Guide On The Best Classes To Play In Black Desert Online (BDO)

bdo black desert online classes guide

Black Desert Online, otherwise known as BDO, is an online sandbox MMORPG developed by a Korean gaming company known as Pearl Abyss. Released formerly on the Windows, it has since then spread onto the consoles and mobile platforms as well. The game is widely free-to-play but has to be bought in other places. Black Desert Online is widely popular, having amassed a following of around 18 million players (as reported by April 2019).

Just like other RPG games, you also have a large variety of classes to choose from in this game. Each class has its pros and cons and is suitable for specific conditions.

Black Desert Online (BDO) Classes Guide

Following is a guide that explains each class in detail so it can help new players in quickly choosing the perfect class for themselves. BDO has 17 classes to choose from, and it is also worth noting that all classes in this game are gender locked so you cannot change the gender of the class you want to play with.


Imagine the most balanced class, and the answer you’ll reach is the Warrior class. It’s one of the oldest class and something that usually most players take, due to how easy it is to learn and adapt to. Its gender is restricted to male as is the case with other classes. It uses a longsword and shield as its primary weapon and uses a Greatsword as its awakening weapon (The class-exclusive weapon you receive upon reaching Level 56). Has relatively good stats, with the only bane being its Evasion stat.

The warrior class is quite excellent in 1v1 showdowns, due to how much damage it can dish, and it’s moderate yet efficient number of combos. It isn’t exactly the fastest grinder, however, which certainly impedes its growth. But, at the same time, it offers a lot of variety, meaning there is more customization available with the mobility and damage section.


Valkyrie is the gender-bent version of the Warrior class. It is relatively the same as the Warrior; however, there is a vast difference in the skills it offers. Its awakening weapon is replaced with the Lancia. Her combat can be hard to master, as the difficulty curve is quite high. However, she is perfect in 1v1 showdowns, making her a strong unit.

Not to mention, she’s good in teamwork as well, providing beneficial support and utility skills, which help in large scale PVP. She also possesses an incredible Burst potential. Its skill ceiling isn’t entirely as high as that of the Warrior class, but it is still very generous.


You know how in RPGs there is always that one class which is basically a high health, high damage hybrid tank? The Berserker is that class of Black Desert Online, providing excellent performance, especially in PVP. It can be hard to master; however, the Berserker class is undoubtedly one of the strongest classes in the game. Its primary weapon is an Axe and an ornamental knot, while it’s Awakening weapon is an Iron Buster.

They perform well in 1 vs. 1 situations, and it mostly very useful in small PVP situations such as 3 vs. 3. Their performance in PVE mode is outstanding. This class has multiple grabs, but, it has a limited range through its Awakening. This class plays the tank role in this game.


Wizard is a Male gender class, which uses a staff and dagger as its primary weapons while using the Godhr Sphera as its Awakening weapon.

Both Witches and Wizards are practically similar in gameplay until you reach their Awakening phase. With Wizard, you can cast fire, ice, and lightning storms. You can also chain these attacks, alongside other types of magic like healing and resurrecting your allies (a significant boon in team play). Most importantly, they can cast a skill called Protected Area, which amplifies your allies defenses greatly for a short period of time.

Upon reaching Awakening, the Wizard can use fire and water elemental abilities, and it can summon an elemental pet according to its needs. The fire attacks are used for melee attacks, while the water is used for ranged attacks instead. Due to the strong AOE abilities, grinding with the Wizard class becomes mockingly easy, which makes it an excellent class for new players.

They are not that good in PvP, or more specifically, 1v1 duels. This is because they have slow casting times, and they can then be easily grabbed for combos. Speaking of which, the Wizard also has a grab attack, but it is prolonged and not that worth it.


The Witch is the counterpart to the Wizard, being nearly wholly identical with the significant changes appearing with her awakening weapon which is an Aad Sphera. As her Awakening ability, she controls both Earth and Lightning and can summon an Earth elemental for melee attacks, while the Lightning Elemental is reserved for range obliteration.

Compared to the Wizard, she possesses more range in her attacks, giving her an edge with her slow casting time. She also has a block ability instead of the Grab ability that the Wizard had, which increases her resistance against attacks. Similar to the Wizard. However, she is an absolute beast in PvE, making her the natural choice for any new players hoping to get in with an edge. Not to mention, she’s quite easy to master.

Both the Witch and Wizard can attain substantial defense quality with specific gear.


Just as the name hints, the Sorceress is indeed a female class. She uses an amulet and Talisman for her primary weapons while changing to a Scythe as her awakening weapon. The Sorceress can be classified as a fast-moving dark magic-user. She is average in 1v1 duels; however, she’s completely useless when it comes to large scale PvP battles.

But what she lacks in the PvP department, she makes in other forms. For example, she is good at grinding, allowing you to level her up faster. But it still stands, that the class is quite hard to master plus it also requires a lot of gear to compete with the other classes, but once you understand the ins and outs of this class, you notice the real prowess hidden beneath.

Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is a female restricted class, shown as an Elf. She dons a Kriegmesser and an ornamental knot as her primary weapons while switching to Vediant as her Awakening weapon, which is a magical glove that summons different kinds of sword shapes.

One drawback of this class is that it requires a lot of resource management which can get quite tedious. Not to mention, it also requires mastery of its skills to be able to perform well in PVP situations. It helps that she possesses mid-range AoE attacks. But her mobility is excellent, and her performance is PVE is outstanding. Compared to the other classes, this class is relatively more comfortable.


The Tamer is a female class, which uses a short sword and a trinket as her primary weapons. She switches to a Celestial Bow Staff as her awakening weapon, which allows her to summon Heilang, which is a mystical wolf whom she can ride. Heilang can also be used for convenient crowd control as it can be ordered to attack enemies.

She is very deadly in 1v1 situations due to the Tamer having one of the quickest grabs in the game along with incredible burst. But, she is incredibly tough to master; however, learning her is quite a reward as she proves to be quite helpful in large scale fights. The Tamer class stands tall as one of the best PVE classes.


Striker is a male class which focuses on using a gauntlet and a vambrace as its primary weapons while switching to a Guard Brace as its Awakening weapon. This class is similar to the Berserker in terms of being considered a tank due to the high magical defenses it offers. The Striker class also possesses great burst and have very good mobility.

One of its unique skills allows it to summon multiple clones, each of which deal damage alongside you, meaning you can easily overwhelm your enemy by numbers alone.

The Striker is quite adaptable, being very good in PVE (despite the limitations due to the mobility being hard to control). Not to mention, absolutely rocking in one vs. one situation, depending on the player. It also does well in large scale battles and has good defense due to its magical resistance.

This class isn’t too hard to master so it can be considered the right choice for a new player.


Its gender is female. It can be considered the female version of the Striker.

She also uses gauntlets and vambrace as her primary weapon, while using a Cestus as her awakening weapon. Her unique ability is to summon a water spirit dragon that does damage alongside her with certain skills. She can be considered a tank class due to her resistance skills. She is quite mobile.

She doesn’t have as much damage as that of a striker, but she makes up for it with excellent crowd control abilities. She has one of the best PVE performances in this game. She is slightly harder to play with when compared to the Striker. In a way, this class can be considered the strongest class in this game.


It is a male class. It uses a blade and a horn bow for its primary weapons. It uses a Crescent blade as its Awakening weapon. This class is quite mobile with large AOE abilities. This is one of the best classes for PVE modes. This class is also very effective in large scale battles as it can attacks multiple enemies in a straight line for a long distance. In 1 vs. 1 battle, this class requires a lot of practice to master. This is an excellent class to pick if you’re a new player.


It is a female class. It is the female equivalent to Musa. It uses a blade and a Horn bow as her primary weapons. It uses a Keri spear as its Awakening weapon. She is extremely mobile with conal AOE abilities.

She performs well in PVE battles, but, not as good as Musa. She is suitable for a 1 vs. 1 situation. She doesn’t perform too well in large scale battles, plus she cannot be called a too friendly class when it comes to newcomers.


It uses short sword and Kunai and shuriken for its secondary weapon. It uses a Sura Katana as its Awakening weapon. Ninja is mobile in short distances and has good combos damage. This class is quite hard to master. They can be considered one of the best classes for 1 vs. 1 battles. They aren’t too useful in large scale fights.


They are the female equivalent of Ninja. She uses the same primary weapons as that of a Ninja. She uses a Sah Chakram as her Awakening weapon. She performs better in PVE battles when compared to Ninja. Both Kunoichi and Ninja can go invisible and easily sneak up on an enemy in the open world scenario. She has better crowd control abilities as compared to the Ninja. It is also one of the best 1 vs. 1 classes in this game. Similar to Ninja, this class is also not very beginner friendly.


It uses a crescent pendulum and a noble sword as her primary weapons. Her Awakening weapon is a Crimson glaive. She can fly/dive in the air for short durations. She has decent AOE skills and performs well in PVE battles. She has excellent stamina management. She is very deadly in 1 vs. 1 situations due to her ranged grab. She is not one an easy class to master.


It uses a longbow and a Dagger as its primary weapons. It uses a kamasylven sword as its Awakening weapon. She has very good mobility. She performs well in PVE. One of her drawbacks is her high mana/stamina consumption. She can be quite deadly in 1 vs. 1 fights, due to high damage burst. She isn’t the easiest class to master. She has range attacks, but she doesn’t have that much range as compared to the Archer class.


It uses a crossbow and a Ra’Gohn as its primary weapons. It uses a great-bow as its awakening weapon. The unique thing about this class is that you do not have to reach level 56 to unlock your Awakening weapon as you start with it. This class a lot of range in its attacks. It also has good mobility and good resource management. He is mediocre in 1 vs. 1 battles. He is a very effective class in large scale battles as he can do damage from afar.

So What Is The Best Class You Should Go For In BDO?

You can select whichever class has better stats, but one of the mistakes that players make is that they choose a class that is most popular these days or is being most recommended by other players. Our advice to new players is to choose a class that suits their playing style so that they can play it to their full potential. Surely there are classes that can perform better than others. But at the end it depends on how well you can play your class.

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