Guide, Tips and Cheats in How To Play and Dominate in Idle Heroes

Guide, Tips and Cheats in How To Play and Dominate in Idle Heroes 4

How To Get 5 Star Heroes For Free

Acquiring your first 5-star hero is undoubtedly a challenging task: To find you need to reach level 30 first. Yet if you could somehow lay your hand on a 5-star hero blasting your way in the game should be easy, especially fights. With this tip, you will most certainly obtain your 5-star hero in a matter of seconds as soon as you start playing the game.

First sign in with your email account. Not to mention that is isn’t a must to link one of your social media accounts to the game. Simply put: Insert your email address, make your password, and obtain your 5-star hero from the “Challenge” menu. See? Nothing is complicated! One thing to note is if you already possess a 5-star hero, then you will get a 6-star version of him.

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Disassemble Your Low Level Heroes

Once, you have built up a 4-star heroes team, disassemble all low star heroes at your disposal. Even at higher levels, you will still drop such low-level heroes. Thus, keeping them is of no use to you. Once you disassemble them, you will acquire soul shard stones with which you can purchase 5-star heroes. Our advice for you is first to buy these heroes using the stones: Demon Hunter, Iceblink, Gerke, Walter, and Dark Arthindol.

Skip Arena Battles

Among the funniest features in the game is the so-called “Arena Mode”: You will be able to battle other players teams and get yourself some unusual gifts. Yet, this mode can be quite dull as you will have to play more than one arena in a row, knowing that each will take around 2 minutes to accomplish. In such a case, you can use the “Skip Battle” option shown on your screen to skip the battle and see the results directly.

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Upgrading Your Heroes In Idle Heroes

The more levels your heroes gain the more stats they acquire. But keep in mind that leveling up is not the only option available to make your heroes more powerful; You can use the “Guild Tech” shown on your screen to increase their basic stats from 20 to 60 points. As a guild member, you will get tokens daily. You can exchange these tokens for upgrades. Our advice for you is to be wise and focus mainly on acquiring more health points for your mage classes as they are delicate and can easily be eliminated.

Buy Orbs Instead Of Summon Scrolls

Using the so-called “Summon Scrolls,” you can easily summon new heroes! But keep in mind that you can never predict the stars of the hero that will be summoned. On the bright side, these scrolls are usually free to get. Even when you use a Heroic Summon Scroll your chance of ending up with a 3-star hero is 78.42%, and that of a 5-star hero is lower than 20 %.

The only way to have a higher chance of summoning a 4 star-hero at least is by using Prophet Orbs. These orbs are hard to come by yet you can be sure of getting 4-star hero or higher. Your chance of summoning a 5-star hero using the former option is 28%.

Guide, Tips and Cheats in How To Play and Dominate in Idle Heroes 5

How To Get Free Gems In Idle Heroes

In case, you are struggling to get some gems, keep in mind that you can gain 20 gems simply by watching an Ad Video. Furthermore, you can repeat this up to 5 times daily. The amount to be obtained may not look promising, but if you keep doing this for 30 days will end up with 3,000 gems at your disposal. Remember that you can buy 2,500 gems for $ 49.99. In other words, this method is worth trying, especially that these gems will help you build a 4-5 star hero teams quickly.

Don’t Forget To Claim Your Daily Rewards

Each time you log in, you will get a unique reward. Many players ignore the fact that they can obtain gifts by simply signing. Well, it is hard to notice since the option is shown right under the “events” section. Keep in mind that if you daily do this, you will earn up to 3,000 gem as well as high-quality weapons in only 30 days. After another month, you will obtain a 5-star hero for free. Such an offer shouldn’t be missed! Thus, always remember to claim your reward once you log in.

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Checkout The Marketplace

The marketplace is not only made for players who wish to buy cool items using either gems or gold !. The buying list is updated every 3 hours. You will surely find something useful from time to time. For instance, you can get 4,000 spirits for 30,000 gold: Spirit is much more needed and rarer than gold so always keep an eye on the market you may find amazing offers!

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