Guide, Tips and Cheats in How to Play and Level In Girls Frontline

Guide, Tips and Cheats in How to Play and Level In Girls Frontline 4

How To Get S Rank in Girls Frontline

To get an S Rank on a level, your gameplay must be outstanding. In other words, all enemy echelons must be eliminated, all nodes captured, and zero-lost T-Dolls. Moreover, you will have to be quick! Most of the time will only achieve an A rank on your first attempt, yet if you try again and again you will surely nail an S rank!

If T-Dolls are upgraded and adequately geared for the level, you should be able to perfect and quickly blast through the levels. Also, don’t forget that once you have a significantly damaged T-doll your best option is to withdraw them rather than lose them once and for all. If a T-Doll goes down, the allied T-Dolls they were affected with their aura buff will instead receive a debuff, which can seriously hinder your team!

Girls Frontline – Tier list And Best Characters To Use In The Game

If you need to check a tier list the best T-Dolls that you should absolutely have in Girls Frontline. You can use this image below as “indication” or just visit:

Guide, Tips and Cheats in How to Play and Level In Girls Frontline 5

Always Equip The Best Weapons

Girls’ Frontline offers you an enormous variety of weapons to choose from, and the situation faced within the game is what will decide your choice. Weapons vary according to classes. Depending on those, each gun have its strength and weakness based on which you will make your choice.

When you face challenging bosses at final levels, how fast you can switch from one weapon to another while busy fighting the enemy is a crucial element for victory. Thus, to ease the task at hand, you should know every detail regarding weaponry including the classes.

Guide, Tips and Cheats in How to Play and Level In Girls Frontline 6

Shoot Down Enemies With Assault Rifles

Rifles or what we refer to as RF are characterized by the considerable amount of DPS they deal as well as the close-far ranged option they provide you with to combat. It is highly recommended that you equip your Middle-Formation-T-dolls with these rifles, rifles that always target the back lines which is considered way too efficient. Another feature of this weapon class is armor penetrating shells, waiting for you to unlock and equip them.

Use Handguns To Evade And To Provide Supports

Handguns are considered as supporting class weaponry in Girls’ Frontline are highly unique and valuable. As soon as you unlock some of the extraordinary high evasion guns at the advanced stages, they will operate as dodge tanks. Among the benefit of using them is that you will be to overwhelm your enemy with damage while sustaining his as well as the fact that those handguns can achieve synergy with almost every other class of weapons, excluding shotguns. Thus, always equip your squad with one of them at least, they will surely come in handy.

Tank Damage With Shotguns

Finally, yet importantly, shotguns are considered one of the dynamic tank classes. With their tremendous amount of health point and armors, they are almost everlasting. Though they do not have any evasion, you can use back shells with them to deal with zone damage. This is notably useful when you need to rain down a group of enemies with fire. The Shotguns don’t synergize well with other weaponry classes, and they are also oriented towards an advance game strategy due to their availability in the Large Scale Construction groups.

Machine Guns = Top Damage

Machine guns are considered among the top damage dealing weapons as they will allow you to annihilate any enemy in range. Machine Guns have “armor piercing shells” in common with rifles. In other words, penetrating the shields of your enemy will be like cutting butter. The only drawback to this outstanding weapon is the time needed to reload it. Running out of ammo while facing enemies will be extremely challenging. There is what we call a Submachine (SMG), a subclass of Machine Guns; its high health points are what make it belong to a tank class. Thus, keep it at the front of your T Doll formation!

Guide, Tips and Cheats in How to Play and Level In Girls Frontline 7

Use The Best Battle Formations

Girls’ Frontline is all about setting the most optimal strategy and outwitting our enemies. Remember you have to know everything related to battle formation and positions to be more productive during battles. Each of the weapon classes has a unique tile that grants a buff to guns which can come handy to outwit your opponent. It is essential to know that you can apply the tile buffs multiple times over the equipment bonuses.

Thus, adding more tile buffs on your DPS class weaponry should be your top priority. Another importing tip is that you must avoid misplacing your Rifle and Assault rifle holder in your formation’s frontline when they aren’t equipped with armor.

To master tile formations you have to visualize them as a phone keypad numbers ( 789 456 123 ). Once you’ve accomplished this, you can easily combine the optimal gun with its optimal tile. Remember that tiles 3, 6 and 9 should precisely be used for shotguns since they have an additional buff and the have the advantage when it comes to targeting enemies on these tiles. As for tile 1 and 7, they are handy when applied to the T-Dolls’ DPS weapon.

Regarding weapons that belong to tank class, the first thing that you should aim for is tile 5 for your main tank equipped T Doll. Why? Because this tile offers maximum buffs during battle. Regarding tile 8, it should be dedicated to serving your buffer or secondary tank weapon for its light buffs and great fire rate.

Leveling Guide And Tips To Get Quickly To Level 100 In Girls Frontline

Leveling Up And Crafting In Girls Frontline

In Girls’ Frontline, batteries are your main in-game currency giving that you can spend them on upgrading data, fairy…, as well as on initiating combat reports. All of these are essential objectives which will quickly benefit your T Dolls and Echelons with way much more experience. As you continue to advance and dominate more dormitory rooms, gaining batteries will become a quicker and more straightforward task for you, but at the same moment, the qualifications for battery usage will also rapidly increase. As a reference, the standard battery acquisition is 40 per room with a day time consumption at advanced levels.

In case you decide to improve the comfort level by upgrading or accumulating features to the dormitories, this process can be enhanced. However, we don’t recommend you to further invest as the compensation rate increase is not that high. Remember that the 80 batteries capicator cap limit will be increased by every single dormitory.

Thus, to keep from upgrading comfort level and invest in dormitory accumulation would be wiser. As a commander, it is a must to make sure that the production of combat reports is high enough. To attain this goal, you should upgrade the data room whenever it is possible because this is where the combat reports are produced. Combat reports are also vital as your primary experience income at advanced stages.

If you assess the research menu, you will see the skill leveling up section. In this section, you can impact various elements of your guns. For instance, you can cut down cooldowns, add damage and even buffs applied duration. It is highly recommended to keep in mind that firearms cannot be used once they are in the middle of the leveling up process. Thus, dedicating this activity before going to sleep to avoid any in-game time loss would be wise.

Girls Frontline Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

In Girls’ Frontline, you cannot improve the stats of your guns by leveling up. The only procedure that would help you with achieving the previously mentioned goal would be to use the feature called “Enhancing”.To take part in enhancement, you will be required to spend enhancement pills or useless 2-star guns.

To obtain new 4 and 5 star guns and equipment, crafting will be your primary source since the drop rate continues to be extremely low. The process of gun crafting requires Doll Production Contracts which you will obtain periodically while equipment crafting requires Equipment Production Contracts which you can gain by completing missions and objectives.

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