Guide On How To Use Your Personal Island In Albion Online

Guide On How To Use Your Personal Island In Albion Online

In this guide on Albion Online, we will be going over islands. The game Albion Online has received a lot of traffic, or in RPG terms, population since the free to play update was introduced for Albion Online. So we wish to aid players who are trying to get into Albion Online and help them get better at the game.

Albion Online Island Guide

The first step is to buy your very own island. We have gone over this topic in the previous article on Albion Online talking about Crop Farming. To get your own island, first, you have to go to any of the main cities. There, you will have to interact with the Island Merchant. To purchase an island, you must have a 30-day active premium account.

You are only allowed one personal island, and after buying the island, it remains in your possession whether you have premium or not. The personal island you purchased can be upgraded to Tier 6. One important thing to remember is that you can only enter your personal island from the city that you bought it from. So if you try to access it from any other city, you will not be able to do so. Keep this in mind while purchasing an island from any city.

The same Island Merchant is the person you have to go to if you want to upgrade your island. If you want to farm on your island to produce food, you have to upgrade your island to at least Tier 2 (to have access to farming plots) and read our guide on Crop Farming in Albion Online. On upgrading your personal island to Tier 2, you also get access to extra land for housing, etc.

Crop Farming on Your Personal Island

You have to wait for two minutes after you make your personal island to enter it. Once, you get on to your Tier 2 personal island; we recommend that you do your farming first before anything else such as a building. Press H to bring up the building menu which says ‘Choose Building.’ On that menu, go ahead and select the Farming tab and then proceed to choose Farm to begin building your farming plot.

Place the plot where you want it, pay the fee, and then you have to gather materials for building your plot. You will be indicated on what materials you need, in this instance, you need 15 Tier 1 Raw Wood and 15 Tier 1 Raw Stone. These materials can be easily obtained from your surroundings in your island. You can find and pick up raw stones and also chop down Tier 1 trees in your personal island.

We recommend you bring your highest level axe, at least level 2 so that you can speed up the process of chopping down trees at a significant rate. After collecting your materials, you ahead and put them down on your farming plot. After all, this is done, you are finally ready to farm on your plot. Now you need seeds to plant on your farming plot, for that, head over to the Farming Merchant on your personal island and buy it from him.

The Farming Merchant sell a lot of things, but for now, we are only concerned about crop farming. Buy your seeds from the Farming Merchant, and you are good to go. You will only have access to carrots first. Buy 9 of them to fill the nine slots on your farming plot. Carrots are essential as they make a lot of money and is edible for most of the animals in Albion Online.

In conclusion, carrots are one of the most efficient crops to grow. So go ahead and plant the seeds that you just bought from the Farming Merchant and on your farming plot. Water the plants that you have sown. Watering will require Focus.
After your crops are fully grown, it is time to harvest them. Go to your farming plot with the plants and collect them. If you used Focus, then you may get a few seeds back.

That is it for a short guide on crop farming. If you want a more detailed and in-depth guide on crop farming in Albion Online, read our guide on the topic here.

Building Your Own House On Your Personal Island In Albion Online

Let us go over building your own house on your personal island in Albion Online. Decide on a spot on your personal island where you want your house to be situated. Head over to your desired site of your house and press the H button to pull up a tab and click the house tab to view the different options that you can choose from. As of now, you can choose between three house buildings – Guild Hall, a regular house and a specialty house.

You should go with the regular house unless you have access to the specialty house, which can only be accessed if you are a founder. Similar to the early buildings (plots, pastures, etc.), houses also require you to collect certain raw materials. Tier 1 Stone and Tier 1 Wood are important along with another new resource, limestone. After collecting all the necessary resources at the required amount, you must use them to build your house.

You can add furniture to your house after it is built though you cannot put a lot at this stage. You cannot do much on the inside of the house right now. You can make this house your home, demolish it, decide who can access it (if yours is a downloadable world). You can also upgrade your house. To upgrade your house, you have to press the upgrade button. Upgrading your house will allow it to move on to the next level. This will require you to have higher tier resources than earlier. Once your house is upgraded, you will get the next portion of the house.

You can keep adding more things to your house like chests. The minimum level your house must be at as a baseline is level 4. You can put a lot of stuff in a Tier 4 house, and you do not necessarily need to upgrade it to the next level. You do not have to upgrade it from a Tier 1 house if you do not want to, but getting it, Tier 4 is highly recommended. If you ever end up in a situation where you want your house to be situated in a different place, but the building process for your house has already begun, don’t worry as there is a solution to this problem.

Equip your character with a Demolition Hammer and go up to your house and change its settings to make that house attackable. Now you can attack that house, and it will be gone. But do note that you will not get back the raw materials you put in to build this house. If you want your house to be in a different spot after it has already been fully-built, then you can go to it and demolish it. But in doing so, you do get back 98% of the resources that you put in to build this house.

So, if you want your house to be in a separate spot but construction has already begun, then just be patient and wait for it to be completed and then demolish it so that you can get back 98% of the resources that you put in to build the house rather than losing all those hard-earned raw materials. The best course of action is to properly think about the spot of the house before building it. This can save your materials, your effort, and a lot of time.


Next, let’s go over laborers briefly. Laborers are basically people that you hire to work for you on your personal island. So there are these things called Journals which are taken out when you are crafting or when you are gathering or doing random stuff that gains you Fame. And you fill these Journals out and take them back to the people you have in your house, and you give it to them.

And when you give them these Journals, they are going to give you back the amount that you went out in Fame. For example, if you went out and did a lot of Tier 3 Leather and you filled up Tier 3 Journals, and you give the Journals back to them, they are going to give you back Tier 3 resources. If you are at higher Tiers, then you have a chance of having what you receive to be enchanted.

How you should set up these Labourers in your house is by pleasing them, yes, you have to keep your Labourers happy. This includes having a table for all your Labourers. One table can hold four Labourers. So you can sit one to four people in a table. Buy enough tables to sit all of your Labourers. Along with tables, also get all of your Labourers a bed. Make sure that you also have trophies to please your Labourers. All this may sound intricate, but it is necessary to keep your Labourers content.

That’s it for this guide on Albion Online. Hope you guys enjoyed it and found it helpful. Let us know what you thought about this guide. Don’t forget to read the previous guides on Albion Online, which will hopefully help you get into the game. Be sure to give them a read.

Let us know what more you would like to see from us in the future.

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