Guide, Tips and Cheats in How to Play and Get The Best Characters in Bleach Brave Souls

Guide, Tips and Cheats in How to Play and Get The Best Characters in Bleach Brave Souls 4

Conctruct More Than One Team

Most players ignore this feature. As you know, you can build up to 5 teams. The primary purpose of this is to activate/switch easily between teams. One character may be used in different teams, unlike a linked character. For instance, you can build two teams, one dedicated to PVE and the other for PVP and so on.

Be Wise When You Build Your Team

Take into consideration the attribute weaknesses when building your team. You have to balance your time so that each character cover up for the other’s low stats. Leveling a character is challenging and know that! To do so, you need a lot of griding and farming! Thus, don’t randomly build your team by merely mixing any character you unlock! Build your perfect team synergy with accordance to its effects list If you aim at creating a PvP team; you might want to ensure your team having an advantage against any enemy team combination Moreover it is always less challenging to acquire materials for different characters if you have the corresponding weakness advantage.

Guide, Tips and Cheats in How to Play and Get The Best Characters in Bleach Brave Souls 5

Max Out One Character At A Time

When you have more than one character that you want to max out, a smart move would be to max them one at a time. Do not forget that the materials required in order to maximize the soul tree involves a lot of grinding and maxing multiple characters simultaneously can have significant drawbacks. The first one is that your process of upgrading your characters will be slowed and the second one is that your awakened character from 5 to 6 stars will be weaker than he was at the previous level and will be at level one. Meaning the more weakened characters you have, the weaker your team will be.

To avoid such outcome, focus on maxing one of your characters to level 150 or 200 and later on use that character as a front runner, a runner that can carry the rest of the team and solo. This way your characters will not only acquire experience but also get coin/crystal links which means you will be able to cover for their progress.

Bleach Brave Souls Best Characters – Tier List

Pay Attention To Frenzy Characters

Frenzy characters are most of the time farmed because of their dual and robust links. However, you can always add them as a part of your primary team, but avoid that except if they are exceptionally outstanding because it will be a waste of your hogyokus to upgrade them.

Regarding links, frenzy characters are what you need to look for. Always search for these characters and depending on your team requirements, farm and max them out as the sooner, the better.

Complete Challenges And Daily Orders

Daily orders are an unquestionable choice as they are considered one of the best income sources for orbs, tickets, or any other high-value items like hogyoku wills.

Alternatively, challenge orders will offer you some outstanding rewards which will skyrocket your team progress. Do not ignore them ! they are highly valuable!

Bleach Brave Souls How To Get Hogyoku Will And Droplets

The Best Way To Get Orbs

Trust my words, one of the easiest things to farm are orbs especially at early game. You will get around 20 to 25 orbs per day for finishing any story quests for any level of difficulty! What are you waiting for? Finish all of them and get yourself at least 300+ orbs per day with those story quests!

Co-op too can offers you up to 500+ orbs. For each new player you play with during a co-op quest you get rewarded with 3 orbs! A newbie can easily earn 9 orbs per match at least! Moreover, co-op orb yield resets at the start of every year!

This happens for any new event in the game. New events held by a developer are very frequent in the game and surely an easy source of getting your hands not only on a huge quantity of orbs but even some resources and characters if you finish them before the deadline! As you level your first character, you will get a surprising amount of orbs. Here are the details:

Max level 150 6-Stars Character = 75 Spirit Orbs
Max level 100 5-Stars Character = 50 Spirit Orbs
Max level 70 4-Stars Character = 35 Spirit Orbs
Max level 60 3-Stars Character = 25 Spirit Orbs
Max level 50 2-Stars Character = 10 Spirit Orbs
Max level 40 1-Star Character = 5 Spirit Orbs

Always save a copy of each card and improve them when given the opportunity. Events like “Kon’s Bonanza” are useful as it provides you with tons of experience points as well as the chance of dropping a four stars character for each quest.

How To Go From 5 Stars To 6 Stars (Awakening)

First of all your character needs to be maxed out. This means getting 100 % on your tree and leveling up the character to level 150. When you get a green color on the level this means that you successfully maxed your character. Second, you must possess three hogyokus (Five hogyoukus for frenzy or medal characters). You can drop this rare item from Kisuke’s or Yoruichi’s training quests. If you are grinding these levels it should be easy to get some. Another way of getting them is by doing your weekly order or buying them from the Pvp medal exchange.

Once you’ve met these 2 requirements, go to your character detail screen and click the “Evolve” button and you’ll get your Awakening!!

Once done, the first thing to do next is to maximize your branch of the soul, the one in the middle that enhances your level cap . By doing so, your character would level up while you are grinding to upgrade the rest parts of the soul tree.

How To Get A 5 Star Ichigo in Bleach Brave Souls

Co-oping Tips

Everyone wants to finish the raid as soon as possible and move on to the next one. Therefore do not waste the raid members time and skip your character’s animation in co-op. I assure you that each player would be grateful to you if you do so. If you still insist on watching the whole animation, you can simply use single player quests to do so.

You must think and consider if your team can or cannot do a quest beforehand. For example, if you’re going for a level 140 raid or higher, be sure you have at least either 2 or more attribute advantages or that all of the characters are maxed out and not in auto-play mode.

Since you are a newbie, avoid going on higher level raids. Why? Because you won’t be able to survive and will instantaneously die wasting your and others time. If you happen to die in a co-op quest, do not give up! By watching through the quest, you can still be part of it and will get to acquire materials that your team had collected even those raid points !

Guide, Tips and Cheats in How to Play and Get The Best Characters in Bleach Brave Souls 6

Change characters before the quest begins. Depending on the quest use the optimal character with attribute weakness to clear it quickly.

Don’t ignore your team and allow those who need the heal/soul bomb to have them. Avoid pouncing on a heal when your health points are almost full. One single player who needed that heal can be a game changer. The same applies to any character with an astonishing special move damage. If give them the soul bomb, it will benefit you all !. Do not forget that you seek victory. Thus, cooperate and do not slow down your teammates! Winning is all that matters!

How To Make Coins In Bleach Brave Souls

Don’t miss the Kisuke’s coin event on the weekend; it gives ~45k per run. When you add coin links, you may even earn more than 100k per run.

You will also earn a huge amount of coins up to 10k by taking part in The Kon’s bonanza event each day. When does it occur on global?

03:00 – 05:00 UTC
08:00 – 10:00 UTC
13:00 – 15:00 UTC
17:00 – 19:00 UTC
22:00 – 00:00 UTC

Finally and in addition to that, you can sell your accessories, extra stock of materials or low stared characters. However, I recommend otherwise as low-level accessories could be useful as a fuel to upgrade higher ones.

What To Do With 5 Stars Dupes

Whenever a dupe character has a good character-link, you can it as a link or sacrifice him for the benefit of upgrading your original character special move! This can be done regardless of the level of your original character as it doesn’t matter if he attained the maximum level. Bear in mind that each upgrade will enhance the power by 25%. In other words, a 5/5 special is twice as powerful!

How To Quickly Reroll In Bleach Brave Souls

How To Get Your 6 Stars Character To Level 200

As soon as your character awakens to 6 stars, its soul tree will reset to level one and 0%. Once again you must grind your way and level the character until he reaches level 150. The operation is still the same except that you will need resources in addition to character to able to upgrade the soul tree.

Power-up > Upgrade the soul tree > Level up the character

Once you maxed your character to the highest level possible, you must get your hands on three rare hogyoku-wills which can only be dropped in a 5 stars raid. For a more steady and reassuring source, I would recommend accomplishing the weekly order — “complete 30 daily orders in a week” this way you will acquire a hogyoku-will. Having to do 30 daily orders in a week is not that hard! Not to mention that maxing any old character that you possess to level 200 for the first time will get you one additional hogyoku. But be warry it isn’t a reliable method.

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