Guide, Tips and Cheats on How to Play and Dominate in One Piece Treasure Cruise

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Get Some Strong Friends

The friends you select to be by your side will be your lifesavers. In One Piece Treasure Cruise, you can pick a captain from each other player team to be part of yours. Making the right choice and selecting the stronger one will help blast your way through the game stages and assist you, especially when your characters level is still low.

As soon as you get more friends, you will surely want to select a good one to fill the sixth spot of your team. Keep in mind that by doing so, the Friend Points you will earn will be double and you will also be able to add a new character once you gather 200. Moreover, the captain of one of your friends will enable you to deploy his or her skill while using strangers ones will not.

Reroll Guide

Set Different Crews

By using the Edit Crew option, you will be able to set 6 different and unique crews. They will be useful to you if especially if you have many rare characters upon your sleeve. One major advantage is that you won’t need to swap them in and out each time. However, remember always to have and to switch to a full team before going to battle. We surely do not want Luffy to end up alone by mistake!

One Piece Treasure Cruise / Tier List And Best Characters

Perfect Timing

In every fight, the timing is highly crucial. You surely want to ensure that the sound effects are coming out together. There is one exception: When you are trying to heal your party using meat, a « perfect » tap will not restore any health points, but instead the meat will fall down. Thus, you must aim for « great.» Why? Because you won’t only be able to heal but also to deal some damage. There is also the alternative of tapping the next character if you think you can’t handle it.

Tandem Attacks

There is no doubt that it came to your attention to the fact that certain characters combinations can unlock mighty Tandem attacks. You can observe the Tandems of each of your characters. A list will be displayed to you as soon as you go into the details screen and tap the Tandem box. Once you do, the game will automatically guide you on how to activate each Tandem. But bear in mind that if you do this your team’s turn will immediately end. So be wise when you do it.

Best Tips And Cheats To Play In One Piece Treasure Cruise

Choose The Best Ship / Ships Tier List

Along the way, you will unlock many ships. You can also use the Shipyard screen to alter them. But be careful each ship gives you a different bonus. Thus, a new one doesn’t mean it is better than the already owned. The latter may be way more worth it.

Special skills only activate after some turns. A wise tactic would be to deliberately end a chain against easy opponents or those who won’t assault you for some few more turns. Keep in mind that by doing so, your crew’s specials one turn closer to being set when you face a more powerful opponent or bosses.

There are different kinds of ships, and each has its unique abilities that would benefit all of your team. Yet they all have something in common, which is cola. Cola is the resource that you will need to be able to upgrade them in the shipyard. Regarding the early mentioned abilities, you can check all the details and information you need in the shipyard screen!

How To Level Up Fast And How To Evolve Your Heroes

This game leveling up mechanism is similar to many other games as you will have to cast away some unwanted characters to level your current ones. The concept is simple! All you have to do is to use the same type of character which will be indicated by a circle and letter right up on each character portrait. But keep in mind, the more mighty your toon is, the more fuel you need.

Once a character reaches the max level, he or she can be evolved into a stronger one with higher stats. However, this process requires specific characters and a huge amount of Beli. Simply click on the Crew button then Evolve then select your chosen character. Once you do, you will be able to check the needed qualification to discover that specific character.

Characters displayed as Evolver types such as sea horses, dragons & crabs are can be used to evolve your character. However, these early mentioned ones won’t give you that much experience, and you will be simply wasting valuable resources. What you need to look for is turtles, which are listed as Booster types, they will provide you with a massive amount of XP

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