character. This adaptation comes as an animation of the written version of Misuzu Chiba’s script, as well as Sato’s manga to which it tells a chronicle short sketches of good stories and parts of the life of any character.

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Fumikiri Jikan (Crossing Time) Season 2 Release Date

Fumikiri Jikan (Crossing time) was broadcasted from April 9, 2018, to June 25, 2018, with only twelve different episodes. This anime is a short adaptation of enormous advantages from making each episode concise and well-structured where they can move at one pace adaptive to one chapter, or short comic in one episode. As Sato’s manga is still in progress in Futabasha Ltd’s Monthly Action, a seinen-oriented monthly magazine, there is a great deal of supply of material to continue the adaptation of this manga if the studio chooses to make another season.

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However, no announcement has been made by the creators, the studio or its correspondents regarding a possible second season of the anime so far. There are opportunities for making the next season with high potential for more welcome follow-up, so it is about time at the moment. A deadline for air has yet not determined because of the lack of official disclosure.

Fumikiri Jikan (Crossing Time) Trailer & 1st Episode

If you haven’t watched the first season of Fumikiri Jikan (Crossing Time) here is a short trailer and the first episode of this awesome anime! 🙂


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