Guide on How to Reroll in Brown Dust

Guide on How to Reroll in Brown Dust 4

Our Brown Dust reroll guide post today is going to explain to you everything that you will require to know regarding how to get the best heroes in Brown Dust, all for free. So you don’t need to bother about not being capable to complete the steps, because we’ve got your back!

What Does It Mean To Reroll?

Rerolling is resetting the characters (mercenaries) that you have obtained at the starting of the game to get better, stronger and rarer characters. This is something that you have to do at the beginning of the game when you want to gather for free a relatively good team.

The characters you get when you reroll are the characters that should form a strong team to carry you from the beginning to end, effortlessly (or with the least effort) and you should constantly look for something that is hard to get, or expensive.

How Can I Reroll?

Rerolling in Brown Dust is quite simple. The game features a delete account function that resets your game progress. You can delete your account every 3 minutes. Tap the gear icon(Settings) at the upper-right corner of the game screen -> delete account -> enter the digits in the search box and validate.

What Kind Of Characters Should You Look For?

There are quite some great characters that you can get, but mostly what you are going to desire to get is the Legendary “Dominus Octo” ones that cannot be bought with Ancient Coins. But it’s not all that easy, so here are the best heroes that you could get from reroll:

  • Foxy
  • Seir
  • Levia
  • Vernoia
  • Siegmund
  • Valze
  • Asmode
  • Lucius (Quite tough to get him as he is one of the best character in the game).
  • Other 5 star character.

Since they are not that simple to get, you might have to do the rerolling for quite some time. It’s not that exciting, but if you need a good boost, this is what you need to do.

What you will also require to do is get the 600 Diamonds from the campaign and buy the “Legend Scroll Package” which supplies you 10x Legend Scrolls that you can use to summon. But in case you reset the game, to get those 600 Diamonds you will have to do Campaign mode once again, so it might take a while. However, if you aren’t in a hurry, then that’s the best way to get good characters for free in Brown Dust.

Video Explanation on How to Reroll in Brown Dust

[Brown Dust] Reroll Guide + Tier list

Please watch the post-launch update video I made, it clarifies and corrects a few things I said in this video:…

Check the video out in case you are still confused on how to reroll in Brown Dust and if you are still unsure on which characters to get!

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