Guide, Tips and Cheats in How to Play and Win in Warfriends Pvp

Guide, Tips and Cheats in How to Play and Win in Warfriends Pvp 4

WarFriends is an online PvP shooter game where players are pitted against each other to take down their opponent using various army units, weapons, and your strategic skills. Today, I’m here a with a few tips for you guys so that you can take your WarFriends game to a whole new level.

Connect Your WarFriends Account To Facebook

Many people overlook this simple yet effective step. Connecting to Facebook can give you several benefits. First of all, you receive Gold Bars which are very valuable and harder to obtain. Now, who wouldn’t want that? This can be really helpful to gain that extra bit of rewards for you to use. Here is a side tip. This may not be ideal, but hear me out and then decide for yourself.

Don’t connect to Facebook in the early stages of your experience with WarFriends. Connect your account when you’ve reached higher levels. The reason for me to say this is because, at higher levels, you receive higher rewards; so when you connect to Facebook and get access to the VIP account, the amount doubled will be much greater than what you would get at the beginning. But then again I’m not saying this is ideal, do it if you want or connect it as soon as possible.

Attack Enemy Units Before They Take Position

This is a useful tip as you can take out the hazard before it becomes one. As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”. Some of your opponent’s units are spawned at the end of the screen and take time to run and reach their positions. Don’t let this happen. Take them out before they reach their stations and prevent them from dealing any damage to you. This can help you to prevent your opponent from increasing in number and thus, it gives you an advantage.

Guide, Tips and Cheats in How to Play and Win in Warfriends Pvp 5

Let Your Units Take Care Of Their Leader

This may sound counterproductive, but this does work. When you’re playing a match; rather than aiming at your opponent, take care of your opponent’s units as this can help you gain field advantage by preventing them from gaining numbers (as mentioned in the previous tip) and also mess with their strategy and make them rethink their tactics. Your units will do a good job of dealing damage to your opponent and helping you bag the win while you take out their units. Your army needs to be upgraded frequently for this to be as effective and helpful as possible.

Upgrade Your Army And Weapons

This may seem obvious, but not a lot of people do this as often as necessary. You have to upgrade your army and weapons for them to increase your chances of winning and helping you to stay on top of your game. Upgrading your weapon will increase its stats like power, bullet count, etc. Having a higher power and upgraded weapon than your opponent can increase your chances of winning drastically as you’ll deal more damage and it’ll give you an edge over your opponent.

Upgrading your army is equally as important as improving your weapons. Remember when I said to let your units take care of your opponent? Well, if they are not appropriately upgraded and lack in power; they will not be able to execute their job efficiently. Upgrading your army can also grant you benefits as you unlock each unit’s special ability when you have upgraded to the required Tier. These abilities can aid you a lot during battles and help you win the game.

Best Tips And Tricks In Winning In Warfriends Pvp

Going From Defence To Offence

When you begin your game, don’t immediately rush them with a barrage of mindless attacks. Yes, that may help you win some games; but in my opinion, there is a better way to do it. When you first begin to play, deploy Defenders and then Explosive Units. This can be effective as the Defenders prevent oncoming enemy units and Explosive Units destroy your opponent’s defenses which will be very helpful when you start playing offensive. Deploying Defenders and Explosive Units can gain you a field advantage and help you set up well for the late game.

Now since you’ve set up a good defense and your opponent’s defense is in shambles, it’s time to take the offensive and destroy your opponent. Now you can go haywire on your opponent as you wish and watch their hopes crumble to pieces as you mercilessly crush them bit by bit. But don’t forget to deploy Defenders and Explosive Units frequently to make sure you have the advantage.

Complete Assignments And Gain Rewards

Complete Assignments as they will help you hone your skills while at the same time help you gain rewards, which as we know, we need to get as much as possible. That’s it for this tip as it is pretty self-explanatory.

Guide, Tips and Cheats in How to Play and Win in Warfriends Pvp 6

Reload Frequently

Many players make this mistake of not reloading their weapons beforehand. This is a huge mistake because, when you continuously attack your opponent, you might reach a situation where you need ammo but you’re all out of them and you start reloading, and when you are reloading your opponent can take the upper hand. Reload when you can, not when you need to.

Now, remember that. When you see an opening or a gap, reload. If your opponent doesn’t have much firepower at that point of time, reload. Reload whenever the situation allows you to. It is very annoying and a bad move when you need to attack but you’re forced to reload.

Be Vigilant About The Field

Now you might’ve noticed that I’ve talked about field advantage multiple times. I do that because it’s just so important for you to stay ahead of your opponent. Well, the best way for you to have field advantage is to be vigilant about the field and make sure to analyze what goes on in the field.
Remember where their Leader lies.

What troops they play and at what intervals? Are troops being spawned? Are your enemy troops close to explosives for you to blast them? Are grenades being thrown at you? Did they deploy Rusher units? What is their play style? And much more. Being careful about things like this can help you decide the direction you want to go in and turn the tide in your favor.

That’s all for this time. Hope these tips will be helpful to you and make you stay a step ahead of the others.

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