Guide on How to Clean your Gaming Computer Mouse

Guide on How to Clean your Gaming Computer Mouse
Guide on How to Clean your Gaming Computer Mouse

We know very well that times have really changed and we have almost all forgotten that once the mice had a nice round ball inside. At that time the cleaning of the mouse was really complicated, because the accumulation of dirt, mainly due to the movement of the ball, was really a lot. In that case, it was essential to thoroughly clean both the ball and the area where the ball was staying.

Nowadays, almost everyone owns the most modern laser mouse, which really needs deep cleaning in rare cases, but especially not so often.

Why Should I Clean My Gaming Mouse?

Because it is a massively used accessory, cleaning a gaming mouse is an activity that should be carried out regularly. Gaming computer mouse accumulates dirt and germs. This not only has consequences for hygiene and cleanliness, but it also leads to a deterioration in performance.

For example, a dirty gaming mouse may have a malfunction of the pointer. From a hygienic point of view, however, the accumulation of bacteria promotes the spread of diseases. This can be prevented by regular cleaning and disinfection.

How to Clean an Optical Gaming Mouse

In the wireless optical mouse models, we start by removing the batteries. Clean the outside with a dampened microfiber cloth, trying not to get close to the inside. After cleaning and removing stains and dirt residue, we dry it carefully. Now let’s clean the scroll wheel. We can remove any dirt deposits with the help of a toothpick. Then let’s turn the mouse over to drop the dirt.

Now, let’s inspect the bottom of the mouse where the optical sensor is located. If we do not see hair or dust, then we do nothing. If it is dusty, we can use a cotton swab to clean it quickly and gently.

How to Clean a Mechanical Gaming Mouse

The cleaning process of the mechanical mouse is the same as for the optical model concerning the exterior and the scroll wheel. Then remove the trackball. Let’s flip the mouse so that the bottom part faces upwards. Let’s turn the cover counterclockwise and remove it from the mouse.

Let’s flip the mouse over once more so that the trackball falls off. Let’s use a compressed air can to clean both the ball and the inside. It will help us to loosen dirt or debris. We wipe the trackball with a dry cloth or fabric and also the three rollers that control the movement of the trackball. After being done with that you can reassemble your mouse.

Cleaning a Gaming Mouse with a Cleaning Gel

Cleaning a Gaming Mouse with a Cleaning Gel

In my opinion a gaming mouse can’t be cleaned with a wipe of microfibre cloth. The best tool to use in this case is cleaning gel. These are small pieces of rubber or foam sold for cleaning shoes or walls. This is perfect for removing dirt without damaging the device.

In this case, don’t be afraid to apply a little more force. With a little patience, the mouse will shine again. Before using it again, take back the damp cloth and clean the mouse thoroughly to avoid leaving any residue of rubber or dirt.

Though if you are not a fan of cleaning gels to clean your gaming mouse you can always opt for a microfiber cloth!

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